Amelia Alvarez
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Amelia Alvarez
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Amelia Alvarez is Blanca's sister, first mentioned in "The Talk of the Town".


Season 3

When joining Marisol's maid placement agency, Blanca signs up for her healthcare plan, and adds her sister, Amelia, as an emergency contact. Later, Michael Stappord comes to see Marisol, asking Blanca's news or phone number. Marisol tells him Blanca is not returning her phone calls, but she adds she has Amelia's number as emergency contact for Blanca. She gives the phone number to Michael. Later, he calls Amelia to ask her if Blanca came back to Arizona and if he cans talk with her. However, Amelia told him her sister never came back, which makes him more and more suspicious of Taylor. ("The Talk of the Town")

Following Blanca's death, Marisol sends Amelia her condolences for her loss. ("Cries and Whispers")

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