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Uh, Marisol told me that you're in charge and if you tried to sneak out I should tackle you.
Ashley, "A Time to Spill"

Ashley is works the Hamilton House Gala as one of the employees of Maids by Marisol. She appears in "A Time to Spill".


Season 4

Ashley 405
Evelyn uses Ashley to try and hide from Adrian. ("A Time to Spill")

During preparations for the Hamilton House Gala, Ashley is made an example of when Evelyn Powell grows fed up with Marisol for trying to force her to wear a polyester tux when working. On the night of, however, Evelyn finds her soon-to-be ex-husband, Adrian, also attending the gala, so she approaches Ashley in hopes of taking over so that she can duct out. Ashley refuses though, stating that she was told by Marisol that Evelyn was in charge and if she tries to sneak out then she should tackle her. Evelyn tries to make up that Marisol has a drinking problem, but Ashley scoffs at this, proceeding to walk away. Evelyn notices Adrian coming her way though, so she grabs Ashley to use as a shield in hopes of being able to get away from him, but still Adrian notices. Ashley soon escapes Evelyn's grasp, leading her to deal with her ex. However, Evelyn's moo is later brightened when she finds out Adrian had brought a maid as a date, and she later helps Ashley with the cleanup because of this. ("A Time to Spill")

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