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"Blake McDye" is a minor character on Devious Maids.


Season 2

After being on the same soap opera for twenty years, Carmen suggests that Spence throw himself a party. At the party, Carmen greets an actor who plays Dr. Blake McDye. The maid is so excited to meet actor, stating that she hated his character. This puts the actor in an awkward position, so he walks away. Some time later, a group of robbers: Ethan, Carter, and Jason break in. They have everyone, including the actor get down on the ground. As Carmen tries to call the police, Ethan grabs her threatening to shoot her if anyone tries anything. Spence's nephew, Ty, decides to be a hero and stand up for Carmen. Spence tells him to get down so he isn't hurt. However, Ty does not listen and he runs forward at Ethan. The actor who plays Blake McDye then trips him so he's not hurt by Ethan. This leaves Ty completely and utterly humiliated. Carmen then grabs a knife and stabs Ethan in the gut. He, Carter, and Jason get away. After the police arrive, the actor, along with whoever else was at the party, is asked to give a witness statement about what he saw happen. ("The Visit")

Spence learns that his character in Love Affairs has been put under a coma, and immediately deduces that it was in order to give more screen time to the actor portraying Blake McDye. Later on, having fallen back into drinking, he is forced to show at work with a hangover. Once getting him in bed and ready to start filming, the actor playing Blake starts shooting a scene with the actor playing Jenny, the onscreen love interest of Spence. In a hospital room, Blake asks Jenny what's wrong, to which the character states she can't stop thinking about what she let Blake to do her. Blake states they'll have explaining to do when Lance (Spence's character) wakes up from his coma, but until then, he needs to love her, and with that, the two characters start to passionately kiss. Snoring is then heard from Spence, who has fallen asleep onset. This annoys the two actors, and the director, and they are forced to stop filming. ("You Can't Take It With You")


This is a gallery of photographic stills released to promote the character.

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