Blood, Sweat and Smears
Devious Maids 4x07
July 18, 2016
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Flash sideways
0.82 million[1]
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"Blood, Sweat and Smears" is the 46th episode of Devious Maids.


Rosie uncovers one of Peri’s deepest held secrets. Evelyn tricks Carmen in order to get what she needs. Marisol struggles with Peter's absence. Meanwhile, Genevieve schemes to get Zoila’s attention and Carmen finds herself in a new relationship.


Doug 407
Vengeance belongs to Doug...

Carmen, while meeting with the girls as they discuss things such as Rosie's accident and Genevieve joining The Circle, is approached by Doug, who acts in such a way that allows Marisol to determine that the two of them had sex. Carmen confesses to this, and the other maids are shocked to learn that Doug is the best sex she's ever had. Later, after having sex with Doug a few more times, Carmen complains that her daughter Danni is driving her crazy because, according to an email she received, she's asking around about her birth father. Carmen explains that it would be very bad if her high school sweetheart, Lucas, were to find out about their daughter because she never even told him she was pregnant, and she asks Doug if she can use his computer to reply to the email. He is only too happy to help, but, while on the computer, Carmen discovers a folder full of pictures of her, including shots of her sleeping and even one image with her head removed. She begins to fear Doug is some kind of deranged stalker and gets out of his home as quick as she's able. She fears dumping him though in case he freaks out, and so she asks Marisol for advice on how to get him to dump her, since Marisol is pretty great at driving men away. Marisol is merely insulted by this while Carmen later attempts to look ugly to drive Doug away, not that this works. Finally, she approaches him in his workplace and says that she'd like to break up, begging that he not kill her or anyone else. She mentions the pictures she found and he explains that he had those because he was working on editing her next album cover. Still though, she wants to dump him because he was nothing more to her than a fling. Doug, insulted, proceeds to contact Danni and tell her about her birth father, Lucas, as an act of revenge.

407 02
Marisol ensures the presence of a buffer between she and Jesse.

Evelyn hires a lawyer in the Valley who tells her that she'll have to move back in with Adrian if she hopes to land a divorce settlement, for otherwise it appears to the court as though she's the one who abandoned the marriage. Meanwhile, Marisol meets with Jesse, who is planning to start his own business centered around fitness. Both of their relationships are on the rocks, and Jesse proposes that they have dinner as friends to discuss business, at the same time that Evelyn meets with Adrian to tell him that she'd like to reconcile. He doesn't buy her lies and ends up leaving after she fails to convincingly convey her love and, as she tells Marisol that she wants a way back in, Marisol suggests that she go out to dinner with her so that they can celebrate her wanting to move out, then revealing that she just wants Evelyn to act as a buffer between she and Jesse. Evelyn understands why Marisol doesn't trust herself around this man upon seeing his fitness poster, which she confiscates, and later, after Carmen is done meeting with Marisol, Evelyn approaches her old maid and requests that she give her the gate code to the mansion and tell her when Adrian isn't home. In return for this favor, Carmen picks apart Evelyn's wardrobe. Later, Marisol and Jesse are out to dinner when Evelyn and James show up "unexpectedly", with Jesse and the reverend proceeding to hit it off. However, Evelyn has to leave suddenly when Carmen texts her that Adrian is out, meaning Marisol and Jesse get into an argument when alone about her always jumping to crazy conclusions and him lying about moving back home. While James helps Evelyn break back into her old home, meaning she's able to tell Adrian that she's moved back in and, in the eyes of the court, she never left, Marisol returns to her own home where she and Jesse settle their differences. He reveals that he never thought he was good enough for her because of how great she is, spurring her to kiss him passionately.

Zoila 407
Zoila and Genevieve finally make amends.

Genevieve is happy to learn from Rosie that Zoila was worried about the prospect of her joining a cult, and so she formulates a plan to get her previous maid to swoop in and rescue her. Meanwhile, Zoila is living with Kyle, who she begins to realize can do nothing for himself, like make the bed, since it seems his mother did everything for him up until now. Adrian later meets with Zoila though decides to leave so that she can talk to Genevieve, who keeps trying to call her; first, however, he arranges to have drinks with her later that evening. When Zoila finally answers her phone, she is shocked to hear that Genevieve is getting married, rushing over to the Delatour mansion where she learns that her former friend plans on marrying Fabian, a gay man from the cult she's in. Zoila doesn't believe that Genevieve could be so stupid as to actually go through with it, and then realizes that this is all a trick to get her to return. She vows never to forgive Genevieve for what she did and, when she returns home to Kyle, she is annoyed by all the mess he's producing. She goes on to meet Adrian for drinks and, when he asks what happened between she and Genevieve, she explains that she lost a baby and blames her former employer for making the wrong choice. Adrian understands completely, having blamed Evelyn for the death of Barrett, but ultimately convinces his friend that it's better to let go and forgive than to hold on to your anger and simply be miserable. As such, Zoila returns to Genevieve and tells her that she's decided to forgive her, and Genevieve is utterly overjoyed to be reunited with her best friend. Zoila later returns to Kyle and is happy to see that he's cleaned the house, even going as far as to make the bed; however, when the two of them start to have sex on it, she suddenly pictures Adrian in his place and has to stop, worried about what this might mean.

Rosie 407
Rosie learns something shocking about Tucker.

Rosie decides to continue investigating Peri's murder in spite of the clear message sent to her by The Circle, which Jesse thinks makes her bananas. She is surprised to hear that Ben is ignoring Shannon and Jesse suggests that she follow one of them to find out where The Circle meets, though she hardly has time to discuss this new plan because, suddenly, Tucker collapses. In hospital, it is learned that he's suffering from a heart condition as a result of the car accident and needs a blood transfusion, though his blood type is rare. Rosie suggests that Spence could donate blood, since he's Tucker's father, but Shannon won't allow this to happen. In prison, Spence is angry that Shannon won't let him save his own son, and Rosie wonders if perhaps she's operating on the orders of The Circle, which Spence really wishes she'd stop looking into since it's so dangerous. She later gives Shannon the Joynetics book and pretends it's from Ben, so that Shannon will go to meet him and Rosie will be able to learn where it is the cult bases itself. Spence, meanwhile, rages about not being allowed by the warden to go to the hospital, and so Kill Face offers to shiv him to get him back there. Spence isn't so sure about this, but Kill Face catches him by surprise and stabs him in the back. While Rosie follows Shannon and sees her going into the house of Frances, knocking on Zoila's door and finding only Kyle - who knows who she is, and she now knows his former house to be the base of The Circle, with his mother the only resident - Spence is taken to hospital and Rosie learns that he got stabbed on purpose to come and help Tucker. She understands him doing something crazy for someone he loves, and explains that that's why she has to keep finding out what happened to Peri, because she loves him and needs to save him. Later, after Tucker's operation, Rosie learns that blood was taken from the bank as opposed from Spence, the reason being that Spence's blood type isn't a match for Tucker. This suggests that Spence isn't Tucker's real father, meaning Rosie may have just unveiled Peri's biggest secret.



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