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Angelo is an old friend of Evelyn's. He works as a Maitre'D in Burbank. He appears in "The Bad Seed".


Early Life

At an unknown point in his life, Angelo had a job in New Jersey that he is no longer suppose to talk about. After leaving it, he got a job as a Maitre'D at a restaurant in Burbank. He also became friends with Evelyn Powell. ("The Bad Seed")

Season 2

One night, Tony and Evelyn go out to dinner in Burbank. Tony comments that it has been a wonderful evening, but wonders if they'll run into any of Evelyn's friends. Evelyn says that that is one of the advantages of having an affair in Burbank - you never run into anyone that matters. A waiter brings Tony the check. He is shocked that it is $900. Evelyn says that they always get you when buying the wine. Tony then pushes the check to his lover and tells her that she is very generous. Evelyn pushes the check back and says "Oh no, I would never dream of emasculating you that way." Tony is confused, and Evelyn explains that Tony is a "real man" and real men always pay the check. Evelyn then gets up to leave, but Tony stops her. He says he doesn't have that kind of cash and his credit card is at its limit. Evelyn then glances at a man standing against the wall. He approaches the table. Evelyn introduces him as her old friend, Angelo. He has been a Maitre'D at the restaurant for years. Before that, he had some sort of career in New Jersey. Evelyn asks what it was, but Angelo states he cannot talk about it. "Fair enough," Evelyn states. She then tells Angelo that if her friend Tony doesn't pay the bill then to call the police "or whatever you do in these situations." Tony becomes extremely nervous and asks Evelyn what she wants. She states that she wants Tony to behave. Tony agrees. Evelyn thanks Angelo and he walks away. Evelyn then says "We may be having an affair, but don't think for two seconds it gives you some kind of power over me. So let me be clear, you can screw me, but you can't screw with me." Tony says he'll move his things back to the pool house in the morning. And with that, Evelyn pays for their dinner. ("The Bad Seed")

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