Bad Girl
Devious Maids 3x09
July 27, 2015
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"Bad Girl" is the 35th episode of Devious Maids.


Evelyn has a big surprise awaiting Adrian upon his return from the hospital. Sebastien encourages Carmen to forge a relationship with Jacklyn. Zoila is shocked to discover a secret that Genevieve has been keeping from her. Marisol learns some surprising information about Jesse’s past acquaintances. With Ernesto out of town, Rosie turns to Spence when she needs help parenting Miguel.


Deion 309
Adrian is introduced to his new son, Deion.

Adrian returns home from the hospital he is surprised to hear that Evelyn has a surprise for him, and that surprise is Deion - the Powells' new son. He complains to Evelyn about this, relieved to learn that they're still in a position to return Deion to the orphanage, but she assures that he can simply leave the child-rearing to her while he focuses on selling their home, believing that a change of scenery will do them all good. Sebastien proceeds to meet with Adrian, who wants to know where they are on selling the house, but the realtor explains to him that it's very difficult to sell a house that's seen a murder, a suicide and a chopped-off leg. This gives Adrian an idea, and he proceeds to talk to Deion before his bed time, telling him about the maid who was murdered there and convincing him that the house is haunted, also bringing up the horrors of the chopped-off leg. Deion ends up begging not to live there anymore, too scared, and Evelyn has to comfort him into staying, then confronting her husband about what he did; she demands to know why he can't open his heart just the tiniest bit to their new foster son, and he reveals that he doesn't want to get attached again, having given all the love he had to Barrett before he died and he doesn't want to have to go through that once more. Evelyn assures him that she misses Barrett too, but she doesn't want his legacy to be endless misery; he wouldn't have wanted that for them. It's time to move forward - Deion is joining this family and Adrian can either be a part of it or not. However, Adrian proceeds to call his private investigator, Rick Dresden, and asks him to find the young boy's birth parents.

Jacklyn 309
Jacklyn realizes who her husband is screwing.

Carmen tells the girls all about the kiss she shared with Jacklyn, worried that the latter may have a lesbian crush on her. She kisses Rosie to show them what it was like, but all that can be surmised is that Carmen should ask Jacklyn herself what the kiss meant to her. When Carmen sees Jacklyn kissing her employees casually, she decides that it meant nothing, but then, when she brings it up, Jacklyn assumes that it's because it meant something to her... and as such she arranges to meet up with her new client so that they can explore these lesbian urges together. Carmen is at a loss, meeting with Sebastien who thinks that this is great, because if he catches his wife cheating on him then the prenup will be broken and he will be free. He texts her from Carmen's phone to confirm a meet-up, arranging to walk in on them both and "catch them in the act", but Carmen is uncomfortable with this, especially when she actually meets with Jacklyn and comes to feel deeply sorry for her. Sebastien is running late, which ups Carmen's anxiety, and when Jacklyn compliments the maid on her honesty Carmen decides that she cannot go through with it; Jacklyn is understanding and, on her way out, Carmen tells her friend that she deserves to be happy - and if her marriage isn't making her happy then she should just end it. Later, Jacklyn decides to follow Carmen's advice, only for Sebastien to be distracted texting his lover. Jacklyn then discovers Carmen's phone in between the couch cushions and sees that Sebastien is texting her, coming to the rightful conclusion that she is the one her husband's been having and affair with.

Marisol 309
Marisol needs to learn the truth from Jesse.

Marisol meets with Taylor when finding out that Michael has left her, but as she tries to figure out what's going on, Taylor snaps at her former maid, wishing for her to just be supportive instead of snooping for information. Marisol later leaves Michael a message, wishing to speak with him, but then finds Jesse taking a break from his job-hunt. She wants to help him, but he refuses to mix business with pleasure. Marisol still takes one of his resumes anyway, and eventually ends up at the Elswood Country Club where she hands in Jesse's application. It goes rejected though, for it turns out Jesse has already worked at the country club but was fired due when another employee - Louie Becker - reported him for breaking club rules. Marisol is left shocked. She later meets with her friends where she brings up this revelation; she doesn't want to believe Jesse's a killer, but owes it to Blanca to find out. She goes to Jesse's place to cook him chicken... but forgets the chicken. She has him run out to a store 40 minutes away, and in the meantime she begins snooping around his home. As she looks around, she comes across a box underneath his bed and discovers his gun. Jesse arrives home just as Marisol does so and she raises it up at him in fear. Jesse is forced to calm her down, and he explains to her when questioned that Louie spread lies about him because he caught him getting handsy with some women, and the reason he has a gun is because he was freaked out with a killer on the loose and wanted to be able to protect himself and his girlfriend. Marisol lowers the gun and Jesse is appalled she'd jump to such conclusions, with her having thought she had PTSD, but he claims that she's the one with PTSD from all the bad guys she's been with; he proceeds to kick her out, ending their relationship. Michael later shows up at Marisol's house, as per her request; he wants Marisol to be keeping an eye on Taylor because he knows she's been having an affair for quite sometime.

Zoila 309
Zoila meets the competition.

Zoila is struggling to find anything in the kitchen because Dr. Neff is moving everything around, as well as re-cleaning things she's already cleaned. She finds this incredibly insulting and so goes to Genevieve about the issue, but Genevieve ends up taking her boyfriend's side because Zoila's not exactly at her best while pregnant, to Zoila's chagrin. She tells the girls at lunch about how she plans to go into Genevieve's house on her day off and clean every inch of it, thus proving what a good maid she still is. However, when she goes to do this, she meets Joy, Dr. Neff's maid who Genevieve suggested should come in on Zoila's days off so that they don't find out about each other. Genevieve and Neff are confronted about this, but Genevieve assures her maid that, despite what she thinks, she's not betraying her because she needs help while she's pregnant. Zoila has many issues with this but eventually comes to accept it. Later, when she's done sweeping, she asks Joy to get down on her knees and scoop up the dirt, which she can no longer do. Joy agrees to do this... but also ends up sweeping what Zoila's already swept. She isn't there to help; she's there to win.

Taylor 309
Taylor and Spence share a hidden connection...

Rosie discovers a pornography magazine in Miguel's room, just as Taylor is raving about what a fantastic little boy he is always wanting to play with Katy and help bring her out of her shell; Rosie is forced to hide the porno from her boss before she goes to Spence about it, for Ernesto is currently back in Mexico; when Rosie visits Spence she finds him preparing for an audition as a priest. She's pleased to see that he seems to be doing well, and once sharing the problem current at hand regarding her son, he agrees to help. Spence takes Miguel to the park to discuss things and Miguel shares that a friend lent the magazine to him. Spence agrees to be around whenever the kid needs someone to talk to about "guy stuff" with, thus leading to Miguel revealing that he has a crush on a girl. Spence thinks he should try to talk to her... which is with Miguel thinks Spence should do with Rosie, as well. Rosie announces to Miguel and Katy that she will be making lunch, and Miguel, deciding to follow Spence's advice, makes a move on Katy, leaning in to kiss her. She freaks out though, threatening to kill him and dance in his blood. Rosie asks Taylor about this incredibly worrisome behavior, at which Taylor comes clean about some of Katy's past; she explains how she was hiding in the closet when she witnessed her father's gruesome murder, and that the people who killed him said the exact same thing that she said to Miguel earlier. Rosie feels incredibly sorry for the little girl and agrees to keep the secret. She later goes back to Spence, however, confronting him about the advice he gave to Miguel. Though she is upset, he hits her with the fact that she broke his heart, despite everything he gave up to be with her. This hits her hard, and so she leaves, not knowing what to say. He then goes to the bedroom, where Taylor is waiting. She asks Spence is he thinks Rosie knows about the two of them, but Spence assures her that she has no idea.



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