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Bonita is Alejandro's former maid, who was replaced by Carmen. She is mentioned in "Pilot".


Season 1

As Alejandro and Odessa walk up to the house, the former takes notice of Carmen and asks if she's Bonita's replacement. "Yes, her name is Carmen," Odessa tells Alejandro, and he tells the maid that it's nice to have her with them, commenting that hopefully she won't steal the silver; "Not that there's any left to steal." Odessa radiates a throaty chuckle, and as Alejandro attempts to enter his house, Carmen immediately steps in his way and states that it's so great to be finally meeting him. She adds that he should know she is his biggest fan and is thrilled to be working with him, but Alejandro merely turns to Odessa, confused, and the German housekeeper tells her boss to "just go", assuring him that she'll take care of this. ("Pilot")

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