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Alejandro Rubio
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Alejandro Rubio is one of the supporting characters on Devious Maids. A wealthy Latino singer and Carmen's boss, he is pretty self-absorbed, but has been good to his employees. His head maid, Odessa, has had feelings for him for quite sometime, but he's been completely oblivious. It is later revealed that he is homosexual, but when the press learns his secret, he seeks out Carmen for help. Ultimately, Carmen and Alejandro call off their engagement, but moments later, he is shot and killed by a burglar from his engagement party.


Early LifeEdit

At an unknown point in his life, Alejandro fell in love with a man named Dario. Their romance came to an end, however, when Alejandro declined Dario's offer to move to Europe with him. ("The Dark at the Top of the Stairs")

Sometime later, Alejandro won an American Music Awards, in the category "Favorite Latin Artist". ("Pilot")

Season 1 Edit

Carmen is introduced as a maid under the employ of controlling housekeeper Odessa Burakov. The owner of the house Carmen works in, Alejandro Rubio, returns from his tour, and Carmen hopes to become friends with him as he is a famous music producer, however, Odessa does not allow Carmen to talk to him. Later, Carmen attempts to serve Alejandro some orange juice, but is unable to thanks to Odessa, and the maid complains to Sam, someone else under Alejandro's employ, who reveals that he hired Carmen because he had a crush on her. Odessa later confronts Carmen, having found some of the maid's songs on her boss' iPod, realizing that she wants to be "discovered" by Alejandro. Carmen goes to Sam that night and has him wreck the elevator so the next morning, Odessa is unable to use it to take up Alejandro's breakfast tray, which Carmen slips a copy of her CD in. She attempts to take the tray up herself, using Odessa's leg as an excuse, but Odessa refuses, bringing the tray to Alejandro herself and furiously removing the CD. As she chases down Carmen, Odessa trips and falls down the stairs, her prosthetic leg detaching from her body and landing separately. Once Odessa is in hospital, Carmen sings while she works in front of Alejandro, and, much to her delight, he compliments her voice. ("Pilot")

Alejandro walks out of the door of his house and approaches his car, escorted by his employees Carmen Luna and Sam Alexander, and asks when Odessa will be getting back from the hospital. Sam says that it should be about a week but that he is not to worry about a thing as Carmen and him will take great care of the house. Alejandro looks from Sam, to Carmen, and tells them that they better make sure they do, before taking a seat in the back of his car and being driven off of the premises. Once the car is gone, Sam asks Carmen what they should do first, suggesting that they "get crazy and wax the floors", but Carmen seems more entranced in making sure that Alejandro's definitely gone. "It's not right..." she tells him, and Sam wonders to what she is referring. Carmen explains that Alejandro's never there; between his other houses and all his touring, he's in this house about ten weeks per year. "If that," Sam says as Carmen turns around and heads inside, an he follows her. She continues to lead him through the house, continuing by saying that most of the time, this amazing place is empty; nobody sits on the silk sofa, nobody plays the gran piano, etcetera. Sam wonders what she's getting at, and Carmen tells him that it's immoral, explaining that if God bless you with nice things, he expects you to use them. She says that they have to enjoy what God has given them and that it's how they thank him, but Sam, worried, merely asks her what she's doing. She unbuttons her shirt and says that she's thanking God for his many blessings, going on to remove the shirt entirely, leading Sam to ask about to waxing. "We'll get to it. After I spend twenty minutes in this pool... thanking God", she says. Carmen removes her bottoms and turns to Sam, who stares at her completely naked body with his mouth open. Carmen asks him what's wrong, and he replies, "Nothing. I just didn't know you were this..." "Religious?" she asks, finishing his sentence for him, before smiling and jumping into the pool, splashing Sam as she proceeds to swim. ("Setting the Table")

Carmen finds out that her new producer she had signed with, Benny Soro, was going to be attending an A-List party being held at Alejandro’s. Worried that Benny will see that Carmen is just a maid, she asks Alejandro if she can have the day off. He agrees, makes the house manager Odessa work the party instead, and invites Carmen to the party. ("Making Your Bed")

When Sam gets involved with the new cook next door, Carmen is incredibly jealous, something she refuses to admit to herself. She appeals to Alejandro to put an end to Sam and the cook’s dalliance, but he is happy that Sam is getting some action. ("Walking the Dog")

When Odessa puts Alejandro’s sweater in the dryer and it shrinks, she forces Carmen to take the blame for her, leaving Carmen to feel the wrath of an angry pop singer dressed in a belly shirt. Afterwards, Carmen confronts Odessa, commenting that she smells scotch on Odessa’s breath. Later, after Odessa accidentally drops Alejandro’s bottle of scotch and cuts her hand, Carmen goes to get the first aid kit Odessa keeps in her medicine cabinet and discovers that she is taking cancer medication. ("Minding the Baby")

Carmen checks in with Odessa about her treatment for cancer and forces her to tell Alejandro about her situation. He reacts apathetically, and Carmen is furious. At one of the maids’ luncheons, Carmen tells her friends that his non-reaction to her medical condition is reprehensible given that she has been his loyal employee for ten years. This causes Zoila to question their employers interest in them as human beings and causes Carmen to confront Alejandro and implore him to visit Odessa during her chemotherapy treatments. When he refuses, she throws his delicious looking bowl of food at the wall and angrily quits. Needless to say, he does end up visiting Odessa. He thanks Carmen for being honest with him and invites her to keep her position in his household. She accepts. ("Scrambling the Eggs")

Now that Odessa is taking some time off, Carmen is assuming all of her duties around Alejandro’s house. One of these duties is shaving Alejandro’s back. Carmen is rightfully disgusted by this requested, because, as she tells the ladies at lunch, the amount of hair on his back is like, “if you cross a werewolf with a Kardashian.” However, crafty Marisol tells her to ask Alejandro for a large raise in exchange for shaving his back. Alejandro agrees to give Carmen a $250 dollar per week raise in exchange for her help with his hair. Carmen, her face visibly appalled, needs some liquid courage and to close her eyes before she can handle putting a razor to her boss’s back. This ends in bloodshed and she has to explain to Alejandro that she has a problem with his back hair. He is hurt and he tells Carmen that she should have trusted him enough as her boss to tell him she did not want to shave him. She agrees, and he decides he trusts her enough to introduce her to his significant other – who is a man. ("Hanging the Drapes")

Carmen is exhausted from having to do both Odessa’s job and her own, and, when she finds out Alejandro has invited his boyfriend to stay for a few days, she is reluctant to take on the extra work. However, it turns out that Alejandro’s boyfriend is a stress cleaner, and he ends up helping Carmen rather than being an extra burden. Unfortunately, Alejandro decides to break up with him and instructs Carmen to do the breaking up. Sam is understandably infuriated and embarrassed about the fact that his boyfriend had his maid break up with him, and not only trashes Alejandro’s house, but seems poised to out him to the media at the episode’s end. ("Cleaning Out the Closet")

Zach Fowler, a shady gossip rag reporter, asking Carmen about Alejandro’s sexuality. He offers our broke girl $10,000 dollars to confirm that Alejandro is gay, but due to Rosie and Marisol’s protestations, Carmen stops short of confirming the reporter’s suspicions. After a conference with Zoila, Carmen returns to Alejandro’s house with his secret and the realization that, though she wants fame, she does not want it at the expense of her personal life. Sam shows up at Alejandro’s looking fly in an Armani suit, offering Carmen to be his first client - he is in an agent training program. She declines his offer, telling him that she realized that all she wants is him. He asks her to move in with him, and all is wonderful until the next morning. Alejandro interrupts them in the kitchen - both men are clad in only boxer shorts - and blesses their union. When Carmen goes to grab champagne, the two men hug, and the pesky reporter is there to snap their scantily clad embrace. It seems that Alejandro is going to have to out himself, until his PR team gives him an out in the from of a potential beard – a position Alejandro seems to think Carmen would be perfect for. ("Getting Out the Blood")

Odessa is back and cancer free, and Carmen wastes no time in telling her about Alejandro’s sexuality. This prompts Odessa to confess that she has had feelings for Alejandro for a long time, and that knowing he is gay and will never love her now gives her a chance to move on. Meanwhile, Alejandro and his lawyers have been drawing up a contract he presents to Carmen in order to combat the gay rumors about him that are floating around on the internet. The contract states that in exchange for posing as his wife for two years, Carmen will get a recording contract with his studio as well as highly publicized tour – basically, all the fame and fortune she has wanted for her entire life. She shows the contract to Sam, who is understandably upset that she is considering Alejandro’s offer when just that morning she was planning to move in with Sam. When she tells him she is going to sign the contract, he storms out. When she runs after him, she finds a hysterical Odessa shouting at Alejandro. It seems he told her the news about his engagement to Carmen, and she did not take the news too well. ("Totally Clean")

Season 2Edit

Alejandro 201
Alejandro stays out of Carmen and Odessa's arguement. ("An Ideal Husband")

Three months after becoming engaged, Carmen and Alejandro return from a red carpet event and Carmen brags about how beautiful all the celebrities were up close, but she was still the prettiest. She wants him to buy her some new clothes but Alejandro reminds her she is just his fake girlfriend. Moreover, Carmen runs into problems with Odessa, when Carmen starts acting like the diva she always has been. The next night, Carmen and Alejandro arrive at another red carpet event, but Carmen refuses to get out of the car. He climbs back in and she complains about Odessa not respecting her. He says that he will support her more and she finally gets out of the car and smiled for the paparazzi. Carmen wakes up the next morning and tries to get Odessa to make her breakfast. She tells her if she doesn't then Alejandro will fire her. Odessa says she will save her the trouble and quits. Carmen breaks the news to Alejandro that Odessa quit. Alejandro is furious, Carmen says it is no big deal they can hire a new maid. He reminds her that they sleep in separate bedrooms and aren't really together, and a new maid will realize that and leak stories. He tells her she has to clean the house like she used to. Carmen apologizes to Odessa, and begs her to stay. Odessa says she isn't jealous of Carmen, she is happy for her, but she can’t stand Carmen “treating her like the help.” Odessa breaks down in tears and says she “thought she mattered” to Carmen. Carmen apologizes and Odessa agrees to stay. ("An Ideal Husband")

Alejandro 202
Alejandro dies in Carmen's arms. ("The Dark at the Top of the Stairs")

Carmen and Alejandro are at some celebrity party when the former catches her fiancé flirting with a man by the name of Dario. Alejandro introduces the two of them. Carmen talks to Alejandro in private and tells him that people are going to start noticing the flirtations and then she asks who he is. Alejandro explains that he was 'the one' who got away. A former boyfriend that he was madly in love with. Their romance came to an end when Alejandro turned down moving to Europe with Dario. He then sends Carmen home. The following morning, Carmen gives Alejandro the third degree. She tells him if she is going to “have sex with boys from now on he has to do it at home so she doesn’t worry.” Alejandro confesses that Dario invited him to move to Spain with him, he says he is considering and their wedding might be off. Later, Carmen and Odessa read the contract, and it states that if Carmen and Alejandro are not married, Carmen will get nothing. She then decides to still throwing her engagement party, despite the face that her fake fiancé is out with Dario and told her he wants to leave the country with him. The guests are arriving and Alejandro is hammered. Carmen tries to turn their engagement party into a wedding so that Alejandro doesn’t leave her for Dario. Alejandro drags her down the hall and asks her what the hell she is doing. She cries to him that if they don’t get married she won’t get any of the things that was promised in their contract. He reassures her that he will honor the contract regardless of whether they are married. While they are talking they hear a raucous peer over the balcony at the engagement party. Men have barged in wearing ski masks and are robbing the guests just like the Powell’s house. One of the burglars fires his gun up in the air and shoots Alejandro in the chest, killing him. The burglars run out when they realize they have killed someone and Carmen sobs over his body. ("The Dark at the Top of the Stairs")


Season 2Edit

Alejandro 203
Alejandro is laid to rest. ("Dangerous Liaisons")

At Alejandro’s house, Carmen and Odessa are in for a shock. Alejandro’s family lawyer reveals to them that he left all of his money to charity and they have sold his house, Carmen and Odessa have four days to evacuate the premises. The next day, Carmen and Odessa help Renata plan Alejandro’s funeral. When Carmen learns that Beyonce and Kanye are coming to the services, she begins scheming. She proposes to Alejandro’s aunt that she sing at the funeral, obviously she has ulterior motives. Later, Odessa catches Carmen rehearsing a song for Alejandro’s funeral. She informs Carmen that this is a funeral, not an audition, and Alejandro’s love ones deserve to say good-bye to him with dignity. Carmen informs Odessa that Alejandro is dead, and she is not, and she “is going to be a star.” During the funeral, Carmen takes the stage but the reality sets in that Alejandro is really gone and she is unable to sing her song and breaks down in tears. ("Dangerous Liaisons")


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