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You'll have to forgive my wife, she's drunk... and evil.

Adrian Powell is one of the main characters on Devious Maids. Husband of Evelyn, Adrian spends his life in a complicated marriage with a woman he loves, but also despises. Since the death of their son, the marriage gets worse and worse, ultimately leading Adrian to have an affair with the maid, Flora. To make matters worse, the maid is murdered and Adrian is left heartbroken. Evelyn finally decides that their marriage can't work and files for divorce, but quickly backs out when she sees the true, but complicated, love in their marriage.


Early LifeEdit

In the early years of his marriage with Evelyn, Adrian and his wife had a son by the name of Barrett Powell. When he was seven years old, Evelyn accidentally ran over him with her car, killing him. Adrian was never able to forgive her, and Evelyn was never able to forgive herself. This drove the married couple apart, leaving them estranged. ("Taking Out the Trash") Later on in her marriage, Adrian started hooking up his friends with prostitutes. He would get them drunk, have the girl lead his friend up to a room, and "disappear," only to watch the two have sex behind a glass door. ("Wiping Away the Past") He had been sleeping with his maid, Flora Hernandez before his wife put a stop to it the night Flora was murdered. ("Pilot")

Season 1Edit

Adrian and Evelyn are looking for a new maid, and when Marisol comes to work for them one day, he sets his sights on her. He and Evelyn are hiding something devious. They are invited to dinner at the Stappord's, when Olivia RiceMichael Stappord's ex-wife, comes in and causes a scene, humiliating Michael's new wife, Taylor. This leads to Marisol removing her from the Stappord house, where after the dinner, Adrian says he is interested in learning her secret. ("Pilot")

Marisol offers to work for the Powell’s on her days off to which Evelyn is delighted, but first she must get the permission from the Stappord’s, because “Stealing somebody’s husband is rude. Stealing someone’s maid is unforgivable.” Taylor wholeheartedly won’t allow Marisol to work for them. “Make no mistake, she is not a friend of mine,” Taylor tells Marisol. Later, when Marisol arrives at the Stappord’s with dry cleaning in hand she walks in on Taylor and Adrian Powell mid-conversation. They both tell Marisol that she is now allowed to work at the Powell home. Taylor looks very disturbed at the conversation. “He’s just very persuasive and cruel,” Taylor tells Marisol when asked what made her change her mind. While doing some cleaning at the Stappord’s, Adrian grills Marisol about why she so badly wants to work for them, and in turn, she asks him questions about Flora, a topic which makes him wonder why she’s so curious. It’s an intense back and forth that the two of them have. Marisol arranges some books on the bookshelf and discovers a letter — written by Flora prior to hear death — and reads that whoever wrote the letter was raped. Adrian quickly takes the letter out of Marisol’s hands and storms out of the room just as she’s asking who the letter was from. Later, Adrian burns the letter. ("Setting the Table")

Adrian Powell's hobby is "giving prostitutes" to his pals. When Adrian and Evelyn have one of their married couple conversations, he refers to their houseguest, who's also Evelyn's ex. "I am going to introduce Maxwell Rose to wanton carnality for his own middle-aged good," Adrian says. "The fact that it will hurt you is just a bonus." Later, Adrian sequesters himself, presumably to watch his wife's ex-lover and a hooker. ("Wiping Away the Past") Adrian hosts a benefit gala at his house where he introduces his friend, Dante Penrose to Marisol. ("Making Your Bed")

Evelyn and Adrian had to have something momentous hidden in their marriage. They had a son who died while Evelyn was supposed to be watching him. Adrian has never forgiven her. Every year, on the boy's birthday, they buy presents for him. This year she bought their son, dead 15 years, a cashmere sweater. ("Taking Out the Trash")

After Eddie remembers that Flora had been blackmailing someone about a DVD, Marisol begins scouring the Powell’s house to find it. Evelyn catches her with the DVD and mentions it to Adrian, assuming that Marisol is disgusted by her discovery of his disgusting “little habit”. He, however, speculates that Marisol might have other reasons for her interest in the DVDs and suggests that they fire her, an idea Evelyn shoots down. Marisol then tries to play her two employers off one another, sitting Taylor and Michael down and telling them that Adrian taped Taylor when she was having sex with his friends. This leads to Michael storming to the Powell’s, beating Adrain up, and demanding all the tapes that feature Taylor be given to him. Evelyn takes Marisol into Adrian’s private room, where she sees the one-way mirror and a wall lined with many, many DVDs bearing Flora’s name. Evelyn hands her the videos featuring Taylor and then ushers her and the Stappords out the door with her trademark zingers. Then, she throws out to Marisol as she slams the door in her face: “You’re fired.” Later, Michael calls Adrian later and asks him about a DVD concerning Flora. Adrian tells him he got rid of it years ago, even though he is holding it in his hands. ("Walking the Dog")

Rosie is still working at the Powells and allowing Evelyn to creepily become attached to Tucker. When Adrian unexpectedly returns home mid-day from a business trip, he warns Rosie not to bring Tucker around Evelyn. He also shows his interest in Rosie by telling her she can come by his house whenever she likes. Rosie promptly quits. Later, she and a recovered Spence start to get frisky in front of the Westmore’s huge glass windows, and Evelyn catches them in the act. When Rosie goes to discuss what happened with Evelyn, Evelyn blackmails her into bringing Tucker around in exchange for her keeping their affair a secret. When Rosie discusses this with Spence, he says he is willing to tell Peri about their love so that he can be with Rosie, but Rosie implores him to try to make his relationship with his wife work for Tucker’s sake. The only way she wants to be with Spence is if he has tried to work on his marriage before he gives up on it. The two resolve to meet with Adrian to see if he can get Evelyn to agree not to blackmail them. He does this by reminding her of the inappropriate attachments she has formed with young children in the past, and how she eventually mistook them for her own son. He also gives her the affection she seeks from him in order to make her stop blackmailing the Westmores. After telling Rosie she does not have to worry about Evelyn exposing her affair, he also says that she owes him a favor. ("Scrambling the Eggs")

Rosie encounters Adrian Powell in a grocery store parking lot, where he lewdly propositions that she come to one of his parties and whore herself out to his friends. When she tells Spence about this, he at first laughs off her concerns, then agrees that Adrian is a perverted creep. However, Rosie wants him to do more than just sympathize with her; she wants him to defend her honor, echoing Peri by calling him a wuss. After psyching himself up by watching a tape of himself punching someone on his soap opera, Spence goes to visit Adrian. After they exchange some words, Adrian is punched and Spence winds up with a concussion. When Spence returns home, he tells Peri about his encounter with Adrian, and begs her not to laugh at the fact that he got a concussion. She is moved by the fact that he would defend Rosie like that and kisses him. After a moment of hesitation, he kisses her back. Rosie arrives just in time to see them kissing tenderly on the couch. ("Hanging the Drapes")

Evelyn slapped her husband with a divorce threat after he refused to fufill his marital duty. ("Getting Out the Blood") While meeting with lawyers to discuss their divorce settlement, they learn that Taylor Stappord was shot, causing her miscarriage. Evelyn breaks down into tears and Adrian comforts her. They decide to call off the divorce and go home. The Powells host Genevieve and Philippe's engagement party. They put together the pieces and discover Philippe is the one who murdered Flora. At the engagement party, they take Philippe to talk to him in private where they give him a drink that contains an untraceable drug and muscle relaxers that ultimately kills him. Evelyn locks the doors while Adrian pushes Philippe out the window where he lands in the pool. When the police have doubts, Rosie, Carmen, and Zoila back the Powells up, stating that they heard Philippe state he murdered Flora. ("Totally Clean")


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