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My husband is greedy and conniving and lecherous and profane, and he is also the most fascinating man I have ever known.
Evelyn Powell, "An Ideal Husband"

Adrian Powell is one of the main characters on Devious Maids. As the husband of Evelyn, Adrian is one half of Beverly Hills' most devious, albeit fascinating, couple. Following the tragic death of his son, Adrian couldn't help but blame his wife, steadily torpedoing their relationship across the course of two decades and creating irreparable damage as his voyeuristic arrangement led to instances of infidelity. Ultimately, he comes to realize that Evelyn is the love of his life - he just hopes he's able to convince her of the same thing before it's too late.


Early Life

I told you, if I was going to stay my needs would have to be met. That was the deal; you agreed.
Adrian Powell, "Taking Out the Trash"

Adrian led a difficult childhood, especially at the age of five, and due to unknown events, he began to hate his mother. ("Dangerous Liaisons") His father goes on to marry a woman by the name of Colette, who Adrian later goes on to refer to as a "ghastly woman". ("Awakenings") He ends up marrying Evelyn in 1989, who has chosen him over a close friend of his, Maxwell Rose. ("Wiping Away the Past", "Look Back in Anger") On the night of their wedding, Evelyn gifts Adrian with an antique bottle of wine salvaged from the crash of the Hindenburg, to be consumed on their 50th anniversary. ("Grime and Punishment") Later, on their honeymoon, the two of them dance a tango. ("You Can't Take It With You") In the early years of his marriage with Evelyn, the couple befriended Nick and Dahlia Deering, going onto become their best friends, and spending numerous weekends and vacations with one another. Adrian even gifted Dahlia with a book containing a personal message, with all his love. ("Dangerous Liaisons", "Private Lives", "Look Back in Anger")

Evelyn EL 213
Adrian, moments before his son's death. ("Look Back in Anger")

Adrian and Evelyn went on to have a son named Barrett, but when taking him to the park to celebrate his seventh birthday, Evelyn was suppose to be watching him as he rode his bike. She ended up looking away for a few brief seconds, but in that time he was hit by a car and killed. Instead of checking to see if Barrett was alright, the car sped away, and unbeknownst to the Powells, the driver of said car was none other than their dear friend, Nick. Out of guilt, the Deerings began to distance themselves from the Powells, thus ending their friendship, and still never revealing the truth behind Barrett's death. ("Look Back in Anger") Adrian blamed Evelyn for the death of their son and she feared that he would leave her. However, he agreed not to do so if she in turn agreed to let him run what she would come to refer to as his "disgusting little hobby" - the hiring of prostitutes who he would then set up with his rich friends and film from a secret room in the house, accumulating a vast collection of DVDs over the years. ("Making Your Bed", "Taking Out the Trash", "Walking the Dog") There was a point in time where the couple had considered adopting a child, but Adrian was against it. ("She Done Him Wrong") At an unknown point following Barrett's passing, Evelyn began to lose her mind, going as far as mistaking another woman's child as her own. In order to help, Adrian sends her to a therapist by the name of Dr. Weiller. ("Scrambling the Eggs")

In the year 2008, Adrian meets Taylor, a local diner waitress, and offers her a job as one of his many prostitutes. He soon introduces her to his unhappily married friend, Michael Stappord, and after a night together, the two enter a long-term affair. ("Wiping Away the Past") One year, at the Bermans' Christmas party, Adrian flirted with Evelyn's friend, Genevieve Delatour, and the two spent the entire night talking. During this, Adrian told Genevieve that he believed the two had an amazing connection, though in actuality it was just a form of flirtation. ("Proof") Over the years, the Powells attend numerous social events, one of which happens to be the Hamilton House Gala, that Adrian particularly never enjoyed. ("A Time to Spill") At some point, the Powells acquire a penthouse in Manhattan that Evelyn goes through a great deal of effort renovating. ("Look Back in Anger", "Grime and Punishment") In 2012, Adrian met Spence Westmore at a charity dinner for burn victims. They served barbecue, something only Adrian saw the irony of. ("Hanging the Drapes") The Powells eventually hire maid Flora Hernandez, who becomes another of Adrian's prostitutes, and eventually his own mistress. ("Pilot")

Season 1

You killed my maid, you son of a bitch. Don't you know how hard it is to find good help?
Adrian Powell, "Totally Clean"
101 32
Adrian cannot wait to find out Marisol's true intentions. ("Pilot")

Adrian's affair with the maid, Flora Hernandez, is found out by Evelyn, who confronts the two and makes them put a stop to it during one of their parties. Once the couple has left, however, Flora is brutally stabbed to death and she falls dead in the pool. Adrian continues to mourn her death, to Evelyn's annoyance, who sees her as just the help, but she was much more to her husband. Evelyn does admit to not believing the man charged with the maid's murder is in fact the real killer, but the Powells agree they can't be having the police look further into their lives. Evelyn is later able to find a maid, Marisol, to clean up the room in which Flora was killed; Adrian finds her and is immediately intrigued, especially once talking to her some. This only furthers when he attends Michael Stappord's birthday celebration and witnesses Marisol throw out his ex-wife, Olivia. With everyone having been entertained by that showdown, Adrian is the first to start applauding her. Once leaving the party though, he comments to her that he's fairly certain she's not a maid... and he can't wait to find out what she's really doing here. ("Pilot")

Adrian 102
Evidence goes up in flames. ("Setting the Table")

For reasons unknown to the Powells, Marisol is eager to get back into their home to clean, but her main boss, Taylor Stappord, forbids it. Adrian is still intrigued by Marisol though, and so he decides to meet with Taylor and change her mind. He succeeds in doing so by blackmailing her with something from their past; when Marisol asks Taylor what it is Adrian did, she responds that he's just very persuasive... and cruel. Marisol shows up at the Powells' home to clean where Adrian decides to join her. With all this extra conversing, Marisol is having a hard time cleaning, which Adrian points out is good for her since they're paying her by the hour. They play a game Adrian insists on where they each ask a question and respond with the answer to said question. While Adrian wants to know what Marisol's business is for wanting so badly to work for the Powells, the maid in return asks for information regarding Flora, a topic which makes Adrian wonder why she's curious. Marisol gives out vague answers such as just being interested in being in a place where a maid was murdered, but their game is interrupted when Marisol wrongly arranges some books. Adrian corrects that they are to be ordered by color, which is when Marisol happens upon a note written by Flora. Adrian snatches it away from her before she can finish reading it and makes her leave; he burns the note that evening. ("Setting the Table")

Adrian 103
Adrian partakes in his disgusting little hobby. ("Wiping Away the Past")

When Evelyn's friend Maxwell Rose comes to stay at the Powell's home temporarily she interrupts one of Adrian's fantasies about Flora so they can go and greet him. Once settled, Maxwell tells the story of his divorce and the couple try to comfort him. After Max heads up to bed, Evelyn begs Adrian not to involve her friend in his "disgusting hobby". Adrian senses that she has feelings for Max and taunts her over this, but she simply begs for Adrian to leave him alone as it will hurt her. Adrian tells her he plans on using Max regardless and hurting Evelyn will just be a bonus. Later on, as Max gets dressed up, he reveals to Evelyn that he's moving to Los Angeles and he's meeting up with a girl Adrian is introducing him to. Evelyn gets upset over this and he apologises, asking if he was insensitive. She shrugs it off and tells him they're friends so they should be able to discuss things like this. He reminds her of a time when they could have been more than friends but they both chose other people. He confesses to regretting his decision and asks Evelyn if she does to, however, she ignores his question and suggest he don't move to Los Angeles as it "changes people". When she tries to leave, he asks her again if she regrets her decision, but she tells him it doesn't matter as Adrian is "what she deserves". Later on, after Adrian introduces Max to the woman and gets him drunk, he waits for them to go and have sex and he watches them from a hidden room. ("Wiping Away the Past")

Adrian 104
Adrian and Dante discuss Marisol. ("Making Your Bed")

While Marisol cleans the Powell house, she's in the company of Adrian and his friend Dante Penrose. They're discussing upcoming preparations for a benefit gala for at-risk youths, but when Marisol leaves, they start discussing the maid. Adrian wants Marisol to join in on his disgusting little hobby and serve as a prostitute, which Dante believes he will be successful at achieving. If there's one thing he knows about the poor and downtrodden it's that they all have a price, and usually it's a bargain. The gala is later held at Adrian's home where he is clearly uncomfortable with all of the troubled kids being inside; alas, he manages to deal with it. In the meantime, Dante meets with Marisol in hopes of being able to proposition her. The maid is too smart for him though, and with her own agenda, she takes advantage of his sexual desires by gaining access to his key in and out of the coroners office. When he tries to seduce her though, Marisol is able to get him away by lighting the curtains on fire of the room they're in, and leaves him to work on putting it out. ("Making Your Bed")

Evelyn 105
The Powells celebrate their son's birthday. ("Taking Out the Trash")

On the night of the 18th, Evelyn and Adrian meet to celebrate what would have been the 21st birthday of their son, Barrett Powell. This is the one day out of the whole year that they allow themselves to talk about him, and so they buy him a cake and a present that they think he might have enjoyed, with Evelyn having brought the cashmere sweater from earlier. She frets that he may not have had a sense of style, but Adrian assures that he would have because he would have had them as parents. Evelyn ends up asking her husband if he'd like to make love to her to night, but he refuses, with her defending that, after 15 years, she thought that perhaps the novelty might appeal to him. He reminds her that she let a car plow right into their son, to which she points out that he certainly got back at her with his "disgusting little hobby". Apparently, this was part of an agreement that they made; if Adrian was going to stay with Evelyn, then his needs would have to be met, but Evelyn believes he violated the deal when he crossed the line from voyeur to participant. Once again, they're trapped in an argument about Flora, and so Adrian asks his wife why she's ruining the once-yearly remembrance of their dead son. She thinks he's right, and apologizes... for everything. Adrian announces that, next year, he's buying Barrett and Armani tux because, with his sense of style, he'd accept nothing less. Evelyn smiles and then, to her shock, Adrian offers to take her hand. As the married couple hold hands for the first time in years, the two of them proceed to blow out the candles on their son's birthday cake. ("Taking Out the Trash")

Adrian 106
The end of a friendship. ("Walking the Dog")

When cleaning, Marisol happens upon one of the DVDs of the Stappords having sex. Evelyn reports it to Adrian, who wants to fire Marisol, but Evelyn is reluctant to do so and simply orders her husband to shield this secret. When Marisol returns in search of the DVD, she is unable to find it, and so she goes home to Taylor and Michael and tells them about it instead, as well as offers to steal the rest. A drunken Michael doesn't care about this though, and he instead storms his way over to the Powells'. He barges in and begins attacking Adrian, demanding to know where the DVD is, but Evelyn defends her husband with a baseball bat. She tells him to go soothe his wounds while she orders the Stappords to sit down and behave; she then takes Marisol with her as she collects what the Stappords are in search of. She leads the maid through a secret passageway, into the room where Adrian films and watches his friends having sex with prostitutes; it is filled with DVDs, each baring a different woman's name - and even more than a few baring Flora's. Evelyn gives her all the DVDs featuring Taylor and Michael, before forcing them to leave. Marisol now knows where the DVDs are kept but, as she steps out the door, Evelyn tells her that she's fired. Later, Michael calls Adrian to apologize, revealing that he was after a different DVD featuring himself and Flora. Adrian assures that he smashed it up into little bits ages ago, but in fact he's holding it right now - Flora #10. ("Walking the Dog")

109 05
The Powells make some sort of amends, for now. ("Scrambling the Eggs")

Rosie Falta has taken up a job working as the Powells' new maid, but during this, she has allowed Evelyn to become attached to the Westmores' son, Tucker. Adrian returns home and is pleased to meet his new, attractive maid, but warns Rosie to not bring Tucker around again. This doesn't turn out well though, for Evelyn discovers Rosie's affair with Spence Westmore and plans to blackmail her with it in order to see Tucker. Rosie seeks out Adrian's help, who proceeds to approach Evelyn about it. He knows of her attachment to Tucker Westmore and fears that history may be repeating itself, for it seems that Evelyn has gotten confused between someone else's child and her own dead son in the past. She assures that it isn't like the last time, but Adrian still insists on getting her help. She begins to explain her desire for a child's love by pointing out that Adrian no longer looks at her with any love in his eyes, and she promises to forgive him for every act of debauchery he's ever committed and even allow him to commit new ones if he just... looks at her the way that he used to, and try once more to forgive her for Barrett's death. Adrian indeed tries, and the Powells make some kind of amends. Adrian then goes to visit Rosie to assure her that Evelyn is going to be backing off. Rosie is thrilled, saying that she really owes him one, and he proceeds to gently stroke her hair as he suggestively replies, "You absolutely do." Rosie is frightened of the implications of this. ("Scrambling the Eggs")

Spence 110
Spence tries and fails to stand up for Rosie. ("Hanging the Drapes")

Rosie is at the market when she's approached by Adrian, who expresses a clear interest in hiring her to have sex with one of his rich friends. She is disgusted and drives away as fast as she can to tell Spence, who simply says that at least it's over now and she doesn't have to deal with Adrian again. She comes to the conclusion that his wife, Peri Westmore, is right - he is a wuss - and she goads him into defending her honor by saying that her deceased husband Ernesto would have hit the creepy old man because she was his wife and she belonged to him; she forgets, she does not belong to Spence. Spence proceeds to watch some episodes of his soap and sees how brave his character is, giving him the courage to storm over to the Powell house and confront Adrian. After Adrian calls him a hypocrite, Spence tries to punch him, only to end up slipping over and hitting his head. Peri tends to him when she learns that he has a concussion, and he thinks she's going to want to laugh at him when he tells her how he got it. However, she doesn't think it's funny that he attempted to defend a woman who was being sexually harassed; in fact, she finds it gallant as hell, as well as proof that their marriage is fixable. They kiss as Rosie watches from afar, looking saddened. ("Hanging the Drapes")

Adrian 112
Evelyn tells her husband she wants a divorce. ("Getting Out the Blood")

Evelyn notices that Adrian is having an erotic dream and wakes him up just as he's fantasizing about himself and Flora dancing together. His wife would like for the two of them to make love, but Adrian refuses, and when Evelyn hears who he was dreaming about she states how glad she is that the whore maid is dead. She later meets with Genevieve Delatour, who's recently gotten back together with Philippe and would like to host their engagement party at the Powell mansion, for she feels it would be too awkward in her own home with there being so much tension. Evelyn reluctantly agrees to host the party before going on to ask about her friend's sex life, wondering if the passion is still there or if things are merely comfortable. Genevieve explains that Philippe is insatiable, making Evelyn very jealous, and soon she starts working on dividing her and her husband's assets. Adrian grows confused as to what she's doing, and she reveals that she plans on divorcing him because she has come to realize that there is someone out there who will treat her with the respect and the desire that she deserves, and she is going to find this wonderful person before her breasts get any lower. Adrian tries convincing her to stay by admitting that he does indeed love her, it's just that he doesn't want to touch her. Evelyn makes clear that him saying that just cost him half his net worth. ("Getting Out the Blood")

113 07
Adrian avenges his deceased lover. ("Totally Clean")

The Powells meet with their lawyers to discuss the dividing of their belongings, and argue over which they want to keep and for what reasons. It's when the news of Taylor Stappord's miscarriage comes that the couple embrace one another in sadness, and decide it best they go home. For the time being their divorce seems to have been put on hold, and together they plan for the Delatours' engagement party. However, when Philippe arrives to ask to borrow their jet to leave town privately with Genevieve, the couple grow weary of his intentions. Evelyn also notices that he lied during their conversation; he pointed out dahlias being used at past parties, but they were only used at one - one which he was not invited to... the party at which Flora was killed. The Powells instantly piece together that he is the one to have in fact killed their maid, and so they team up to plan revenge. At the engagement party, Adrian tells Philippe to meet him alone when he has time, and sure enough he does, but not before Marisol fails to get a confession out of him. Adrian gives his "friend" a drink, before revealing that his gift comes in the form of advice, that being to create a plausible reason for a sudden death... such as suicide. It's then that Evelyn enters to secure the doors, and Philippe realizes something happening to his body. It turns out Adrian has given him an undetectable poison; he confronts him for killing Flora and throws him over the balcony and into his pool to his death. The Powells tell the police that he committed suicide for being unable to live with himself any longer, and the devious maids back them up. ("Totally Clean")

Season 2

This robbery has revealed a new side to Adrian and it frightens me because there's one thing that I cannot tolerate... and that is weakness.
Evelyn Powell, "An Ideal Husband"
Adrian 201
Adrian is victim of a home invasion. ("An Ideal Husband")

Adrian and Evelyn arrive home from a three month trip to South America and find their new maid, Fatima waiting for them on the front steps. Adrian is not pleased, he thinks Fatima looks "hideous." Evelyn reminds him that she is just there to clean. That night, Adrian and Evelyn are hosting a dinner party and a group of men in masks barge in with guns. They demand that all of the guests hand over their jewelry, including Evelyn's new necklace, and then hits Adrian over the head and knocks him to the floor. The next morning, Evelyn is meeting with police officers and describing her stolen jewelry. They encourage her to hide a body-guard since Adrian is a hot mess. Finally, Adrian has hired a new bodyguard named Tony, an ex-member of the secret service. Evelyn is pleased to have a new Latin hunk moving into their mansion. That night, Adrian has a nightmare and wakes up screaming. Tony rushes in shirtless. Evelyn heads downstairs to heat Adrian up some warm milk, and Tony follows her to the kitchen. Evelyn rants that she "can’t tolerate weakness." She then tells him to "try to wear a shirt" if he wants to help her and then heads upstairs. The next day, Valentina Diaz arrives, applying for the job as the new maid. Evelyn says that she sounded less attractive on the phone, but she allows the young woman into her home anyways. Meanwhile, the burglars are pawning all of the jewelry they stole from Adrian and Evelyn’s dinner party. The pawn shop owner refuses to buy Evelyn’s ruby necklace because it is "too valuable and too hot to handle." They walk outside and hand Evelyn's necklace to a homeless woman. ("An Ideal Husband")

Adrian 202
Adrian is too frightened to stand up for his wife. ("The Dark at the Top of the Stairs")

After Evelyn catches the homeless woman with her necklace, but fails to obtain it, she, Adrian, and Tony drive out to a bad part of town where some people recall seeing her. Tony goes off on his own while Evelyn and Adrian stick together. Evelyn tells Adrian to get out of the car, but he refuses, stating that it's very dark and scary. Evelyn argues that he agreed to help, but Adrian also reminds her that that was back at their home in their nice living room. A homeless man approaches then approaches them. Evelyn says she needs help finding a woman. The homeless man agrees, but has different intentions. As he starts to approach Evelyn, she tries to scare him off by saying her husband will defend her. Adrian is then seen rolling up the car window. As the homeless man keeps slowly approaching Evelyn, she is saved when Tony comes out of no where and knocks him out. Evelyn is relieved, but scowls at a terrified looking Adrian who remains in the car. ("The Dark at the Top of the Stairs")

Adrian 203
Adrian chats with the new maid. ("Dangerous Liaisons")

During a neighborhood watch meeting, headed by Adrian, Adrian’s neighbors think it is absurd that he wants them to walk the streets, they don’t see why they can’t hire someone to walk the streets for them. Genevieve think they should throw a luncheon to combat the neighborhood crime. Evelyn informs Adrian after their guests leave that he is moving to the guest room until his “psychosis has subsided.” After Evelyn heads upstairs Adrian orders Tony to get him his own gun. Later, Evelyn catches Adrian playing with his new gun. She barges in on their bodyguard Tony and flips out on him for buying Adrian a gun. That night, Valentina finds Adrian standing by the window with his gun. She sits down with him and makes him a cup of tea. Valentina tells Adrian she is worried about him. Adrian begins talking about his and Evelyn’s six year old son, Barrett, who was killed by a hit and run driver. He didn’t protect his son, but he plans to protect Evelyn so he doesn’t lose her too. After she saw Tony having sex with Tanya, Evelyn runs back to her house, but realizes she locked herself out. She breaks the window to unlock the door from the inside and Adrian comes running and shoots his gun at her thinking she is an intruder. Luckily, Evelyn just has a flesh wound. Tony sends Adrian to get a doctor, and while he is gone Evelyn kisses Tony. ("Dangerous Liaisons")

Adrian 204
Adrian is gotten out of the way. ("Crimes of the Heart")

Evelyn sends Adrian off to therapy and then rushes to her bodyguard Tony’s room for a quickie. Adrian knocks on Tony’s door, asking the bodyguard to drive him to his therapy, and Evelyn hides under the bed. That night, Tony and Evelyn are working together to make Adrian think that he is crazy by breaking things around the house and making unexplainable noises. They are trying to get him out of the house so that they can have some alone time. Tony even goes as far as to dress in black and run around the house like a ninja. Adrian is paranoid there is an intruder and begins chasing him around the house. Evelyn reassures him there is no one in the house and he is imagining it all. Evelyn and Tony’s plan has worked, Adrian is headed to a resort for a few weeks of intense therapy. He thinks he is truly crazy. ("Crimes of the Heart")

Adrian 207
Adrian returns home, ready to find out his wife and Tony. ("Betrayal")

One day while Adrian is away, Valentina walks in on Evelyn and Tony having sex. Later, Adrian has Valentina visit him so she can sneak in some cookies. Valentina wonders why she had to sneak them in. Adrian explains that the nurse doesn't want him having sweets. He then comments on her obesity that she seems to inhale a lot at home. Adrian then wonders why Evelyn didn't come visit. Valentina says that she has been very busy lately. Adrian asks if Tony has been helping out since that is his job. Val says that he is, but she isn't exactly referring to what Adrian thinks she is. The maid then tries to convince Adrian to come home, and says that “Evelyn misses him more than she knows.” That night, Evelyn and Tony arrive home from dinner. At first they are unable to find Valentina, but they walk into the living room and find her standing with Adrian. He announces that he is healed, no longer scared of burglars, and will remain by his wife's side 24/7. He wickedly smiles, hinting that he suspects Evelyn and Tony and that he is finally back to normal. ("Betrayal")

Adrian 208
Valentina comforts Adrian as his discovery isn't what it's all that cracked up to be. ("Night, Mother")

Adrian and Evelyn sit down for breakfast, and Adrian continues to make her feel uncomfortable and hint at her and Tony having an affair. Tony passes through their breakfast and Adrian comments that Tony needs to find himself a young girlfriend. After Adrian leaves, Evelyn reassures Tony that Adrian doesn’t know anything, he just suspects. Later, Valentina catches Adrian unpacking boxes of surveillance cameras. He announces he is planting them around the house so that he can “catch her in the unholy act and he can crush her and win.” Valentina tries to reason that it isn’t a game, but Adrian doesn’t want to hear it. Then, Evelyn receives a bouquet of flowers with a hidden camera on it and orders Valentina to put them in her bedroom. When Valentina refuses Evelyn discovers the camera on it and asks her how many cameras are hidden in the house. She announces since she is being watched, “she is going to have to put on a show.” The next day, Adrian asks Valentina to take him for a ride and leaves Evelyn home alone with Tony. He pulls out his computer to watch them on camera, and realizes that Evelyn knows there is cameras because she isn’t doing anything with Tony, instead she orders him to take her shopping. They find Tony and Evelyn pulled over and having sex in the back seat, but Adrian is too shocked and hurt to say something to them. ("Night, Mother")

Adrian 209
Molly reveals some interesting information about Tony. ("The Visit")

Adrian confronts Evelyn and tells her that he knows she is sleeping with Tony and he wants her to stop seeing him. She reminds him that he screwed the help and now she is. Evelyn tells him they have an open marriage and he can try to seduce Valentina if he wants, but she will probably quit. Adrian informs her Tony has ulterior motives and he probably doesn’t like her. Later, Evelyn reveals to Tony she told the truth about them to Adrian. Tony asks her what she did that, and she replies she adores him and she is sick of sneak around in the shadows. Evelyn gives him a hug but Tony seems really worried by the fact Adrian knows everything about their affair. That night, Valentina catches Adrian eating his feelings. He says that Evelyn is sleeping with another man, and he has “lost all of his dignity.” Valentina gives him a pep talk and tells him he should fight for Evelyn, and she encourages him to take up praying and ask God for guidance. The next day, Evelyn, Adrian, and Tony pay Marisol a visit and bring her flowers since they heard about Nick's accident. Adrian catches Molly looking at Tony funny and corners her and asks her how she knows him. Molly says that when she knew Tony, his name wasn’t Tony. That night, at their house, Valentina says to Adrian she has been praying for him. Adrian tells her she cans stop now, because it worked. In his room, Tony is on the phone in his room; he tells whoever is on the other line that there has been a change of plans because Adrian found out about the affair. He says he is, “counting down the minutes until he can dump that bitch.” At this moment, Evelyn enters with some sexy underwear on her, and Tony smiles to her. ("The Visit")

Adrian 211
The Powells tango while Tony is dealt with. ("You Can't Take It With You")

Adrian meets with his friend, Rick Dresden, who knows that Tony's real name is Amir Hassan. He also reveals that Tony has gone by half a dozen different aliases and his usual racket is to lure wealthy and middle-aged married women into an affair, and then blackmail them by threatening to tell their husbands. Adrian thanks Rick and he realizes he already knows Tony is having an affair with Evelyn so he needs to discover how he will blackmail Evelyn. Later, Adrian and Rick meet Mrs. Parker, a woman lured by Tony. She reveals to them Tony was her chef, and they began an affair. Finally, Tony ended up soaking Mrs. Parker for $80,000. Then, Mrs. Parker asks Adrian to proceed carefully, when he tells the whole story to Evelyn. She says women need to feel beautiful and loved at a certain age, and when they discover they have been fooled they are broke in many ways. Later, Adrian heads home and reveals to Tony that he knows about all of his aliases and different scams. Then, Adrian asks what is Tony's plan B. Tony reveals that he is going to file a lawsuit against Evelyn for abusing their employee relationship. Tony says he has a recording, but Adrian shows him the recording he found in his clock and he puts it in his drink. Adrian offers him a check for $100,000 to leave Evelyn alone. He doesn't want Evelyn to ever know that Tony was scamming her because he knows it will crush her. However, Adrian tells him he agrees to give him the money but there is one condition. Tony is surprised by this. Later, Adrian listens Tony saying to Evelyn he leaves her, and he seems pleased. That night, Evelyn catches Adrian sitting in the living-room playing records from their wedding. He invites her to dance the tango with him. After their dance, Adrian kisses Evelyn with passion. ("You Can't Take It With You")

Adrian 212
Adrian refuses to give Genevieve his kidney. ("Proof")

Genevieve and Adrian are seen in the latter's home, drinking some tea. Adrian admits he was surprised by Genevieve's phone call, but the woman replies it is been ages and she feels awful about that, because she does enjoy him and Evelyn. However, Adrian is not a fool and asks her if there is not another reason for her visit, saying he detected a hint of desperation in her voice when she called. Genevieve admits it is the truth and tells to Adrian she needs something. The latter says she came to the right place, because he never could say no to a pretty face. Adrian smiles at her, and asks what she needs. Genevieve tells him she needs a kidney. Adrian is surprised by this. Genevieve explains she has a renal failure, so she decided to ask people to get tested in the hopes someone will be a match and give her their kidney. Adrian does not look convinced by her explanation. Genevieve asks his answer and Adrian seems embarrassed. He tells her it would be one thing if she was going to ask to use his jet or his yacht, but they are talking about a major organ. He adds he has grown quite fond of his. Genevieve replies that she knows it is a big favor and that is why she is only asking her closest friends, but Adrian replies they are not that close. The woman reminds him of the Bermans' Christmas party, where they talked in the corner the whole night, adding that Adrian said they had an amazing connection. However, Adrian admits he was hitting on her because he is really skeevy. Genevieve tells him it was a long time ago so she is willing to forgive him, but Adrian replies it seems misguided. A desperate Genevieve says she has no choice because her condition is getting worse, so she asks him one more time to help her. Adrian refuses, but adds if there was anything else he could do for her, he will do it. Genevieve is really disappointed, but says she would like to get away for the weekend, so she asks Adrian if he'd loan her his yacht. Adrian replies: "Oh, sweetheart. No." Genevieve is indignant. ("Proof")

Adrian 213
The Powells finally forgive each other when learning the truth about Barrett's death. ("Look Back in Anger")

Adrian gives to Evelyn a glass of champagne, asking if she remember the last time they were so happy. Evelyn says she does not and asks Adrian if it is their 25th wedding anniversary tomorrow which makes him so sentimental. Adrian confirms it, and at that moment, Valentina runs in to the room, explaining she got an internship with fashion designer Bruno de Luca thanks to Adrian. The young girl hugs Adrian, and the latter puts a hand on her bottom, which is noticed by Evelyn. Later, Evelyn gives a pre-classic Mayan dagger to Adrian as anniversary gift. She seems disappointed by her gift: an expensive watch. She tells Adrian that every time she thinks it will be better between them, he goes back to his old ways. Adrian does not understand, and Evelyn tells him she saw when he put his hand on Valentina's bottom. She says it is like with Flora, and Adrian mentions her affair with Tony. He asks her if he does not have the right to be angry, and Evelyn says it is not her fault that Barrett died. Adrian tells her it is not about Barrett, but Evelyn replies it is always about him. She adds they should stop trying to be happy because it is too disappointing. Later, Marisol and Nick head to the Powell’s house, and Adrian wants to know why Nick stopped talking to them after their son died, because him and Dahlia were their dearest friends. Evelyn thinks it is because they were out of their minds with grief. Nick admits it was because Barrett died, but because he killed him. Then, he confesses what happened to the Powells. Evelyn and Adrian are heartbroken. Adrian takes the Mayan knife and tries to stab Nick and misses. Evelyn tells him that the only reason he is still alive it is because she believes a harsher punishment awaits him. Then, Marisol and Nick leave in order to go to the police station. Evelyn and Adrian are crying, and Adrian tells to his wife he is sorry for what he did to them. Evelyn says it is time they forgive each other. ("Look Back in Anger")

Season 3

It's not about sex, it's about seeding control. Do you have any idea how liberating that is?
Adrian Powell, "From Here to Eternity"
Adrian 301
Adrian discovers a new form of pleasure. ("Awakenings")

Four months after getting the ever-so-needed closure of their son's death, Adrian and Evelyn's marriage has become better than ever in all ways except for sexually. At couples' therapy, the two talk about how Adrian has been unable to form an erection, and it has been as if he no longer finds Evelyn attractive. Their therapist suggests that perhaps all of the fighting in their marriage use to turn him on, and was always the key to a great sex life; the couple take this into consideration. Later on, Evelyn tries to 'spice things up' a bit by borrowing Valentina's maid outfit and turning Adrian on, via the art of roleplay. At first, Adrian is turned off by the fact that Evelyn is wearing Valentina's outfit, a girl who he has begun to feel a more paternal relationship to, and then by the fact she is pretending to be a French maid of the name Colette, which was the name of his father's second wife. He has Evelyn pretend to be a woman named Gretchen and to use a German accent; she does so, and it seems to be turning him on, but ends up only being indigestion. This annoys Evelyn further, and so she leaves. That evening, at a party Evelyn throws for Marisol's new book, Adrian makes his way around, meeting all of the guests. He comes across one woman who reveals herself to be a dominatrix. After humiliating him a bit, even going as far as standing on his hand with her heel, he finally manages to get an erection, and so he finds Evelyn, and the two head for the bathroom to have sex immediately. After the party though, Evelyn learns the truth behind Adrian's erection, and is completely outraged. He argues if she would just be a bit cruel to him then they could have a sex life again; however, Evelyn won't stand for this, and makes him sleep on the couch. Later on the evening though, Adrian leaves home where he heads out to an S&M club known as The Velvet Whip. ("Awakenings")

Adrian 302
Evelyn is introduced to her husband's new fetish. ("From Here to Eternity")

After spending an entire night at The Velvet Whip, Adrian arrives home only to find multiple policeman and ambulances at his house, and is revealed by Evelyn that a severed leg was found in the rose bushes. The couple is met by Detective Figueroa, who asks for Adrian's alibi for the past evening. He tries lying that he left early in the morning for a chiropractor when being forced to sleep on the couch, but ends up confessing he was at the S&M sex club. Hearing this, Evelyn is utterly humiliated, and the Detective decides to leave the couple alone. Later on, Evelyn reveals how the couple have been dis-invited from three social events, and despite Adrian assuring that people's gossiping will move on to something else, Evelyn comes to believe it'll be about his trips to the S&M club. Adrian reveals he didn't even have sex, but simply allowed himself to be dominated. He begs for Evelyn to go with him, even if just once, and after a bit of persuading, he finally convinces her with the promise of a diamond. As the couple arrive at The Velvet Whip, Adrian shows his wife a selection of items she may use on him; Evelyn picks a riding crop, as it reminds her of her childhood equestrian lessons. Having begun to come to terms with this, she asks if the two could possibly get a private room. However, the couple is soon called out by one of Evelyn's acquaintances, Mitzy. Adrian tries to assure she not be embarrassed, since they're both there for the same reasons, but when the severed leg is brought up, and the Powells are questioned about what goes on in their home, Evelyn proceeds to leave, unable to go through with this. Adrian is later met by Valentina, who announces her engagement, and that she will be leaving for New York with Remi. Panicking that she has quit at the worst time, Adrian calls Marisol, requesting for a maid immediately, which leads to Carmen Luna getting a new job. ("From Here to Eternity")

Adrian 303
Adrian finds a new "mistress". ("The Awful Truth")

When Adrian returns home from a game of golf, he is met by new maid, Carmen, and he questions if Evelyn has broken her spirit yet. Evelyn explains Carmen is only there for a trial basis. She adds it is important to keep a beautiful home to project a certain image to their neighbors. At this moment, a tourist bus arrives in front of the Powell house. A tour guide introduces the location as the "Powell Murder House". He adds three gruesome deaths happened in the house. Evelyn retorts to him only two gruesome deaths. The tour guide adds a severed leg has been found in their garden. Evelyn tells him just a leg, not a body, and she throws him one of her shoes. While the bus is leaving, Evelyn announces she is done, so they will sell their house. Later, Evelyn tells Adrian she hired a real estate agent. She asks him if he is on board with selling their house. Adrian confirms he is, but says he would like something from her in return. Evelyn is on the nerve, asking if Adrian wants to her to go to the sex club again. Adrian retorts they should start with something simple. He takes off a little whip from his bag. An angry Evelyn retorts it is bad enough that their house is a murder house, so she refuses to let him turn it into a sex dungeon. That night, the Powells are coming back from their dinner at a restaurant. Evelyn complains about how the maitre d' looked at them, saying he must know about the leg. Adrian says he is in the mood for a nightcap. Evelyn replies she is too tired so goes to sleep. Adrian nearly walks in on Carmen and Sebastien having sex, but is stalled long enough for Sebastien to get away. Carmen accidentally smashes Adrian's hand in the door. Later on, she gets him ice for it, and he apologizes, stating it was his fault. He tells Carmen she officially has the job. He then asks her for permission to leave, which she finds odd, but she gives it. ("The Awful Truth")

Adrian 304
Carmen discovers that she's working for a dirty old man. ("Since You Went Away")

Carmen is cleaning at the Powell's mansion when Adrian overhears her tapping a rug; he comes up with an idea, and so he pretends to have thrown out his back. He claims to Carmen that it's normal, but that if she would just walk on his back, it'd work everything out. Though she does not wish to partake in this at first, out of fear she could hurt him, she eventually gives in when he fakes pain, thus actually causing him real pain... and pleasure. As a token of appreciation, Adrian later picks up a set of shoes for Carmen, but is also confronted by the fact that the maid isn't stupid, and that she is aware of his true kinks. Adrian decides it's not worth trying to deny it, and so he propositions her. Carmen goes to her married lover Sebastien about this, using it as a way to make him jealous when he cancels their dinner date, and she takes pleasure in him being against it, and that he also has no control over it. She does end up turning down Adrian's offer though, but not for long. Determined to have Carmen play the dominatrix role in his life, Adrian goes about all the right ways, using Sebastien (though he doesn't know who her lover is) as an example of why men deserve to be punished, thus receiving a slap, and beginning a new type of relationship. ("Since You Went Away")

Adrian 305
A new safeword is devised: blackmail. ("The Talk of the Town")

Adrian awaits being "punished" by Carmen, with her having agreed to be his dominatrix, but she is too busy texting Sebastien, who is highly dissatisfied with the kind of relationship she's entered into with her boss. Finally she starts to beat Adrian (in a way that he likes) when he angers her by prying into her love life. Later, Marisol stops by to ask Evelyn how Carmen is turning out, and naturally it's not going so well since Carmen is such a horrendous maid. Marisol then wants to talk to Carmen herself and so checks the pool house where she lives... where she's currently dressed in leather and whipping Mr. Powell like he's a "bad cocker spaniel", to her friend's shock and horror. Carmen later heads to Marisol's place and is confronted about her behavior with Adrian; she knows it's wrong to do such things for extra money and promises to stop, which Marisol says is good because employers and employees should have boundaries. The next day, Carmen sees Adrian meeting with Sebastien. As he leaves, he asks her if she's still doing kinky sex stuff with her boss, but she says she decided to stop; he is happy and kisses her, but Adrian sees and, now knowing who her secret lover is, he threatens to tell all about the affair if she doesn't continue to be his dominatrix. ("The Talk of the Town")

Adrian 306
Could Adrian's kinks be the death of him? ("She Done Him Wrong")

An electric shock machine is introduced to Carmen and Adrian's S&M sessions and, when the latter angers his maid too hard, she ends up revving the machine past full blast and inducing a seizure in her boss. She calls Sebastien so he can help move Mr. Powell's unconscious body elsewhere, and then an ambulance is summoned; Evelyn is thrilled that Carmen saved her husband, and later, in hospital, the doctor explains that Adrian's injuries are consistent with abuse. Not wanting Evelyn to discover that he's been having their maid beat him to his pleasure, he lies and says his wife beats him, which she quickly scolds him for. He then admits to being into S&M, and the doctor tells him that he can no longer partake in such activities because it could end up being the death of him. Evelyn is absolutely disgusted in her husband, though later she returns and tells him that he can get his jollies any way he likes, just so long as he allows her to have the only thing she wants... a child. ("She Done Him Wrong")

Adrian 309
Adrian tries his best to scare Deion away. ("Bad Girl")

When Adrian returns home from the hospital, he is surprised to hear that Evelyn has a surprise for him, and that surprise is Deion - the Powells' new son. He complains to Evelyn about this, relieved to learn that they're still in a position to return Deion to the orphanage, but she assures that he can simply leave the child-rearing to her while he focuses on selling their home, believing that a change of scenery will do them all good. Sebastien proceeds to meet with Adrian, who wants to know where they are on selling the house, but the realtor explains to him that it's very difficult to sell a house that's seen a murder, a suicide and a chopped-off leg. This gives Adrian an idea, and he proceeds to talk to Deion before his bed time, telling him about the maid who was murdered there and convincing him that the house is haunted. Deion ends up begging not to live there anymore, too scared, and Evelyn has to comfort him into staying, then confronting her husband about what he did; she demands to know why he can't open his heart just the tiniest bit to their new foster son, and he reveals that he doesn't want to get attached again, having given all the love he had to Barrett before he died and he doesn't want to have to go through that once more. Evelyn assures him that she misses Barrett too, but she doesn't want his legacy to be endless misery; he wouldn't have wanted that for them. It's time to move forward - Deion is joining this family and Adrian can either be a part of it or not. However, Adrian proceeds to call his private investigator, Rick Dresden, and asks him to find the young boy's birth parents. ("Bad Girl")

Adrian 310
But then he starts to bond with him. ("Whiplash")

Evelyn has Adrian watch their new son Deion for the day, giving him no say in the matter which causes Deion to rightfully point out that Mr. Powell is his wife's "bitch". He goes to the club and actually starts bonding with Deion, who manages to get him a tee time on the golf course, while Evelyn meets with Natalie from Child Services. She explains how she'll want to visit the Powell mansion and interview both of Deion's foster parents, which deeply worries Evelyn because she is under the impression that her husband still hates the boy and will try to sabotage the meeting. In reality, Adrian and Deion are further bonding over a horse race, and Evelyn proceeds to express her woes to Olivia over lunch. Olivia very bluntly suggests that Evelyn simply drug Adrian with some anger management pills she's been taking, and so when Natalie comes over Evelyn spikes Adrian's drink with one of the pills. However, it is Natalie who ends up drinking it, and when Adrian begins to notice that she's on drugs Evelyn confesses what she did, including the part about wanting to keep him docile for the interview because she didn't want him to ruin everything. It is then that he confesses that he's actually grown fond of their new son, to Evelyn's joy, but Natalie remains a problem. When she wakes up, they try telling her how she got tipsy and fell asleep, but she knows this to be untrue because she doesn't drink. Knowing that they drugged her, she refuses to let Deion live there any longer... until the boy himself reveals that he took some pictures of her while high. He threatens to show them to her boss if she doesn't let him remain with the Powells, and it is this act of extortion that allows Adrian to declare that the boy really is a Powell after all. ("Whiplash")

Adrian 312
The Powells are forced to say goodbye to their son. ("Suspicion")

Adrian and Evelyn sit Deion down to ask if he'd like to be their full-time adoptive son; while he's saying yes, the Powells get a phone call which is answered by Carmen, who proceeds to interrupt the big family moment saying that Adrian needs to come now. As it turns out, it's his private investigator Rick Dresden, who's found Deion's birth father Wallace Jones and is sitting across from him right now. Wallace wants to meet Deion to make sure he's happy where he is, but Adrian can't have Evelyn finding out that he had the birth father contacted in the first place. As such, he hatches a new evil scheme on top of his pre-existing one, making plans for Evelyn and Deion to spend to day together out of town while he takes advantage of Carmen's "acting" abilities (with that being her new career path following the abolition of her album). She pretends to be Evelyn while they hire a young actor, Malik, to pretend to be Deion. Everything goes swimmingly with Wallace until the real Evelyn and Deion return, and Wallace realizes that some sort of dreadful ruse is afoot. He wants to take Deion away and Evelyn tells Adrian to fix it because if he loses Deion then he loses her as well. Carmen convinces him to give the Powells a second chance, explaining how she gave up her own baby to a good family and that it was the best thing for it, but then Adrian ruins things by attempting to bribe his way out of the situation. Wallace decides that the Powells are not a good family and he takes Deion away, to Evelyn's utter devastation. ("Suspicion")

Adrian 313
Adrian makes a potentially fatal mistake... ("Anatomy of a Murder")

The Powells are out for lunch when Adrian, still on thin ice after losing Deion, reveals that a buyer for their house was finally found. Evelyn is thrilled, but the good feeling is soon ruined when her lawyer turns up and serves Adrian her petition for divorce. Sebastien tries getting Evelyn and Adrian to sign the papers which will make their house officially sold, but the latter refuses because he doesn't want his wife to be able to divide their assets in a divorce. Of course, this means that Sebastien won't get paid for all his hard work, but Adrian doesn't care. After discovering that Sebastien is the one behind the murders of Louie Becker and Blanca Alvarez, Marisol shows up at the Powells' while they are in the midst of an argument regarding their divorce, and Evelyn is attempting to banish Adrian and his S&M sex toys to the East Wing of the mansion. Marisol continually asks where Carmen is, at which Sebastien enters holding a gun to her head, saying that she's right there. He proceeds to use the sex handcuffs to take everybody hostage, demanding that Adrian give him his commission so that he can skip town. Initially, Adrian refuses, but then Sebastien threatens to torture Evelyn with the electric shock machine and Adrian gives in, proceeding to call Michael and tell him that he needs money now. When Michael shows up, however, he just ends up being taken hostage as well, and when he finds out that Sebastien slept with Taylor he threatens to kill him. It is then that Sebastien shoots him in the heart, planning to fill the house with gas and blow it up with everyone still inside once he's gone. Adrian tries pointing out the perspective one gains in situations such as this, and Evelyn agrees... telling him that she now sees what a waste their married life has been. Marisol ends up escaping and knocking Sebastien out, then freeing everyone, but Adrian returns to the house to fetch a photograph of himself, Evelyn and Barrett. Soon, Sebastien wakes up and knocks the electric shock machine off the table, igniting a spark which then sets off the gas and explodes the entire house. Outside, Evelyn calls out for her husband, not knowing of his fate. ("Anatomy of a Murder")

Season 4

Well I'm sorry, Adrian, but from now on you'll just have to blow yourself.
Evelyn Powell, "Another One Wipes the Dust"
Adrian 401
To save his marriage, Adrian fakes paralysis from the explosion. ("Once More Unto the Bleach")

It's been six months since the Powell mansion exploded and Adrian remains paralyzed, meaning Evelyn is forced to stay with him because she fears what people might think were she to proceed with the planned divorce. Later, Carmen is met by her cousin's daughter, Daniela. She has a strong reaction to her appearance, which Adrian finds odd, and finally Carmen admits that Daniela is in fact her daughter. She was a teenager when she birthed her and gave her away to her cousin to raise as her own, and Adrian, bored of being in his wheelchair, decides to "sin-tillate" himself by enhancing Carmen's discomfort; he invites Daniela to stay with them, taking satisfaction in the awkwardness. As Evelyn commiserates that she can't divorce Adrian just yet, she takes comfort in the fact that the doctor she's paying top-dollar for is optimistic that her husband will one day walk again; however, this comfort comes crashing down when she returns home and hears the terrible news. It appears that Adrian's injuries are permanent, though he's still healthy, meaning that Evelyn is stuck with her invalid husband for as long as they both shall live. She tries drinking her troubles away, asking politely if Adrian would mind killing himself when he comes to check on her, and he comes to learn of her desire to divorce him. He is glad to hear that she doesn't plan on doing so because he's in the chair, fearing what people may think, and Adrian declares his mission to make her fall in love with him again. His doctor proceeds to tell him that he's worried about Evelyn, recalling how upset she seemed when he broke the news to her, but Adrian assures that his wife won't leave him if he's in the chair, which is why he's paying the doctor so much to lie. As it turns out, Adrian can walk after all. ("Once More Unto the Bleach")

Adrian 402
With his plan having failed, Evelyn leaves Adrian. ("Another One Wipes the Dust")

Evelyn receives a phone call from her husband asking her where the good bourbon is; she reveals that she put it on a high shelf to keep it away from the construction workers, which also means that he an't get it while in his chair. As such, he makes sure that nobody is around and stands up in order to retrieve it, but he's caught by Daniela who, in exchange for keeping it quiet, requests to be allowed to work in the Powell mansion as a maid. Carmen is furious about this and goes to Adrian, threatening to go to Evelyn if he does not fire Danni immediately; however, he tells her that if she does that then he will be forced to roll on over to Daniela's room and reveal to her who her real mother is, putting he and Carmen at a blackmail impasse - his favorite kind of impasse. Upon discovering Daniela cleaning her home, Evelyn offers to set her up with a music producer if she seduces Adrian, wanting to catch him cheating on her so that she can divorce him rightfully. However, Adrian turns down Danni's advances, eventually getting to his feet in order to shake her off, though he's unaware that Evelyn is filming the entire thing. She is shocked to discover that her husband can walk and proceeds to try and prove it by confronting him at the club and throwing him from his chair. He maintains the act and falls to the floor, meaning Evelyn is thrown out with everyone thinking she's a monster, and due to this she sees absolutely no reason to stay with Adrian and packs her bags. He comes clean and tries convincing her to stay, saying how they belong together and that only she is as deliciously twisted as he is that she can match him blow for blow. Evelyn, before she leaves, tells her soon-to-be-ex-husband that from now on he'll just have to blow himself. ("Another One Wipes the Dust")

Adrian 403
Adrian paints Evelyn a devastating picture of her life without him... ("War and Grease")

Wanting his "sudden recovery" to be miraculous but believable, Adrian asks Carmen which cane he should use down at the club; she points out that his gold one makes him look like a pimp, and he that's the one he decides to go with, before pointing out that Carmen is letting Daniela get away with murder by doing all her chores for her and not reprimanding her for her reckless behavior. Meanwhile, he cuts off Evelyn's funding and hides all his money in offshore accounts, meaning her credit card is declined when she attempts to stay at a hotel. When she returns to her home to talk to him about it, he has Carmen refuse to let her in, believing that if he makes her miserable and broke then eventually she'll be forced to call crawling back to him. He believes it to be romantic. Evelyn vows that the next time she speaks to Adrian will be through an attorney but, when she goes to meet with one who is interested in taking her case, he suddenly has to drop her as a client due to a conflict of interest; it seems that Adrian has hired out all the divorce attorneys in Beverly Hills, trying to make it so that her only option for money is to reconcile with him, to her pure horror. She goes to meet with him at the club to try and persuade him to stop this madness, only for him to frighten her by painting her a picture of her life without him: she is poor with no maid and has to buy generic brands from a supermarket; she also now eats peanut butter, owns a change purse, doesn't throw pennies away and collects coupons. Evelyn can't take it, to Adrian's delight, and he points out that she can easily put a stop to all of it, though she refuses to get back together with him. Instead, she decides to take Marisol up on her earlier offer and stay with her. ("War and Grease")

Zoila 404
Zoila has to endure a date with Adrian. ("Sweeping with the Enemy")

Zoila goes to have lunch with her friend Frances who points out that there are plenty of eligible fish in the sea, then trying to set Zoila up with the recently separated Adrian. Fearing that Adrian may recognize her as a maid, Zoila tries getting away but just ends up causing a scene, and then, when Adrian helps her to her feet following her falling over, he doesn't recognize her anyway. She informs Carmen and Rosie (who Carmen told about Zoila's new lifestyle) and accuses Adrian of being a racist little troll, for he met her at Genevieve's dozens of time but never took any notice because, back then, she was just "the help". Evelyn is staying with Marisol meanwhile, who goes to Adrian to try and get him to allow Evelyn to have access to her money, but he refuses to relinquish control, leading Marisol to realize the extent of the cruelty he's been inflicting upon his estranged wife. He then finds Danni's mother Josefina trapped in a room of his mansion, to his deep confusion. Another dinner with Frances leads to an awkward date between Zoila and Adrian when Frances invites him to join them and then pretends to be sick so that she can leave, and Zoila confronts Adrian about his racism when he mixes up the waiters Carlos and Santiago. Adrian insists that he's classist as opposed to racist but Zoila sees this as just as reprehensible. However, despite her attitude, she herself ends up mistaking the two waiters, showing just how much of an effect her new lifestyle has had on her. Adrian proceeds to drive her home and walk her to her door, expressing an interest in seeing her again, but Zoila makes clear that the interest isn't mutual; however, he loves a challenge and plants a kiss on her anyway, to her shock. ("Sweeping with the Enemy")

Adrian 405
Adrian kindly agrees to keep Zoila's double life a secret. ("A Time to Spill")

Evelyn is now working as Marisol's assistant and the latter has her manage the employees at the Hamilton House Gala, despite knowing how humiliating it will be for her. Evelyn then meets with Adrian so that the two of them can divide custody of their social calendar. She takes the gala for herself, not wanting him to see her there, and claims that the reason she doesn't want him attending is because she's bringing her new boyfriend "Bartholomew", which naturally Adrian finds ridiculous. Zoila, meanwhile, of course has no interest in seeing Adrian again, but later he approaches her in order to invite her to the Hamilton House Gala (wanting to see why Evelyn doesn't want him attending) and she ends up saying yes while distracted with making sure the both of them are in the view of her ex-boyfriend/neighbor Kyle, so as to make him jealous. Evelyn later sees her husband at the gala while she is working and is shocked, not yet seeing who his date is. Unfortunately for him, he later introduces Zoila to his wife in an attempt to make her jealous, only for Evelyn to burst out laughing because he's on a date with Genevieve's maid. Adrian proceeds to drive Zoila home where she explains her situation to him, and he gallantly agrees to keep her secret out of sympathy and even goes on to hug her in a continual effort to antagonize Kyle's jealousy. ("A Time to Spill")

Adrian 406
Evelyn's new man can't be paid off. ("The Maid Who Knew Too Much")

Carmen is approached by Adrian who gives her a day off to celebrate her birthday, but she refuses to celebrate because she's turning 40 and cannot come to terms with it, with Adrian believing that the real reason she's freaking out is because she's reaching this grand milestone while having let her one and only real accomplishment - Danni - walk out the door. He is later summoned by Zoila, who says that the two of them are now friends and requests that he make lunch plans with Frances only to then swiftly cancel so that she can catch Kyle and her in the act and they can stop keeping secrets. Adrian loves the idea and agrees to help; later, he carries out the plan and cancels on Frances at the last minute. Then, Gail, knowing Adrian to be back on the market, aggressively attempts to seduce him, though he isn't interested in her because he still has hope that Evelyn will return to him. Due to this, Gail makes clear that Evelyn is now out of the picture, revealing that she's now dating the Reverend, James Hamilton. As such, Adrian meets with Hamilton and offers him a large check in exchange for him breaking up with Evelyn, pointing out that the Christian thing to d would be to accept his terms because that means being able to help people. He and Evelyn have another date where he explains what Adrian confronted her with and proceeds to give her the check, pointing out that it wasn't Adrian's money to give because he stole it from his wife. He encourages her to use it to hire a divorce lawyer and free herself of this man. ("The Maid Who Knew Too Much")

Adrian 407
Adrian invokes Barrett's memory to bring out Zoila's forgiving side. ("Blood, Sweat and Smears")

Evelyn hires a lawyer in the Valley who tells her that she'll have to move back in with Adrian if she hopes to land a divorce settlement, for otherwise it appears to the court as though she's the one who abandoned the marriage. Evelyn then meets with Adrian to tell him that she'd like to reconcile; he doesn't buy her lies, though, and ends up leaving after she fails to convincingly convey her love. Adrian later meets with Zoila though decides to leave so that she can talk to Genevieve, who keeps trying to call her; first, however, he arranges to have drinks with her later that evening. Once they meet and do some catching up, Zoila mentions Genevieve and, when he asks what happened between the two of them, she explains that she lost a baby and blames her former employer for making the wrong choice. Adrian understands completely, having blamed Evelyn for the death of Barrett, but ultimately convinces his friend that it's better to let go and forgive than to hold on to your anger and simply be miserable. This spurs Zoila to forgive Genevieve once and for all. Adrian then returns home to find Evelyn, having broken in along with her boyfriend James Hamilton, though in the eyes of the court she never left. Adrian first thinks that some time together could be good for them, though he is unhappy to hear that James is to be staying tonight, and several nights to come. ("Blood, Sweat and Smears")

Adrian 408
Mr. Powell wants dirt on the reverend. ("I Saw the Shine")

Carmen helps Evelyn move some things around the mansion as she splits it down the middle, designating one side for herself and the other for Adrian, deciding that Carmen shall be used as an intermediary so that they don't have to actually speak to one another. This soon falls apart when Adrian reviews some security footage and realizes that Evelyn got back into the house simply by punching in the gate code, meaning Carmen must have given it to her; as such, Adrian fires Carmen, who then points out to Evelyn that keeping her around would really annoy her husband, and so she is re-hired to work solely in Mrs. Powell's half of the mansion. However, Adrian has already hired a maid to replace her and clean his half - Daniela, who's apparently back from Puerto Rico and is insanely furious with Carmen due to how they left things. Adrian later runs into Zoila who acts awkward towards him after having accidentally fantasized about him during sex with Kyle; he offers to meet up with her later, but she declines the offer. Later, Adrian goes to his private investigator, Rick Dresden, and requests that he dig up all the dirt he can find on Evelyn's boyfriend James Hamilton. ("I Saw the Shine")

Adrian 409
Gail's attempted seduction ends in disaster. ("Much Ado About Buffing")

Evelyn and James are returning from yet another charity function when the former notices Adrian's PI, Rick Dresden, spying on them. She suggests that James pretend to propose, so as to hurt her ex, but he refuses because it isn't the right thing to do, which she finds boring. Dresden goes on to tell Adrian that he found legit nothing on the reverend in terms of dirt, having only been able to find good things in spite of his rather thorough search. In spite of this, Evelyn has grown disenchanted with the reverend. Gail, meanwhile, has heard word that Adrian is into bondage, and so she ambushes him with a pair of curtain ties and Evelyn ends up catching the two of them together while Adrian has his pants down, despite him wanting no part in sexual activity with Gail Fleming and claiming and the very idea of it terrifies him. He approaches Evelyn following this encounter in an attempt to explain himself but she acts as though she doesn't care, even though it's glaringly obvious that she's unhappy. Adrian interprets this as jealousy and realizes that he's been going about everything all wrong - he has to make Evelyn jealous if he is to win her back. He claims to Carmen that things are about to get even crazier than they've already been, while Evelyn goes on a date with James and complains about her husband. He takes this to mean that, in defiance of what she told him when they first started dating, she does not see her marriage as being over, and he breaks up with her because of this. At the same time, Adrian goes to Gail and says that the reason she "terrifies" him is because he's so deeply in love with her. Gail is ecstatic and captivated by the lie. ("Much Ado About Buffing")

Adrian 410
Adrian wonders if perhaps he and Evelyn should halt their divorce. ("Grime and Punishment")

The Powells to discuss the terms of their pending divorce and, to Evelyn's shock, Adrian is willing to give her everything that she wants without argument. She finds this suspicious though and, when she approaches him to talk about it, she is further shocked to learn that he is engaged to Gail Fleming. She tells this to Marisol who rightfully assumes that Adrian is playing a very high-stakes game of chicken, wanting Evelyn to succumb to jealousy and have him call the whole thing off, but Mrs. Powell decides that if that's what her soon-to-be ex-husband wants... then chicken they shall play. As such, she approaches Gail about the engagement party that is to be held in the mansion later, convincing her to turn it into an impromptu wedding so as to lock Adrian down before his wandering eye gets the best of him. Gail agrees that it would be a nice surprise for the guests, and Evelyn convinces her that Adrian will love the idea; however, when Adrian is alerted, he approaches Evelyn, clearly panicked, and points out that he can't marry Gail while the two of them are still married. Evelyn says that she has the divorce documents ready to be signed, and Judge Winslow is a party guest so he can witness the signing to make it official. The game of chicken continues as Adrian opens a bottle of wine that was supposed to be saved for their 50th anniversary, and the two of them eventually go through with signing the papers, making sure to say how much they despise one another. However, this simply leads to the two of them kissing passionately, and making love while the party goes on outside. The party dies down when Gail is arrested for the murder of Peri Westmore, and the Powells wonder if, since they're both single, they should perhaps just tear up the divorce papers and stay married. A decision is not immediately made. A year then goes by, and Adrian attends the wedding of Marisol and Peter, where he exchanges an awkward glance with Zoila. However, the ceremony is halted when the bride doesn't turn up, and foul play is suspected. ("Grime and Punishment")

Later Life

Marisol then proceeds to wake up, having dreamed the entire wedding and kidnapping, and goes on to marry Peter for real.[1] Meanwhile, despite more ups and downs in their relationship, such as a secret affair between Adrian and Zoila that's further complicated by the return of Zoila's ex-fiancé[2], he and Evelyn ultimately do find themselves back together and married in the end.[3]



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