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Andrew Sosler from development; he's the one who optioned your book.
Peter Hudson, "A Time to Spill"

Andrew Sosler is the film producer who optioned Marisol Suarez's book, thus getting it into production to be made into a movie. He appears in "A Time to Spill".


Season 4

Andrew 405
With Marisol sent away, Andrew and the others get to talking. ("A Time to Spill")

Andrew Sosler attends the Hamilton House Gala where Peter Hudson introduces him to his girlfriend Marisol Suarez. As it's revealed Andrew was the one who wanted to make Coming Clean into a movie, he apologizes to Marisol for the film having to end production. With Peter having gathered all the men though, he believes they should all talk while Marisol goes to sit with Andrew's wife, Candy. Marisol is rather offended, believing Peter to be ditching her with the other wives and girlfriends, but alas she goes anyway. As the men talk, they all decide to put Marisol's film back into production, with Hugh Metzger agreeing to direct it. They also agree that the film will need a new script though, which they'd like for Marisol to write. ("A Time to Spill")

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