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Honestly, I don't much like having strangers in my house.
Cece Sheffield, "Sweeping with the Enemy"

Cece Sheffield is a Beverly Hills socialite who Marisol tries very hard to convince to hire a maid. She appears in "Sweeping with the Enemy".


Early Life

Cece throws a party for her fellow Beverly Hills socialites, including Evelyn Powell, but people end up gossiping about her because her lack of a maid means that the place is filthy, with there being a lack of toilet paper and dust all over the piano. ("Sweeping with the Enemy")

Season 4

Cece 404
Evelyn manipulates Cece into putting in a request for maids. ("Sweeping with the Enemy")

With her maid placement business running a little slow, Marisol attempts to gain access to Cece Sheffield and her lucrative account by booking her as a client; eventually, she is able to land a meeting with her, which she has been trying to do for a while, though is forced to reschedule it when she has to go and bail Evelyn Powell out of jail. Finally, Cece shows up at Marisol's house and reveals that she isn't looking for a maid, and only really agreed to the meeting to get Marisol to stop hounding her. The truth is, she just doesn't like having strangers in her home, despite Marisol trying to convince him that her girls are less like maids and more like friends with feather dusters. It seems as though she's about to lose Cece as a client when Evelyn walks in and brings up a godawful party of Cece's that she went to, with people apparently having gossiped about how filthy the place was. This convinces Cece to have Marisol send six candidates to her house, to Marisol's great joy. ("Sweeping with the Enemy")

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