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You're such a strong woman.
Cricket, "Once More Unto the Bleach"

Cricket is a member of the Elswood Country Club, and a friend of Evelyn Powell's. She and Ivana give their condolences after learning of the Powells' house exploding and Adrian becoming paralyzed. She appears in "Once More Unto the Bleach".


Season 4

Ivana 401
Cricket and Ivana give Evelyn their condolences. ("Once More Unto the Bleach")

Cricket and Ivana enter the Elswood Country Club, the later of which calls out for Evelyn Powell; she exclaims that she was in Barbados and just heard the tragic news. Evelyn thanks her, stating that it's been a devastating six months, to which Cricket compliments Evelyn by telling her she is a strong woman. "I'm a survivor... I will always survive." Adrian then enters the room in his motorized wheelchair, exclaiming that he also survived, to Evelyn's suppressed annoyance. She corrects that they're both survivors, but their house was a total loss, so she still thanks Cricket and Ivana for their condolences. Ivana asks Adrian how to is, to which he replies that he's still paralyzed; Evelyn continues to have hope though, adding that the doctors are optimistic, for he felt a tingle in his toes today. Ivana compliments Evelyn for being such a saint for taking care of her husband, and assures that if she needs anything then she shouldn't hesitate. With that, she and Cricket walk away. ("Once More Unto the Bleach")

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