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You here to drink or dance? You look like a dancer.
Bartender, "Another One Wipes the Dust"

This bartender works at a strip bar Rosie goes to when trying to find an alibi for Spence for the night Peri Westmore was murdered. He appears in "Another One Wipes the Dust".


Season 4

Bartender 402
Rosie seeks out an alibi for Spence. ("Another One Wipes the Dust")

Following Peri Westmore's gruesome murder, Spence becomes the prime suspect, and so he is promptly arrested. Rosie is determined to prove his innocence, however, and so she makes her way to a strip bar where she suspects he may have drunkenly walked to. Upon entering, Rosie is greeted by a bartender who asks if she is there for a drink or to dance, commenting that she looks like a dancer. While believing that's sweet, Rosie denies this, stating that she's been checking all the bars near by and was wondering if the bartender had seen her friend there the night before. Reaching into her bag, she pulls of a picture of Spence, but the bartender only recognizes him from the news for having killed Peri. Rosie argues that he didn't do it though, which is why she's trying to find out if he was there. The bartender states that the bar was jammed; he could have been there, so if he got a dance then maybe one of the girls will know him. Rosie wonders which girl, so the bartender asks what his type is. Rosie then looks out at the women dancing, noticing one in particular to be dressed as a maid; Rosie knows where to start looking. ("Another One Wipes the Dust")

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