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Bruno de Luca is a fashion designer, who resides in Manhattan. He offers Valentina an internship after Adrian sent him some of her drawings. He is mentioned in "Look Back in Anger".


Season 2

Knowing that Valentina wants to be a fashion designer, Adrian helps her out by sending some of her drawing to his friend, a designer, Bruno de Luca. Bruno is impressed by Valentina's work and offers her an internship. Valentina accepts it and will stay at the Powell's penthouse in Manhattan. ("Look Back in Anger")

Season 3

Following the death of her father, Valentina decides to turn down her fashion internship in New York with Bruno de Luca; however, he made it clear that "the door is always open" for her. Months later, when her boyfriend, Remi, is accepted into a medical school in New York, Valentina agrees to go with him and finally do the internship. ("From Here to Eternity")

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