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The bartender is a man who serves drinks at Carmen and Alejandro's engagement party. He appears in "The Dark at the Top of the Stairs".


Season 2

Carmen and Odessa read the marriage contract, and it states that if Carmen and Alejandro are not married, Carmen will get nothing. She then decides to still throwing her engagement party, despite the face that her fake fiancé is out with Dario and told her he wants to leave the country with him. Odessa sees Carmen giving a note to the bartender of the party. Odessa asks why she did that, but the ex-maid does not answer. Later, the guests are arriving and Alejandro is hammered. Carmen tries to turn their engagement party into a wedding so that Alejandro doesn’t leave her for Dario. Carmen gathers together the guests, and asks them if they want to see her and Alejandro married. The audience agrees but Carmen replies that unfortunately, they need to wait. Then, she does a nod to the bartender. The latter asks why they can't marry now. Carmen feigns a hesitation, but the bartender begins to repeat "wedding"; the guests begin to repeat this word too. Carmen is enthusiastic, but Alejandro drags her down the hall and asks her what the hell she is doing. She cries to him that if they don’t get married she won’t get any of the things that was promised in their contract. He reassures her that he will honor the contract regardless of whether they are married. While they are talking they hear a raucous peer over the balcony at the engagement party. Men have barged in wearing ski masks and are robbing the guests just like the Powell’s house. ("The Dark at the Top of the Stairs")

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