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By the way, Marisol Suarez says hello.
Astrid, "War and Grease"

Astrid is the new shampoo girl of a local hair salon Genevieve Delatour frequents. When Mrs. Delatour gets her sister, a maid, fired because she's from Marisol Suarez's maid placement agency, Astrid helps Marisol get revenge by dying her hair green. She appears in "War and Grease".


Season 4

Astrid 403
Astrid delivers Genevieve a message. ("War and Grease")

When scheduled for a hair appointment, Genevieve Delatour heads for the salon to be treated by her hairdresser, Sean. There, she is introduced to the new shampoo girl, Astrid, who gets a look at Genevieve's hair and comments that with hair as thick and bouncy as hers, they'll need extra time. Genevieve turns to Sean, stating that he likes her, and with that, Sean leaves the two. As Genevieve's hair is rinsed, Astrid asks how her day is going, to which Mrs. Delatour replies that it's glorious; she's about to reconcile with an ex, he just doesn't know it yet. Astrid replies that she wish her day was that good, proceeding to reveal her sister just lost her job, having worked as a maid. Genevieve quickly starts to realize, just as Astrid is explaining, that it's due to the war between the woman who runs the agency and this "rich bitch" who's used to getting things her way. Genevieve tries to defend the "rich bitch" Astrid speaks of, claiming that there's two sides to every story; however, she starts to notice her scalp is itching. When she asks Astrid about this, she is told that it means what is going in her hair is working. She then kneels down to Genevieve, telling her that, by the way, Marisol Suarez says hello. Later on, it's revealed Genevieve's hair has been dyed green. ("War and Grease")

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