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Alfred Pettigrove
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Genevieve Delatour - Ex-Fiancée
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Alfred Pettigrove is a minor character on Devious Maids. He is a 76 year old blind man that Genevieve was briefly engaged to. The elderly man spent his whole life getting everything he ever wanted, but during that time, he forget to gain the thing that matters most -- a family.


Season 1

When Genevieve finds herself in a financial situation, she decides to search for a seventh husband. She meets Alfred, a rich blind man. Genevieve convinces him that she is in her thirties and they immediately get engaged. Not too long later, Alfred discovers who his fiancée really is and as he gets ready to leave her, she begs for him to stay and says she'll do anything. He says he wants Valentina to donate her eggs so they can have a child. Genevieve reluctantly agrees. ("Minding the Baby")

Genevieve talks to Zoila before asking Valentina to donate one of her eggs. Zoila refuses. Zoila manipulates Genevieve into breaking up with her fiancé in order to get her own way and decides to sell the ring Genevieve had given her in order to pay for Valentina’s fashion education. Moreover, Genevieve discovers the truth and has to deal with Remi’s drug problem and her own failings as a mother. ("Scrambling the Eggs")


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