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Ever since I was a kid I knew I was meant to own nice things, not clean them.
Carmen Luna, "Setting the Table"

Carmen Luna (previously Valdez) is a main character and one of the titular protagonists on Devious Maids. A sensual and cunning young woman, Carmen starts working as a maid at one of the several houses of Alejandro Rubio, a Latin pop star, hoping to warm her way into the music industry, and becoming a professional singer herself. However, things soon become more complicated, when she is ordered by her superior, Odessa, to stay away from Alejandro, and when she learns that her co-worker, Sam, has a big crush on her. She later starts to date Sam, but when she has the chance of a lifetime, she chooses her career over love, but instantly realizes she'll come to regret it.


Early LifeEdit

That man I wrote the song about, he didn't care about my dreams. He tried to stop me.
Carmen Luna, "Setting the Table"
Carmen EL 311
A photograph of Carmen's baby, which she gave up for adoption. ("Terms of Endearment")

As a child, Carmen's mother died of cancer, thus leaving her to grow up without a maternal figure in her life. ("Scrambling the Eggs") At the age of seventeen, she married Oscar Valdez, a man who wanted a traditional Latin wife who would be a stay-at-home mom and care for him and their children. As time went on, they were never able to conceive a child, and so Carmen took up singing, which soon became a passion of hers. Oscar did not approve of this though, and tried to stop Carmen from following her dreams. Eventually, Carmen left Oscar in the middle of the night, and even going as far as abandoning her wedding ring. Despite Carmen wanting a divorce, Oscar would never sign the divorce papers, and so their marriage was never legally ended. With that, Carmen leaves for Beverly Hills in hopes of pursuing a career in singing. ("Setting the Table", "Taking Out the Trash") At some point, Carmen does end up having a baby, which she promptly gives up for adoption, believing she'd be unable to care for a child. ("Terms of Endearment", "Suspicion")

Carmen applies for a job as a maid to Latino singer, Alejandro Rubio, in hopes of getting close enough to him so she can play him her music and see if he's willing to help out with her career. When applying for the job, Alejandro's butler, Sam, appears to become extremely smitten with her, and so he disposes of all the other résumés so the housekeeper, Odessa, has no choice but to hire Carmen. ("Pilot") She goes on to befriend fellow maids, Rosie Falta, Zoila Diaz, and Flora Hernandez, but she and her friends are each told a terrible secret by Flora, which she had been keeping. For sometime, Flora has been plotting to become impregnated with a man's child and then blackmail him. Despite not approving of this, Carmen and the other maids agree to keep it a secret, but in the summer of 2013, Flora turns up dead, thus only leaving Carmen and a few others knowing the truth about her background. ("Pilot", "Totally Clean")

Season 1Edit

The only reason I took this job was so I could become friends with Alejandro and play him my music; that's never gonna happen if that limping bitch keeps running interference!
Carmen Luna, "Pilot"
Carmen 101
Carmen tries to outsmart Odessa. ("Pilot")

Carmen attends the funeral of her friend a fellow maid Flora, who was stabbed under suspicious circumstances. As they leave, Rosie suggests that they tell the police what they know, but Carmen, Zoila and Valentina warn her against it. Carmen is later introduced as a maid under the employ of controlling housekeeper Odessa Burakov. The owner of the house Carmen works in, Alejandro Rubio, returns from his tour, and Carmen hopes to become friends with him as he is a famous music producer, however, Odessa does not allow Carmen to talk to him. When Carmen is eating lunch with her friends, they invite new maid Marisol over, and they seem to hit it off... until Marisol brings up the matter of Flora's death and the other three leave suspiciously. Later, Carmen attempts to serve Alejandro some orange juice, but is unable to thanks to Odessa, and the maid complains to Sam, someone else under Alejandro's employ, who reveals that he hired Carmen because he had a crush on her. Odessa later confronts Carmen, having found some of the maid's songs on her boss' iPod, realizing that she wants to be "discovered" by Alejandro. Carmen goes to Sam that night and has him wreck the elevator so the next morning, Odessa is unable to use it to take up Alejandro's breakfast tray, which Carmen slips a copy of her CD in. She attempts to take the tray up herself, using Odessa's leg as an excuse, but Odessa refuses, bringing the tray to Alejandro herself and furiously removing the CD. As she chases down Carmen, Odessa trips and falls down the stairs, her prosthetic leg detaching from her body and landing separately. Once Odessa is in hospital, Carmen sings while she works in front of Alejandro, and, much to her delight, he compliments her voice. Later, when having lunch with her friends again, they invite Marisol over, however, she has somewhere else to be, and walks past them. ("Pilot")

Carmen 102
A strategic hiding place. ("Setting the Table")

With Odessa still in hospital and Alejandro leaving for a tour, Carmen thinks it's time for she and Sam to sit back and enjoy all the luxuries of their boss' mansion, but Sam is wary about the idea. Carmen meets with her maid friends when Flora is brought up. She sees a newspaper article about her supposed killer and notes what a late page it's on, insisting that if Flora had been white then her death would have been front-page news. Sam is mad at Carmen when she invites Rosie, Zoila and Marisol over to lounge around the pool with drinks, but she gets him to allow her to do as she wishes by kissing him. Later, after using Alejandro's shower, Sam finds Carmen in nothing but a towel, playing a song on their employer's piano. She is singing and Sam finds it beautiful, wondering who she wrote such a sad ballad about. She says that she can sing about it but she can't talk about it, before pointing out how nice he's been to her. He says that it's because he likes her and asks if she likes him too. She does, but not in the way he thinks, to his disappointment. He wonders why she would do things such as kiss him and walk around naked - traditionally female signs of encouragement - and they begin to argue about it. Their argument is cut short when Odessa unexpectedly returns from the hospital, and she finds Sam cleaning with Carmen's towel. Carmen, meanwhile, is hiding naked inside the piano. Later she reveals the reason she can go as far as kissing Sam to get what she wants but not commit herself to a relationship is because the man who she wrote the song about didn't support her dream and tried to stop her. Sam promises that he would never do that, but Carmen cannot take such a chance. ("Setting the Table")

Carmen 103
Benny Soro paws his newest client. ("Wiping Away the Past")

Sam asks Carmen out on a date but she refuses to cave, saying that she's worried she might like him which would lead to marriage and kids and then she'd stop singing, which she cannot allow. He assures her that sooner or later she will say "yes" to him, but she assures him in turn that he won't. Carmen manages to land a meeting with a big music producer, Benny Soro, and she wants to secretly borrow Alejandro's expensive car to show up to his place. Sam refuses to let her but soon caves when she offers to go out on a date with him after all, acting as her chauffeur. He watches as she allows Benny Soro to paw her, insulting her heritage by saying that she needs to work more on her American accents because, while America likes Latinas, they don't like them to be too Latina. Carmen agrees, telling the producer that she'll do anything to get into the business. This promise reaches new heights when he tells Sam to drive them over to his place for sex, and the butler is utterly crushed when Carmen decides to go through with it. Later, Carmen is watching some news reports in order to work on her accent, just like Benny Soro told her to do. Sam comes in and tells his crush that she's too good to be pushed around by men like that, but she maintains that she will do whatever it takes to achieve her dream. This leads Sam to realize that she's not the girl she thought he was, and he calls off their date. She says it's okay, but he says it's not, having lost respect for her. She continues to work on her accent, crying as she does so. ("Wiping Away the Past")

Carmen 104
The life of the party. ("Making Your Bed")

Benny Soro is set to attend an A-list party at Alejandro's mansion and Carmen grows worried when she learns this because she doesn't want him to see her as a maid. She asks Alejandro for the day off and he grants her this, going as far as to actually invite her to the party as a guest while forcing Odessa to do Carmen's job and serve drinks, to the house manager's annoyance. Carmen knows that Odessa is unhappy and promises to do whatever she asks in repayment for this, and Odessa asks her to not attend the party. In the ten years she's been working for Alejandro, he's never made her a guest at one of his many events; additionally, Carmen is the maid and Odessa is her superior, so while she can handle waiting on Alejandro's friends, she cannot bare to wait on Carmen. Carmen reveals a secret to Odessa: next Monday, she turns 37, and that is very old for the music business. She says she has to get on the fast track to achieving her dream as soon as she can or else it's never going to happen, but Odessa doesn't care. She despises waiting on Carmen, especially since the maid appears to be the life of the party, dancing salsa with the guests and going to great lengths to successfully impress Benny Soro and the other celebrities. When she smashes a glass while dancing, Odessa is made to clean it up and Carmen feels incredibly guilty once she notices. Benny Soro ushers her away before she's able to help and Odessa appears humiliated. However, the Russian housekeeper acts deviously to get back at her co-worker, approaching Soro and revealing to him Carmen's real age. This causes him to phone her up and drop her as his client, to her own absolute devastation. She realizes that Odessa is behind this when she leaves a present for her on the counter - a glass, just like the one Carmen smashed - and their relationship becomes even more strained than it already is. ("Making Your Bed")

Carmen 105
Odessa saves Carmen from her ex-husband. ("Taking Out the Trash")

Carmen and Odessa continue to share a poor relationship; when Alejandro's bird bites Carmen, Odessa gives her a treat so that she will do it again, while Sam tries his best to stay out of the feuding. The butler is then shocked when asked by Carmen to lie to the man at the door about her being there, and the maid reveals this man to be her husband Oscar Valdez. She explains to her co-workers that she left him in the middle of the night because he didn't support her singing, having wanted her to be a traditional Puerto Rican housewife, and she never bothered getting a divorce because she knew he wouldn't agree to it. Sam thinks that she owes him an explanation but Carmen is reluctant to speak to him, appealing to Odessa who finally takes pity on the maid and tells her that some problems are just inescapable... she must face this man. Carmen does so, calling Oscar back to the house, and he promises her that he's changed and wants her back. She refuses because she still wants to be a famous singer, but he says that she can sing on the weekends at a bar he's lined up, not wanting her to be one of the many girls he sees who come to LA wanting to be stars only to end up wasting the best years of their lives. Carmen continually refuses to go with him and so he grabs her forcefully, saying that he is her husband and she must do as he says. When he starts to hurt her, Sam rushes in and tries to make him stop, only to receive a punch to the face and pass out. Odessa is next to threaten the man but he just pushes her away and begins to strangle his wife up against the wall... until Odessa hits him around the head with her prosthetic leg. Oscar is arrested and Carmen can't thank Odessa enough for her help; the two of them settle their differences and the latter suggests that maybe Carmen should thank Sam as well, leading to her finally allowing him into her life as her friend. ("Taking Out the Trash")

Carmen 106
Carmen admits her jealousy to Sam. ("Walking the Dog")

Carmen finds a strange woman by the name of Julie snooping around Alejandro's refrigerator and soon learns that she's the neighbor's chef, having been fired from her previous position because she was allergic to her boss' new Rottweiler. Sam, who takes a liking to her, told her that she could borrow a few ingredients, and he then reveals to Carmen that he's thinking of asking Julie out. That night, Carmen is unable to sleep because she can hear Sam and Julie having sex in the bedroom downstairs, and she goes to get them to stop. She tries reporting this behavior to Alejandro but he is just happy that Sam finally has someone in his life, since he's been lonely the entire four years in which he's been his butler. Still wanting to settle what she sees as a problem, Carmen seeks out Julie's old boss and offers to walk her Rottweiler, then taking it to Sam's bed and allowing it to roll all over the sheets. Later, when Sam and Julie start to have sex again, she is carted away in an ambulance because her allergies are so bad. Carmen feels incredibly guilty, having thought Julie would just get a rash or something, and Sam, figuring her out, concludes that she's jealous. She denies this, but then she goes to his room in the middle of the night and admits that she is, and he invites her in. ("Walking the Dog")

Carmen 107
Sam leaves in the middle of the night. ("Taking a Message")

Sam and Carmen wake up in the former's bed after having made love the previous night; Carmen insists that the two of them are merely friends with benefits, but Sam pressures her into being her girlfriend, which she soon agrees to. Carmen proceeds to meet up with her maid friends and they pool some money together in order to write Marisol a check, having heard that she was fired from her extra job at the Powells. However, Marisol feels guilty for taking their money and later gives it back, after a heated argument with Rosie. Sam and Carmen go to the supermarket together where Carmen receives free meat from the butcher, Bertha, who reveals to Sam that Carmen talks about him all the time, to his joy. She knows that Carmen wants to be a singer and wonders what Sam would like to do when he grows up; however, he reveals that he's perfectly happy being a butler, and thinks that he could be one for the rest of his life. While this pleases Bertha, Carmen is less than happy with the news, and she later asks Sam if he was joking. He says that he was not and wonders why it's a problem that he's happy with his life. She tells him that she needs to be with someone who has ambition, like her, because she knows herself and is certain that she won't end up with a butler. That night, Sam goes into Carmen's room and reveals that he quit his job. She is shocked by this, not wanting him to leave, but he does. He promises to come back, and when he does, she will be proud. As he parts, he assures that she was wrong about one thing: he is as ambitious as any man who ever lived, but his real ambition is her. ("Taking a Message")

Carmen 108
A sick Odessa opens up to Carmen. ("Minding the Baby")

Alejandro yells at his two remaining cleaners for shrinking his sweater in the laundry. Carmen knows that this is Odessa's job but, to her chagrin, she ends up taking the blame. She tries confronting Odessa and smells alcohol on her breath, later waking up in the middle of the night to find the Russian housekeeper crouched over a broken bottle of Alejandro's good scotch. She cuts herself on the glass and Carmen offers to fetch her first aid kit; however, amidst Odessa's pills she discovers the same medication Carmen's mother took when she had cancer, and she realizes that her co-worker has been drinking to cope with the pain. She takes the blame for the broken scotch as well, putting her in jeopardy with her boss, and the next day she begins cleaning the silverware, which is Odessa's job. Odessa is furious about this, now knowing that Carmen knows of her illness, and orders her not to take her work away from her... she's not dead yet. Later, Carmen makes Odessa a pot brownie to help with the pain because she knows medication doesn't always work, and this gets Odessa to open up about her past. She used to be a great ballerina until she got cancer in her leg and it had to be amputated. After that all she ever got from people was pity, which is why it annoyed her so much when Carmen did her chores for her. But the brownie was nice, and the two women are able to bond while reading Odessa's old dance reviews. ("Minding the Baby")

Carmen 109
Carmen berates her employer. ("Scrambling the Eggs")

Odessa's hair begins falling out due to chemotherapy, which means it's all over Alejandro's food. She and Carmen have to work fast to snatch it away before he and his guest have a chance to eat it, and this event leads them to decide that it's time to tell their employer of Odessa's condition. Later, Carmen stands beside Odessa as she reveals to Alejandro that she has cancer and will be taking some time off. She is very grateful for Carmen, who has been a godsend and will be taking over her chores, but Alejandro's heavily nonchalant reaction upsets them both. Carmen reports this to her maid friends who are sure that Alejandro cares deep down but something is stopping him from expressing his emotions. When Carmen is serving him dinner and asks if he would like to visit Odessa in the hospital, he refuses, saying he'll send some flowers instead. This leads to his maid throwing his plate at the wall and quitting, telling him that she only took this job because she respected him so much, but, after seeing the way he treats people, he's no longer who she wants to be when she grows up. She herself visits Odessa at the hospital and is surprised when she finds Alejandro in the hall. He tells Carmen that, when he became famous, people stopped kicking his ass and started constantly kissing it instead; therefore he's happy that she yelled at him earlier because she forced him to realize the error of his ways. She is given back her job and watches happily as Alejandro sings to Odessa. ("Scrambling the Eggs")

Carmen 110
Time for a shave. ("Hanging the Drapes")

With Odessa taking some time off, Alejandro wonders if Carmen could assume one of her old duties: shaving him. This surprises her at first, until she learns that Odessa doesn't shave Alejandro's face, but his hairy back, which, as she later tells the girls at lunch, is like "if you cross a werewolf with a Kardashian". She is disgusted by the request and so Marisol craftily suggests that she ask Alejandro for a big raise so that he won't want her to do it. However, to her further surprise, he agrees to the raise, and so she implores some liquid courage in order to finally begin shaving him. She is so grossed out that she has to look away, which means she ends up cutting him with the razor. He wonders why she wasn't looking and she reveals that she finds back hair "nasty", which hurts him deeply. He points out that he shared something personal with her that he's embarrassed by and says that Carmen should have trusted him enough as a boss to just tell him that she was uncomfortable doing what he asked. She believes him to be totally right, knowing that he doesn't let people in much, and so he decides to change that. He introduces Carmen to his date for the evening, someone very special to him. Carmen is shocked to learn that Alejandro's significant other, who no one's ever met, is a man by the name of Scott, meaning her employer is gay. ("Hanging the Drapes")

Carmen 111
Carmen is made to break up with Alejandro's boyfriend for him. ("Cleaning Out the Closet")

Following the revelation that Alejandro is gay, he starts bringing his boyfriend, Scott, home to his mansion following their dates. Scott would like for Alejandro to come out of the closet publicly but he refuses, knowing that it would ruin his career. Carmen, who's swamped with Odessa's workload, learns that Scott is to be a houseguest for the next four days due to his own home repairs going on, and Alejandro tells his maid that he plans on dumping him following this period, to her shock. The next morning she learns that Scott loves to clean, grateful that he takes over washing the kitchen, and realizes how helpful it would be for him to stick around. She tries convincing her boss not to break up with him by spinning his poor qualities into good ones, but Alejandro just takes this to mean that Scott and Carmen have a special bond, and so he asks her to break up with him in his stead. Very upset, Carmen tries breaking the news gently to Scott; however, this sends him into a rage and he ends up trashing Alejandro's living room. Carmen helps her employer clean it up, since he's too embarrassed to call the cops, while a heartbroken Scott heads to the press and spitefully tells them about Alejandro's homosexuality. ("Cleaning Out the Closet")

Carmen 112
Sam returns and asks Carmen to move in with him. ("Getting Out the Blood")

While having lunch with the girls, Carmen tries flirting with a reporter that seems interested in her so that he will pay for her meal, until she learns that he's just trying to clarify whether or not Alejandro Rubio is really gay. She refuses to comment, but, when he offers her a large sum of money, she begins to consider it. She asks her boss if he would ever think of coming out of the closet, but he is strongly against it, still deadest on the idea that it would ruin his career. He points out that she's the same as him: she cares about success more than love, and that's how he knows she will make it. However, Carmen is upset by this and ends up calling Sam, who shows up in an Armani suit and the revelation that he's enrolled in an agent school, wanting to manage Carmen's music career... but she reveals that that's no longer important to her, for she's realized that all she needs to be happy is him. With the two of them back together, Sam asks Carmen to move in with him and she agrees. Alejandro is happy to see them back together and gives Sam a congratulatory hug, which is unfortunate because both of them are topless and this highly contextual moment is being photographed by the reporter from the restaurant. Alejandro and Sam both try chasing him down and threaten to sue him, but the photos are released online nonetheless and the singer's career is in jeopardy. His managers say that he needs to get married in order to convince the press that he's straight, and he says that he knows just the girl for the job, meaning Carmen. ("Getting Out the Blood")

Carmen 113
Carmen deeply considers Alejandro's marriage proposal. ("Totally Clean")

Odessa finally returns, having beaten her cancer, and confides in Carmen that she's relieved to learn that Alejandro is gay because she's always had feelings for him and at least this means that, if she can't have him, no other woman will take her place. Carmen is then approached by her employer and asked to marry him, being told by his business managers that should she agree to this then they will produce an album for her and ensure that she becomes a star. Wanting this, she asks Sam if he'd be willing to wait two years for the divorce to occur, but he refuses, saying that Carmen has to choose between him and her career. She wants it all, but he tells her that she can't have it, leaving. She tries begging him to come back, only to find Odessa distraught over the fact that Alejandro is marrying her friend. There's no time to dwell on this, however, because Marisol summons all the girls to the hospital where Taylor Stappord is being treated for a gunshot wound. She tells them that her real name is Marisol Suarez and she's the mother of the boy arrested for Flora's murder; she took a job as a maid in order to learn everything she could and exonerate him. Rosie already knows, to her friends' shock, and they agree to help out once they learn that Marisol believes Philippe Delatour to be behind the devious maid's death. They work his and Genevieve's engagement party together while Marisol tries to get a confession on tape, but she is unsuccessful and Philippe is soon secretly murdered by the Powells, who make it look like a suicide. The maids approach the cops and tell them that, before Philippe died, he admitted to killing Flora, and thus Marisol's son is exonerated. They all later have a picnic to celebrate, but their good time is cut short when ICE officers show up to arrest Rosie. ("Totally Clean")

Season 2Edit

You can't talk to me about pain until you've seen the light go out in the eyes of someone you love.
Carmen Luna, "The Bad Seed"
Carmen 201
Carmen as the future Mrs. Rubio. ("An Ideal Husband")

Three months after Rosie's arrest, Marisol arrives at her trial to be able to stay in the United States. Marisol sits down next to her friends, Carmen and Zoila. The two women ask Marisol if anything happened the night before with Nicholas. The former maid exclaims that he proposed, and she then begins to show off her huge engagement ring. Carmen is surprised and tells Marisol it's not real, but Marisol states that it is. Zoila cracks a joke and the three women start laughing. Judge D. Daves yells out, asking why there are people laughing in his courtroom. Marisol, Carmen, and Zoila immediately go silent. Rosie ends up being released, but has to return to court in six months, pleading her case for asylum. The four friends are then reunited. That night, Carmen and Alejandro return from a red carpet event and Carmen brags about how beautiful all the celebrities were up close, but she was still the prettiest. She wants him to buy her some new clothes but Alejandro reminds her she is just his fake girlfriend. Moreover, Carmen runs into problems with Odessa, when Carmen starts acting like the diva she always has been. The next night, Carmen and Alejandro arrive at another red carpet event, but Carmen refuses to get out of the car. He climbs back in and she complains about Odessa not respecting her. He says that he will support her more and she finally gets out of the car and smiled for the paparazzi. Carmen wakes up the next morning and tries to get Odessa to make her breakfast. She tells her if she doesn't then Alejandro will fire her. Odessa says she will save her the trouble and quits. Carmen breaks the news to Alejandro that Odessa quit. Alejandro is furious, Carmen says it is no big deal they can hire a new maid. He reminds her that they sleep in separate bedrooms and aren't really together, and a new maid will realize that and leak stories. He tells her she has to clean the house like she used to. Carmen apologizes to Odessa, and begs her to stay. Odessa says she isn't jealous of Carmen, she is happy for her, but she can’t stand Carmen “treating her like the help.” Odessa breaks down in tears and says she “thought she mattered” to Carmen. Carmen apologizes and Odessa agrees to stay. ("An Ideal Husband")

Carmen 202
Alejandro dies in Carmen's arms. ("The Dark at the Top of the Stairs")

Carmen and Alejandro are at some celebrity party when the former catches her fiancé flirting with a man by the name of Dario. Alejandro introduces the two of them. Carmen talks to Alejandro in private and tells him that people are going to start noticing the flirtations and then she asks who he is. Alejandro explains that he was 'the one' who got away. A former boyfriend that he was madly in love with. Their romance came to an end when Alejandro turned down moving to Europe with Dario. He then sends Carmen home. The following morning, Carmen gives Alejandro the third degree. She tells him if she is going to “have sex with boys from now on he has to do it at home so she doesn’t worry.” Alejandro confesses that Dario invited him to move to Spain with him, he says he is considering and their wedding might be off. Later, Carmen and Odessa read the contract, and it states that if Carmen and Alejandro are not married, Carmen will get nothing. She then decides to still throwing her engagement party, despite the face that her fake fiancé is out with Dario and told her he wants to leave the country with him. The guests are arriving and Alejandro is hammered. Carmen tries to turn their engagement party into a wedding so that Alejandro doesn’t leave her for Dario. Alejandro drags her down the hall and asks her what the hell she is doing. She cries to him that if they don’t get married she won’t get any of the things that was promised in their contract. He reassures her that he will honor the contract regardless of whether they are married. While they are talking they hear a raucous peer over the balcony at the engagement party. Men have barged in wearing ski masks and are robbing the guests just like the Powell’s house. One of the burglars fires his gun up in the air and shoots Alejandro in the chest, killing him. The burglars run out when they realize they have killed someone and Carmen sobs over his body. ("The Dark at the Top of the Stairs")

Carmen 203
Carmen and Odessa mourn the death of Alejandro. ("Dangerous Liaisons")

At Alejandro’s house, Carmen and Odessa are in for a shock. Alejandro’s family lawyer reveals to them that he left all of his money to charity and they have sold his house, Carmen and Odessa have four days to evacuate the premises. The next day, Carmen and Odessa help Renata plan Alejandro’s funeral. When Carmen learns that Beyonce and Kanye are coming to the services, she begins scheming. She proposes to Alejandro’s aunt that she sing at the funeral, obviously she has ulterior motives. Later, Odessa catches Carmen rehearsing a song for Alejandro’s funeral. She informs Carmen that this is a funeral, not an audition, and Alejandro’s love ones deserve to say good-bye to him with dignity. Carmen informs Odessa that Alejandro is dead, and she is not, and she “is going to be a star.” During the funeral, Carmen takes the stage but the reality sets in that Alejandro is really gone and she is unable to sing her song and breaks down in tears. Odessa comforts her. ("Dangerous Liaisons")

Carmen 204
Carmen gets a new job. ("Crimes of the Heart")

Carmen is busy interviewing for a maid position at the Westmore house, because now that Alejandro is dead - she is broke and homeless. She creates a big misunderstanding between Spence and Delmi, another maid who wanted the job, resulting she gets the job. Later, Rosie learns that Carmen is working for Spence and marches over to his mansion and informs her she has to quit. She is scared that Carmen will “tempt” Spence and she is in love with him. Carmen informs her that she has no intention of sleeping with her boss like Rosie did, and she has no intention of quitting because Rosie says so. Zoila and Marisol head over and lecture Carmen, they tell her if she is a good friend she will quit her job at Spence’s and they will loan her a little money to survive off from until she finds another job. Finally, Carmen comes to see Rosie and reveals that she is going to quit her job at Spence’s house for her. Rosie tells her that she doesn’t need to quit because she has decided to move on. Then, Reggie arrives for his date which Rosie. ("Crimes of the Heart")

Carmen 205
Something went wrong... ("The Bad Seed")

Spence reveals to Carmen he has to watch his suicidal nephew for a few days, his suicidal nephew turns out to be Ty, the teenager that tried to overdose on Alejandro’s yard. That night, Carmen is hanging out with Spence’s suicidal nephew. Carmen encourages him to have some friends over while Spence is at work. Later, Carmen heads to the store to get snacks and returns and finds Ty is having a rager, the house is full of hundreds of teens. Carmen tells him to kick everyone out. He argues that if she shuts down his party he will be depressed and might try to commit suicide again. Carmen sneaks outside and calls 911 and asks them to send a cop over. Later, the cops show up at Spence’s house to shut down Ty’s party. Carmen’s plan backfires and she and Ty wind up being arrested and thrown into a cell together. While they are arguing in the cell Carmen mentions that she loved Alejandro and he died in her arms. Ty feels horrible, Carmen has no idea he was involved in Alejandro’s death. Eventually, Spence bails Carmen and Ty out. ("The Bad Seed")

Carmen 206
Carmen shows off her talent. ("Private Lives")

When offered to sing at a music club one night, Carmen learns that the song must be in English and an original written by herself. As she has trouble writing, Ty enters the room and asks why she hasn't been cleaning. He even points out an old egg roll that has been sitting there for days. Carmen asks if he's good at English. He replies that he speaks with it and that Carmen understands what he is saying so he thinks he is pretty decent at it. The maid asks Ty if she can help write a song. Ty says that he has no clue how, but Carmen says she always sees him writing stuff in some journal. Ty reveals that it is his therapy journal and that he uses it to write his feelings. Carmen asks to use it, but he refuses. She then convinces him to clean the kitchen so she can write her song. Later, as she cleans Ty's room, she sees his therapy journal just lying there. She intentionally knocks it off the bed. When she picks it up, she starts reading it. Later on, Carmen thanks Ty. He is confused, and she reveals she read the journal and got inspiration for the song. Ty is furious and asks if she read anymore of the journal. She says she didn't, but Ty is still angry. He starts going off on the maid, threatening to get her fired for writing songs all day instead of cleaning. Carmen finally calms him down, and Ty ends up giving permission to use the song, but he refuses to go to the club to watch her perform. In the end though, he does go, and watches Carmen do a great job. ("Private Lives")

Carmen 207
Carmen pretends that her boyfriend is a celebrity. ("Betrayal")

Carmen receives a gift from Ty. She opens it and finds a leather jacket. She says she can’t keep it, because it is so expensive. Ty insists that she "made a huge difference in his life" She tries it on an falls in love and says she is never "taking it off". The next day, Rosie and Carmen comfort the former's friend from church, Concepcion. Her boss, Javier - none other than Zoila's new boyfriend - told Concepcion that she has to scrub his entire house spotless because Zoila insulted the cleaning. None of the maids are aware that Zoila is Javier's new girlfriend. Rosie says that she has to leave because Miguel gets out of school early that day. Carmen follows because Rosie is her ride. This leaves Zoila alone with her boyfriend's maid. Later, Spence finds Carmen’s new jacket and she confesses that his nephew Ty gave her the jacket. He is furious and says that she has to return it, she can’t accept a $3,000 gift from a 17 year old. Carmen returns the jacket to Ty, and says Spence told her to give it back. He begs her to keep it in her closet and hide it from Spence. She returns the jacket and tells him it was the thought that counts. Then Ty shocks Carmen and kisses her. After a discussion with Spence, Carmen pays Ty a visit and tries to let him down easy. She tells him that she has a serious boyfriend, and he is a famous celebrity so she can’t reveal his identity. Ty is devastated, and says whoever her boyfriend is he is lucky to have her. Carmen reports back to Spence and says that she dumped Ty like he told her to. He confesses that he got in a fight with Reggie, and Rosie is furious and told him that she will never see him again. Carmen comforts him and hugs him, while Ty watches from around the corner. ("Betrayal")

Carmen 208
Carmen realizes how insane Ty really is. ("Night, Mother")

Spence gives Carmen a note to deliver to Rosie since she isn’t answering his phone calls. His nephew catches them talking and is convinced that Spence is trying to sleep with Carmen. Later, Carmen is preparing dinner. While Carmen is setting the table, Ty slips something in Spence’s meal and sits down to dinner with him and Carmen. While they are eating Spence begins sweating and his stomach starts rumbling. He rushes off to the bathroom and Ty uses the opportunity to point out how old and undistinguished his uncle is. Later, Ty pays Carmen a visit and learns that she took Spence to the hospital the night before. The doctors think that he digested some household cleaners. Carmen puts two and two together and realizes that Ty poisoned his uncle, she asks him why he did it and Ty says that his uncle “doesn’t love her like he does”. Carmen is scared by what he said and she runs away. Later, Spence returns from the hospital and tells Ty that they need to talk. He reveals that Ty’s mother is on her way to pick him up and take him home, Ty protests and says he is just kicking him out so that he can have Carmen all to himself. Spence informs Ty that he is “going to get the help that he needs” and reveals that Carmen will not step foot in his house until Ty is gone. That night, Carmen is planning Spence a 20th anniversary party, since he has been on his soap opera for twenty years. Unbeknownst to her Ty is creeping in the bushes still watching her through the window. ("Night, Mother")

Carmen 209
Carmen stabs her aggressor. ("The Visit")

Carmen is at a café; she notices Ty hiding behind a menu a few tables over. She approaches him and accuses him of following her. She saw him at the market and the movies. She orders him to stop following her and informs him that she dates men, not confused little boys. Later, Ty calls a meeting with Ethan and the rest of their friends. He wants to rob Spence's home and save Carmen so he seems like a hero. Carmen also has lunch with Rosie and Zoila and they overhear Marisol's new nurse, Molly talking about her behind her back. That night, Spence’s house is full of a couple dozen of his co-workers form his soap, they are all milling around at his anniversary party. Ty shows up and says that he is just picking up his text book and heads to his room. Outside, Ethan and his two friends put on their ski masks and prepare to head into the house. While Carmen is cutting the cake, the three masked young men barge in with guns. Ethan hits Spence and takes Carmen hostage. However, before Ty can be the hero and save her, the young boy fall on the ground and Carmen stabs Ethan in the stomach with a cake knife. Ethan’s friends drag him out of the house and they make their getaway. While the police are searching the crime scene, Rosie arrives to check on Carmen and make sure she is okay. She talks a bit with Spence, telling him he looks good. Then, Carmen and Rosie thank Ty because, even if he did not really save her, he gave Carmen enough time to stab the masked man. ("The Visit")

Carmen 210
Er... Hangover? ("Long Day's Journey Into Night")

At Spence’s house, Carmen is rewatching her scenes on the news. She has received a lot of press since she stabbed one of the robbers - Ethan - that were interrupting Spence’s party. At this moment, Spence receives a phone call from his divorce lawyer because he is waiting for the judge to make a ruling on custody, after Peri threatened to move to Europe with Tucker. Spence hangs up and smashes a vase because he is so furious by what his lawyer told him. That night, Carmen finds Spence getting drunk in the kitchen, drinking away his sorrows because his ex-wife got custody of his son. He makes a deal with Carmen and gives her the day off tomorrow if she will get drunk with him. The next morning, Carmen is hung over and lying on the couch. At this moment, she receives a phone call from Marisol. She asks her if they can meet for the breakfeast the next day because she wants to tell her what Nick told her. Carmen agrees and then, she tells to Spence, who is hung over too, they have to get up and start their day because it is 1:00 in the afternoon. That night, Spence tries to get Carmen to get drunk with him again. At first she refuses, however he bribes her by agreeing to pay $2000 to get the transmission on her car fixed. He tells her he needs to talk to someone and he wants to help Carmen because she is his friend. The next day, Marisol goes to Spence's house in order to discover why Carmen was not present at their breakfeast. She discovers Carmen is hung over again and she is lying on the ground. She helps her to wake up, when Spence enters in the room without his pants. Marisol asks her friend what happened the last night, and Carmen tells her she did not sleep with Spence. Marisol tells her she believes her but Rosie could not if she knew about this. Carmen agrees and tells her she won't drink with Spence anymore. She adds they had an amazing conversation because once "the liquor is poured, the walls come down and the secrets come out". Marisol thinks about that and asks Carmen if the same thing could happen with pain pills, and her friend confirms it. That night, Carmen refuses to get drunk with Spence again and gives him a speech about getting his act together and drinking every single night. He tells her he is going to change his ways. ("Long Day's Journey Into Night")

Carmen 211
Carmen is helping Spence... Yeah, she does! ("You Can't Take It With You")

At lunch, Rosie shows Marisol and Carmen the necklace that Reggie brought her. Rosie says that Reggie bought her the necklace because she refuses to sleep with him. Carmen and Marisol ask why she refuses, and Rosie tells her that Reggie is embezzling Kenneth's money, and that he manipulated his uncle into kicking Lucinda and Didi out and later put Kenneth in the hospital. Rosie plans to find proof he is stealing the money so that she can turn him in to the cops. Later, at his home, Spence is fuming and reveals to Carmen that his soap opera character is being put in to a coma. Thinking it is humiliating, Spence pours himself a scotch, and Carmen lectures him about “coping with alcohol”, but Spence replies she is his maid, not his mom. Later, Carmen receives a phone call from the studio and learns that Spence never went to work. She finds him passed out in the living room, still drunk. She dumps a cup of cold water on him and slaps him, then drags him to the studio. She lies and says that he is practicing being in a coma and refuses to break character. They throw a hospital gown on him and tuck him into bed. They begin shooting the scene, but Spence starts snoring loudly and ruins the scene. Later that day, a delivery boy brings Spence his script, he is furious when he realizes that they are killing off his character. Carmen tells he have the time to visit Tucker in Europe now. Spence replies he can't pay for that and he does not have savings, because the divorce cleaned him out. Then, Spence asks where is his keys because he is going to the producers house to tell him off. Carmen refuses to give him his car keys because he has been drinking. Spence asks her for his keys more violently, and Carmen refuses, while she begins to run. Spence chases her but Carmen locks herself in the bathroom with the keys. Spence hits the door, asking his keys; Carmen seems afraid. That night, after Spence calms down, he comes in the living room and he says to Carmen he is sorry. Carmen informs him that he has to go to rehab, because she does not think he cans control his drinking problems. Spence refuses but the doorbell rings and Carmen lets in Rosie, she has come to convince Spence to go to rehab. Rosie tells Spence to go to rehab and hugs him and says she will wait for him. ("You Can't Take It With You")

Carmen 212
Carmen "takes care" of Tucker Westmore. ("Proof")

The next morning after Opal's death, Rosie and Carmen comfort Marisol, especially after Nick revealed to be interested by Opal's apartment. Later, Carmen receives a call from Spence, who is in rehab. She tells him she is busy, while she does one's nails. At this moment, Peri’s personal assistant, named Gavin, knocks on the door and drops off Tucker. Gavin asks where is Spence and Carmen pretends he is at a rehearsal. Gavin says that Peri’s nanny got arrested in Rome, and she can’t watch the baby because her movie doesn’t wrap for another week. Carmen refuses to take the baby, but the assistant says that if she keeps the baby alive for a week Peri will reconsider her custody agreement with Spence and let him see the baby more. Carmen agrees, and takes the baby in. Later, Carmen calls Rosie, telling her she can't do this anymore and she needs to get him out of here. Rosie realizes she talks about Tucker. Carmen says the baby is El Diablo because he has been here two hours and he already did a lot of bad things, that's why she says Rosie needs to take him. Rosie says she would love to do it but she can't because she has an important meeting, and she leaves. Later, Carmen has an audition for a salsa commercial, and has no idea what to do with Tucker. She heads to the audition and ties Tucker to the chair in the waiting room. He interrupts her audition by screaming and the woman in charge heads out to the waiting room and finds Tucker tied to the chair, she calls Carmen a “monster.” Rosie comes over to Spence’s house later, and helps Carmen put Tucker down for a nap. Rosie says she cannot believe what Carmen did, and she adds she won't do that with her future children. Carmen says she won't ever have children, because she has her dream. Rosie asks her what she will do if her dream does not come true. She adds she thinks that Carmen should consider having a baby of her own so that she has something to give her joy in life, but Carmen reassures her that she won’t need a baby because her dream is going to come true. ("Proof")

Carmen 213
New love, new opportunity. ("Look Back in Anger")

Carmen, Zoila, Rosie, and Marisol are heading to lunch. They arrive at the restaurant, and there is a sign on the door that says “closed for private event.” Inside, the girls find Spence waiting for Rosie in a room decked out in flowers. The girls leave the room while Rosie goes with Spence, asking if she wants to marry him. She agrees. That night, Carmen meets a man named Sebastien at a bar, and she confesses to him that she is depressed because her best friend got engaged and her dreams came true. Carmen says she wants to be a famous singer. Sebastien is surprised but Carmen gives him her demo to prove to him that she is a good singer. she then leaves the bar. The next day, due to Spence's financial problems, Rosie fires Carmen because the couple can't afford her. That night, Carmen heads to the bar to drown her sorrows and runs in to Sebastien. He tells her he listened to her demo and knows a major record producer and he gave her Carmen’s CD and got her a meeting with the label. Carmen is so grateful and she heads to Sebastien’s hotel and has sex with him. Afterwards, Carmen is ready to leave because she needs to help Rosie get ready for her wedding. Sebastien tells her he wants to see her again because he likes her. He adds he wants to be honest with her. Carmen is afraid: she thinks he lied about the meeting, but Sebastien tells her the meeting will happen, but the music executive she will meet is his wife. The next day is Rosie’s big day, and her three friends help her get ready. Rosie doesn’t know if she should marry Spence, because she doesn’t think she will be as happy with Spence as she was with Ernesto. However, her friends tell her she should not compare Spence with Ernesto, and her marriage will be happy because Spence loves her so much. After the wedding, Rosie and Spence and all of their friends and family follow them out of the church to see them off. Carmen notices Ty in his car. He drives towards the crowd, puts his mask and fires a whole round of bullets in to the crowd. Someone has been shot; Rosie drops her flowers on the ground. There is blood on it. ("Look Back in Anger")

Season 3Edit

Carmen 301
Carmen decides to leave Sebastien. ("Awakenings")

One of Carmen's nearest and dearest friends, Rosie, is shot by Ty, along with the minister and Zoila's husband, Pablo Diaz. Rosie enters a coma for the next four months, but Ty is quickly caught and arrested, presumably because Carmen saw him driving by before the shooting happened. During this time, Carmen's new lover, Sebastien, rents her a house, and the two continue their ongoing affair. Rosie eventually wakes up, with Carmen, Marisol, and Zoila each in her face, and the three women catch their friend up on recent events. During this, it becomes apparent that lately Carmen has shown a bit of resentment towards Marisol, who has become successful from her book about learning who killed Flora, and getting her son out of jail. This is later brought up with Sebastien that evening, as the two talk. However, Sebastien appears to be more interested in having sex than carrying on a conversation, thus frustrating Carmen further; she starts to believe he doesn't truly care for her. Sebastien reminds Carmen that he wouldn't just rent a house for someone he didn't really care about, and after a bit more persuasion, Carmen gives in and the two make love. The following day, Carmen and Zoila have lunch with a maid by the name of Blanca, where they are joined by Marisol. Carmen and Zoila tell Marisol of how Blanca was fired for wanting to change her work hours to attend college, and so Marisol manages to get her a job working for the Stappords, who have recently moved back to town. Some time later, Carmen calls Marisol, wondering if she'll attend a dinner she and Zoila are having with Rosie at the hospital, but is turned down, as Marisol has her book signing to attend to. Carmen is insulted, more so because she wasn't invited. Then, to make things worse, after ending the phone call, Carmen finds Sebastien showing her home around to potential buyers. Humiliated and enraged, Carmen ends up leaving him, despite how much Sebastien professes his love for her, and how she feels the same way. She ends up making up with Marisol who shows up for dinner after all, and Marisol allows her to stay in her guest room until she is able to get back on her feet. ("Awakenings")

Carmen 302
Carmen wants a new job as a maid. ("From Here to Eternity")

Carmen and the other girls visit Rosie is the hospital, who reveals the doctors say she will be able to check out soon. As they all converse, Zoila reveals her pregnancy, thus winning Rosie a bet that was made between her, Carmen, and Marisol; the latter two believed Zoila had simply gotten fat and that she was too old. The following morning, Carmen finds a woman waiting in Marisol's home, who is revealed to be Alma. It becomes known that Marisol intends on starting a maids placement agency, and so Carmen asks her friend if she will help find her a job. Reluctantly, Marisol agrees, though she pushes it aside for a bit, worrying that it made be a bad idea. Carmen later wonders when she should have a job ready, but Marisol states that Carmen has quite a bit of requirements, and that it may be easy. Alma soon arrives though, revealing to have gotten the job found for her, and that if Marisol could find her a job, she can find Carmen one too. This doesn't help Marisol's argument, and she tries to get rid of Alma before much more is said, and having become desperate, Carmen decides to drop any requirements, and tells her friend to find a job faster since, as Alma puts it, she is a "miracle worker". Carmen and Zoila later stop by Spence's apartment, bringing with them food so that Rosie doesn't have to cook immediately once getting home. Spence, who has been told by Rosie to have the apartment clean by the time she gets home from the hospital, decides to use this to his advantage, and manipulates the two maids into cleaning for him. Carmen later helps Rosie to leave the hospital, where she confides in Rosie about her annoyance with Marisol, who is putting off finding her a job. She then gets the idea to test her friend, and gets Rosie's nurse, Jerry, to call for a maid. Instead of suggesting Carmen, Marisol speaks of a Ruth Rodriguez, thus angering her. She confronts Marisol about this, who admits that Carmen is a lousy maid, and that if she finds her a job then it'll reflect poorly on her business. Carmen doesn't bother denying it, knowing that it's true, but she agrees to find a job a different way. Marisol receives a call later on, however, from Adrian Powell, revealing that Valentina has quit after getting engaged, and that he needs a new maid immediately; he adds that it doesn't matter how bad they are, that it even soothes Evelyn to yell at terrible help. Wanting to get Carmen out of her house, Marisol gets her the job. ("From Here to Eternity")

Carmen starts her job working for the Powells, but in the middle of cleaning, she receives a phone call from Sebastien, who still wants her back. She ends it though, and she soon meets Adrian, who has returned from a game of golf. After a brief conversation, a tour bus shows up outside, and the guide announces it as the Powell Murder House; Evelyn ends up throwing a shoe, and decides that they are moving. Later on, Carmen and her friends go dress shopping with Zoila to help her pick up a wedding gown, and sometime later, back at the Powell's home, Sebastien arrives, revealing to be their realtor. Carmen believes Sebastien to be doing this as a way to get close to her, but he is in fact telling the truth when saying he had no idea she was working for the Powells. As Carmen cleans sometime later, Sebastien finds and talks to her when alone, and again tries to get her to take him back. She finally gives in, and the two go to make love, but when the Powells arrives home early, Carmen is forced to get rid of him, and she also accidentally slams Adrian's hand into the door when he tries to enter the room. Once Sebastien is gone and she has re-dressed, she gets Adrian a bucket of ice to put his pained hand in, but due to his latest fetish with having pain inflicted on him, he tells Carmen her trial-run as his maid is over, and that she officially has a job. The following day, Carmen attends Zoila's wedding, where she and her friends meet Genevieve for the first time. After Marisol and Rosie leave to help with the guestbook, Carmen notices something off about Blanca, who agrees to tell her about it sometime later. The wedding ceremony begins, but before Zoila and Javier can officially wed, Rosie's supposedly deceased husband, Ernesto arrives, resulting in Rosie passing out from shock. The ceremony is put on hold, and Carmen and the other maids meet Ernesto, and when Zoila has a change of heart, she confesses to Javier the true paternity of her unborn child, and the wedding is called off. ("The Awful Truth")

Wanting her dress back from Blanca, Carmen stops by the Stappord's home where she is a met by an on-edge Taylor, who claims that the maid packed up and left in the middle of the night, presumably returning home to Arizona. Later on, while working, Carmen is met by Sebastien, who continuing to flirt, and eventually persuades his former lover to go to dinner with him (though, not without a lot of reluctance and the promise of having no sex being made.) She later has drinks with her friends as they all comfort Zoila, who has been left at the altar. Carmen takes note of Blanca's disappearance, and even goes as far as wishing death on her for not returning the borrowed dress. She later cleans some at the Powell's mansion; when Adrian overhears her tapping a rug, he comes up with an idea, and so he pretends to have thrown out his back. He claims to Carmen that it's normal, but that if she would just walk on his back, it'd work everything out. Though she does not wish to partake in this at first, out of fear she could hurt him, she eventually gives in when he fakes pain, thus actually causing him real pain... and pleasure. As a token of appreciation, Adrian later picks up a set of shoes for Carmen, but is also confronted by the fact that the maid isn't stupid, and that she is aware of his true kinks. Adrian decides it's not worth trying to deny it, and so he propositions her. Carmen goes to Sebastien about this, using it as a way to make him jealous when he cancels their dinner date, and she takes pleasure in him being against it, and that he also has no control over it. She does end up turning down Adrian's offer though, but not for long. Determined to have Carmen play the dominatrix role in his life, Adrian goes about all the right ways, even insulting her singing, thus receiving a slap, and beginning a new type of relationship. ("Since You Went Away")



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