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Oh, I don't kiss, honey, but for another $50 you can spank me.
Cinnamon, "Another One Wipes the Dust"

Cinnamon is a minor character on Devious Maids. She works as a dancer at Sparkles, who gave Spence a lap dance the night Peri Westmore was killed. She is sought out by Rosie to provide Spence an alibi when he becomes the prime suspect in Peri's murder, but is done away with by Benjamin Pacheco.


Season 4

Poor Rosie, she'll be so sad to learn that Spence's alibi has gone up in smoke.
Benjamin Pacheco, "War and Grease"
Cinnamon 402
Cinnamon is able to provide Spence an alibi. ("Another One Wipes the Dust")

Following Peri Westmore's gruesome murder, Spence becomes the prime suspect, and so he is promptly arrested. Rosie is determined to prove his innocence though, and so she seeks out at Sparkles, a local strip bar he drunkenly walked to during the night. There, she finds Cinnamon, one of the dancers who performs dressed as a maid, who is only able to speak to Rosie if she gives a lap dance. Rosie pays the money and as Cinnamon performs, Rosie talks the information needed out of Cinnamon. She pulls out a picture of Spence and asks if she saw him the night before, which Cinnamon confirms. She continues that Spence was drunk and kept wanting her to call him "Mr. Spence"; it really got his engines going. Rosie wonders if Cinnamon knows how long Spence was there, and she recalls it to have been a few hours. He had passed out and she had to kick him out at closing time. Understanding this means Spence was there from 1-3 A.M., Rosie has enough evidence needed to provide Spence his alibi. She leaves to alert the authorities, but it's too late; Spence has been brainwashed into confessing to Peri's murder. ("Another One Wipes the Dust")

Benjamin 403
Cinnamon is done away with, to deprive Spence of an alibi. ("War and Grease")

Rosie visits Spence in prison where she reveals she's found him an alibi, Cinnamon, but he still believes to have murdered Peri, having been brainwashed by his supposed friend, Ben. During Rosie and Spence's meeting, one of the guards, Officer Carter, puts in a call to Ben revealing what Rosie is up to, having found an alibi. He's pleased to be delivered this information. During Rosie's next meeting with Spence, she tells him that she and Cinnamon plan to meet and go to the police. However, as Cinnamon is leaving work that evening, she gets into her car only for Ben to be waiting in the backseat. He grabs her, covering her mouth, telling her not to scream; he proceeds to tell her that the two of them are going for a drive. Ben is next seen revealed to have some sort of relationship with Peri's older sister, Shannon Greene. It's commented on how it's such a shame that Spence's alibi, Cinnamon, has "gone up in smoke". ("War and Grease")

It is unknown if Ben paid Cinnamon to leave or if he killed her.[1]


  • Cinnamon is named after Davah Avena's sister.[2]
  • At one point the writers had discussed bringing Cinnamon back during the fourth season, now in a professional position in "The Circle", with Rosie discovering and recognizing who she really is. Due to the season only consisting of ten episodes, however, the idea was scrapped.[1]


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