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Bertha works as a butcher at the local supermarket, and is friends with Carmen Luna. She appears in "Taking a Message".


Season 1

Carmen and Sam walk in the market holding hands. Sam asks Carmen why she buys steaks here and she replies by saying the butcher is a fan of hers and gives her discounts. Having never heard of a lady butcher, Carmen tells Sam she's "odd". Sam asks how she's "odd" and the door opens, "Hey, Superstar!" Sam and Carmen are greeted by Bertha. Bertha tries to hug Carmen, but Carmen stops her so she takes off her bloodied apron and they quickly embrace and she asks how Carmen is doing. Carmen asks if she has some nice steaks for her today and Bertha tells Henry to grab the steaks she had saved and get her pill case cause she forgot to take her meds today. Carmen introduces Sam to Bertha and she asks if that's the boyfriend and Sam confirms it. Bertha shakes his hand saying it's a pleasure and that Carmen talks about him all the time and her eyes light up when she does. Carmen gets a quick shock. Sam asks Carmen if they really do talk about him and Carmen reminds him she simply forgot to take her meds. Bertha asks how the couple met, and Sam tells her about how Carmen is a maid for Alejandro Rubio and that he is butler. Then, Bertha says she knows Carmen will be a famous singer and asks what Sam is going to be. Sam says he's happy being a butler and Bertha tells him good for you and that many people hate their jobs. Sam says not me, saying he has good hours and a nice place to live and that he could be a butler for the rest of his life. Bertha appreciates Sam and asks him if he likes free meat. Bertha goes to fetch it and asks Sam to come along. ("Taking a Message")

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