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Alma is a maid Marisol helps find a job for, via her new agency. She appears in "From Here to Eternity".


Season 3

Alma 302
Alma got a new job thanks to Marisol. ("From Here to Eternity")

After deciding to start an agency that helps find jobs for maids, Marisol is met with Alma, a maid who wants a job. One morning, Carmen finds her in the living room, waiting. Later on, Alma goes back to Marisol's house, exclaiming that she got the job Marisol found her an interview for. The two hug, and Marisol congratulates her; Alma turns to Carmen, stating that no one wanted to hire her, but Marisol worked and worked to find her something. This upsets Carmen a bit, who has been wanting Marisol to find her a job for quite sometime now. Marisol states that it was nothing, but Alma exclaims she is a miracle worker, and if she could find her a job then she can find anyone a job. Wanting Alma not to say much more, Marisol tries to hurry her out of her home, stating that she'll call her later regarding any details. ("From Here to Eternity")


This is a gallery of photographic stills released to promote the character.

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