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The cop pulls Valentina over due to reckless driving, but arrests her for the blood-stained backseat, caused by Ethan's stab wound. He appears in "Long Day's Journey Into Night".


Season 2

After learning the truth about Ethan, and his involvement in the gang of robbers, Valentina leaves to drive home, but cries as she does so. She reaches for a tissue, which causes her to swerve in the middle of the road a bit. A cop sees this and starts driving after her, turning on his siren as he does so. Valentina pulls over, and the cop asks for her license and registration, which she proceeds to pull out for him. He asks if she knows why he pulled her over; she says she doesn't. He says it's for swerving, and so she reveals she was crying and simply going for a tissue. The cop understands she was having a rough night, but he then notices the blood stains in the back seat of her car. He questions what that is, but she tries brushing it off. Knowing it's blood, the cop tells Valentina she's going to have to come with him. ("Long Day's Journey Into Night")

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