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Andrea is the casting director for the salsa commercial that Carmen auditions for. She appears in "Proof".


Season 2

After not being able to reschedule her audition for a salsa commercial, Carmen is forced to take Tucker with her to the audition. After not being able to get a Latina woman to watch over Tucker, Andrea arrives in the waiting room, telling Carmen that's she's late and to come with her. Since she cannot take Tucker into the audition room, she is forced to improvise. She is next seen going into the audition room, and thanks Andrea and the other casting directors for this opportunity. Andrea tells her that that's great and to select first and they'll take it from the top. They start recording, and Carmen introduces herself on camera. She begins singing, but is interrupted by Tucker's cries in the waiting room. She tries to ignore them and sing a bit louder, but Andrea stops her, and asks everyone if that's a baby crying. Carmen assures her that he is okay, but this only upsets Andrea even more. She asks who's watching him, and Carmen replies saying that he is very independent. Andrea rushes out of the room, followed by Carmen, and finds Tucker tied to a chair whilst crying. Andrea is horrified and exclaims, "What kind of monster are you?" Carmen, slightly embarrassed, replies, "A talented one." ("Proof")

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