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Concepcion is the maid of Javier Mendoza, appearing in "Betrayal".


Early Life

At an unknown point in her life, Concepcion got a job working as a maid for chef Javier Mendoza. He has always been very good to her, but her cleaning skills were not the best. She failed at keeping everything dust-free, but was still liked by her boss. ("Betrayal")

At another unknown point in her life, Concepcion's grandmother became ill and is slowly starting to die. She does not have much time left. ("Betrayal")

Season 2

Concepcion's boss, Javier Mendoza has started dating a maid, Zoila Diaz. One night, they go to Javier's home and Zoila is disgusted by all the dust and filth. She begs him to get a maid, and Javier replies that he does have one: Concepcion. Zoila comments that she is not a very good maid. After Zoila leaves, Javier calls Concepcion and tells her that she has to scrub his entire house spotless by the next night when his girlfriend stops by. The next day, Rosie - who is friends with Concepcion at church - comforts her. Carmen is also there, tagging along with Rosie. Zoila then meets up with the three maids and asks who the third maid is, referring to Concepcion. Rosie and Carmen explain, and Zoila is then shocked to learn it's Javier's maid. Concepcion cries about how nice Javier use to be until he got his new girlfriend (the maid does not know who Zoila is). She explains that she wanted to go to San Diego to visit her dying grandmother, but now she can't because she has to clean Javier's home. Rosie, Carmen, and Zoila all comfort her. Rosie then reveals that she has to go because her son, Miguel is being let out of school early that day. Carmen leaves too, Rosie being her ride. This leaves Zoila and Concepcion alone together. Zoila finally breaks down and offers to clean the house for her so Concepcion can see her grandmother. The maid is grateful and gives her the keys. Later, Zoila goes to Javier's and scrubs the entire house down until it is spotless. She cleans up everything and it becomes perfect. That night, she and Javier return to the home after their date. Javier is shocked at how clean it is, but is then furious that Concepcion hasn't been doing her job this well. He is prepared to fire her when Zoila confesses, not wanting the innocent maid to lose her job. Javier understands, and Concepcion keeps working for him. ("Betrayal")

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