A Time to Spill
Devious Maids 4x05
July 4, 2016
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Flash sideways
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"A Time to Spill" is the 44th episode of Devious Maids.


Rosie’s efforts to prove Spence’s innocence put her at great risk. Danni seeks comfort from Jesse in hopes to avoid Carmen. Marisol needs Evelyn’s help when Peter invites her to an important gala. Zoila goes to great lengths to make Kyle jealous. Genevieve and Fabian’s relationship takes an unexpected turn.


405 01
Rosie convinces Spence to accept Ben's drugs.

Rosie is at Spence's bedside when he wakes up in hospital, apparently suffering from withdrawal, and Rosie thinks that Ben has been slipping him drugs - hidden in coffee - in order to brainwash him into confessing to Peri's murder. She goes to Detective Shaw with this theory, but she refuses to reopen Peri's murder case without the sufficient evidence, and so Rosie returns to her ex-husband with a plan: she wants to have Ben come over and give Spence one of his special coffees so that they can prove he's been drugging him. Spence, who's otherwise enjoying life in the hospital in comparison to his life in prison, doesn't want to have to deal with Ben because he believes him to be dangerous, but Rosie pays Ben a visit nonetheless. She tells him about Spence's condition and tries convincing him to go and visit his sponsor, but Ben refuses; that is, until Rosie mentions that Spence has been saying things about "The Circle". Ben proceeds to turn up with a cup of coffee, to Spence's surprise, and Rosie encourages him to drink it while she films the whole interaction on her phone. When Ben leaves, however, Spence doesn't seem as though he's been drugged, and they come to realize that the coffee Spence just drank was exactly that - just coffee. This leads Rosie to begin worrying that Ben has figured them out.

405 02
Marisol has to sit with the other wives and girlfriends.

Marisol is invited to the Hamilton House Gala by Peter but she can't go because she's meant to be managing her employees who are working the event; Peter suggests that she have her new assistant Evelyn manage the employees, which Marisol can't envision going down well considering how hard it's been to get Evelyn to do her job thus far. Still, she orders Evelyn to do what she asks, despite Evelyn not wanting to attend because she fears humiliation, and as such she meets with Adrian so that the two of them can divide custody of their social calendar. She takes the gala for herself, not wanting him to see her there, and claims that the reason she doesn't want him attending is because she's bringing her new boyfriend "Bartholomew", which naturally Adrian finds ridiculous. The reverend, James Hamilton, is happy to see Marisol is attending the event as a guest, though Marisol has her work cut out for her with Evelyn as she has to berate her into putting on a uniform in order to prevent her from socializing while she's meant to be working. Evelyn is disgusted to have polyester touch her skin, while Marisol is disgusted to be seated at a table with all the other wives and girlfriends while Peter talks business with Hugh Metzger and the likes. Marisol ends up drunkenly accusing the other women of being vapid and wasting her lives, unaware that one of these women, Candy, is in fact Peter's boss. Fortunately, Peter is able to smooth things over with her and proceeds to reveal that the reason he didn't want her involved in his discussion with the other men is because he didn't want to get her hopes up, but that doesn't matter now because Hugh Metzger wants to reopen production for her film and direct it himself, and he wants her to write the new script.

Carmen 405
Carmen tells Danni who's really her mother.

Carmen isn't as worried as Josefina about the current whereabouts of Daniela, encouraging her cousin to quit calling their shared daughter over and over. Josefina believes the reason Carmen isn't worried is because she's scared to face Danni, who she thinks will hate her; meanwhile, Danni is screening her mother's calls over at Jesse's, having spent the whole night talking and drinking. She makes him promise not to tell Carmen where she is, and he adheres to this, but still he is worried about her and so instead he goes to Marisol, telling her all about the situation with Carmen and Danni. Due to a misunderstanding, Marisol ends up spilling the secret to all the other girls, who are shocked that Carmen is a mother, before telling her friend that she knows where her daughter is. Carmen and Josefina then turn up at Jesse's place to confront Danni; Carmen tries defending herself but, as it turns out, she isn't the one that Danni is mad it - she is in fact mad at Josefina for lying to her her entire life, thinking that this explains why they're nothing alike and have nothing in common. Josefina tries assuring that all mothers and daughters fight, but Daniela tells her that she's not her mother and never was. Josefina proceeds to pack her bags to head back to the island, tearfully telling Carmen that she always feared the day that Danni would learn the truth and then pick her biological mother over the one that raised her. Indeed, Daniela wishes for Carmen to act like her mother now, only for Carmen to maintain that nothing's changed that that Danni's true mother is Josefina, who she needs to make things right with. Disappointed, Danni comes to realize that Carmen is right, and so has Jesse drive her to the airport so that she can go home and apologize to Josefina. And, while she's there, she also plans on finding her birth father, who Carmen earlier refused to talk about.

405 04
Zoila is outed by an overjoyed Evelyn.

Zoila is approached by Kyle who makes up some flimsy excuse for dropping by so that he can ask her about any visitors she's had lately, having seen her with Mr. Powell. Zoila realizes this and reports it back to the girls, eventually admitting her secret double life to Marisol when a misunderstanding occurs. Zoila of course has no interest in seeing Adrian again, but later he approaches her in order to invite her to the Hamilton House Gala (wanting to see why Evelyn doesn't want him attending) and she ends up saying yes while distracted with making sure the both of them are in the view of Kyle, so as to make him jealous. Evelyn later sees her husband at the gala while she is working and is shocked, not yet seeing who his date is. Unfortunately for him, he later introduces Zoila to his wife in an attempt to make her jealous, only for Evelyn to burst out laughing because he's on a date with Genevieve's maid. Adrian proceeds to drive Zoila home where she explains her situation to him, and he gallantly agrees to keep her secret out of sympathy and even goes on to hug her in a continual effort to antagonize Kyle's jealousy. Evelyn, meanwhile, is ecstatic that her husband was dating a maid and the reverend James Hamilton misconstrues this, believing her happiness to stem from helping others. Because of this, he asks her out on a date, believing her to have both a beautiful soul and a great sense of humor. Later, Kyle goes to Zoila and apologizes for breaking up with her, proceeding to start to make things right with a passionate kiss. There is one condition to the restarting of their relationship though: they cannot tell his mother.

Kyle 405
Kyle is a part of "The Circle"...

Genevieve and Fabian return home from the ballet and he asks her if he read that book her leant her yet, and, to his disappointment, she reveals she hasn't gotten around to it yet. He forgives her though, wanting to see her again at some point during the week, and their interaction ends with him passionately kissing her. Naturally, she is shocked, having assumed that Fabian was gay, and later she brings this matter to the attention of Rosie, who made the same assumption. Genevieve wonders if it's possible that she's so beautiful that she turned Fabian straight, but Rosie doesn't see that as viable, then pointing out that the only thing that matters is whether or not Genevieve is attracted to him. She is not, and so later, when she is on a "date" with Fabian, she makes clear that she believed their relationship to be just friendly. He says that it was, at first, but it's since evolved into a romance; he doesn't see himself as gay, but rather, sexually fluid, for each human being is a special soul worthy of love. Genevieve isn't interested in having a relationship with him, but he believes that if she read that book he gave her she'd get it. She reveals that she tried to read it and found it boring, which he finds incredibly insulting; he says that the reason the ideas of "The Circle" didn't resonate with her is because they're new, and she's old, and then he storms out. Genevieve goes on to try and get rid of all mementos of her relationship with Fabian, catching up with Rosie in the process, and Rosie reveals that she's been investigating a mysterious man named Ben who's involved with something called "The Circle". It's then that Genevieve shows Rosie the book Fabian gave her, which she believes is the work of some sort of cult. Meanwhile, Ben meets with Kyle, who normally supplies him with Spence's drugs, but today he gave him a placebo because Spence's addiction was starting to raise suspicion. It seems Kyle and Frances, or rather, "mother", are part of "The Circle". Kyle tells Ben that mother is very disappointed in him, and he knows how mother gets...



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