Cries and Whispers
Devious Maids 3x08
July 20, 2015
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Flash sideways
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"Cries and Whispers" is the 34th episode of Devious Maids.


Carmen gets creative when her new boss invites her on a double date. Zoila gets in the middle of Genevieve and her new boyfriend. Marisol discovers a new side of Jesse. Rosie and Ernesto disagree about her working at the Stappord home. Taylor struggles to deal with the aftermath of the police's latest discovery.


Blanca 308
Blanca is accused of murder, but the maids don't believe it.

Rosie and the others hear on the news that Blanca was found having hanged herself after confessing to the murder of Louie Becker, but they refuse to believe that she really is the killer and are forced to beg the question of, if this really is all a set-up, who killed Blanca. Rosie proceeds to the Stappords' where Taylor has now returned home from the hospital, and she tries eavesdropping as her bosses speak with the police, a talk which gets Taylor very upset and causes her to go lie down for a while. She remains very sad about Blanca's death, which is worsened when Michael shows up with the deceased's necklace, revealing that Rosie gave it to him because she discovered that Katy found it on the night that Blanca initially disappeared. Ernesto, meanwhile, is met by Hector, who apparently worked with him in the drug cartel and proceeds to threaten his wife should be not concede to the orders of "El Jefe". Fear is stricken within Ernesto when Hector approaches he and Rosie at lunch, while she is discussing the fact that she thins Blanca was murdered, making it perfectly clear that he can get to her at any time. Ernesto ushers her away because he saw a "rat". In spite of Michael begging his wife to be honest, Taylor claims she has no idea how the necklace got there, and she says in all genuineness that while she and Blanca never got along she never ever wanted anything bad like this to happen to her. Rosie gets ready to go to work later when Ernesto, fearing for her safety with Hector on the loose, forbids it, pointing out that she never worked in Mexico. However, she likes being a maid, and she refuses to let him tell her what to do, making clear that if he continues in that vain then she may start to regret choosing him over Spence.

Zoila 308
Zoila can't sleep for all the "Ooh lala"s.

Zoila heads home to clean, distracted over the death of Blanca, when Genevieve announces that Dr. Neff has returned from Greece and is going to be staying with them. Zoila is less than pleased with this considering she wanted to have some peace and quiet before the baby was born, and indeed she's right to be worried about this because, in the night, she can't sleep thanks to Genevieve and Christopher having sex and the latter constantly exclaiming, "Ooh lala!" When she talks to Genevieve about this, she admits that she hates the "Ooh lala"s, and, when Zoila makes soup for her employer's new boyfriend, he says it again. She wonders why he says it but he simply sees it as a perfectly normal expression of approbation, believing that Genevieve loves it. However, Zoila reveals that she doesn't - in any context - and Neff grows greatly offended over the fact that his girlfriend has been discussing intimate details of their sex life with her maid. That night, he and Genevieve get into an argument about how close she is with Zoila, with him preferring to use the word "codependent". Zoila hears the whole thing and comes to realize that he's right; the next morning, when Genevieve wants to discuss the argument, Zoila points out that the two of them keep getting too wrapped up in one another's lives and it's getting them in trouble. As such, she's decided to move back to her own house. Genevieve worries that her friend might get lonely, but Zoila tells her that it's the last time she's going to have any peace and quiet for the next eighteen years.

Jacklyn 308
Jacklyn kisses her client.

Carmen goes to Jacklyn's office to discuss her new album when Sebastien, who was the one to discover Blanca's body, starts blowing up her phone. They discuss what happened and reassure one another, before ending the phone conversation by exchanging "I love you"s. Jacklyn overhears this part and, while she doesn't know Carmen is sleeping with her husband, she does take this to mean that her new client has a boyfriend and she insists on meeting him, wanting to do a double date with herself, Carmen, Sebastien, and Carmen's boyfriend - which obviously doesn't check out. When Carmen tells Sebastien about it, he says that there must be someone who would love to be her boyfriend for the night, and so she asks out Doug, a worker at the coffee shop where she and the maids often meet who has a huge crush on Carmen, and is her biggest fan. He's going to have to miss his Nana's ninetieth birthday in order to go on the date, but, in his eyes, Carmen is worth it. At the restaurant, Doug is highly impressive with his in-depth knowledge of Carmen and her career, but everyone's nice time is ruined when Sebastien flirts with a waitress and he and Jacklyn end up getting into a fight about all the cheating he's done in the past. When Sebastien meets with Carmen later, she is furious with him because of the dinner; she recalls how he always said that Jacklyn was the problem in his marriage because of how cold she was, but Carmen knows her now, and she's not so cold after all. Carmen goes on to visit Jacklyn in her office and wonders why she stays with her cheating husband, calling her beautiful and saying how strong women such as them don't need men in their lives. This leads to Jacklyn realizing that Carmen is right and kissing her, to the latter's great surprise.

Jesse 308
What's Jesse hiding?

Marisol is trying to work when Jesse enters wanting to take her out for dinner, but she can't go because she has to prepare for a presentation the next day for her client Richard Atwood, and also she can't stop thinking about Blanca, unable to see her doing all the gruesome things that she "confessed" to. Jesse says that in Afghanistan he came to realize that lots of normal-seeming people can be capable of horrible things, to Marisol's sadness. The next day, Marisol meets with Richard but he keeps hitting on her for the entirety of the presentation, placing his hand on her leg and, later, her bottom. Jesse sees this and can no longer take it, eventually grabbing the middle-aged man in a rage and violently throwing him out of the house, threatening to kill him if he ever comes back. Marisol is shocked that her boyfriend could act such a way, even though Carmen finds it hot that he's so protective and possessive and champions his right for a second chance. Marisol goes out with Jesse the next night and tells him that he cannot behave so hotheadedly any longer because he really scared her with what he did. However, he is then repeatedly hit on by a girl named Amber who insults Marisol's age and puts her hands all over Jesse, calling Marisol to grab her, throw her and exclaims, "Hands off, bitch!" Jesse mocks Marisol for this all the way home, pointing out that she too is a hot head, but she defends that she merely lost control for a second. He points out that they both have bad moments and that it's okay, and she explains to him that she's always had bad luck with men, such as her ex-husband Nick who she thought was a nice guy and then it turned out there was this whole other side to him she didn't know about. Since she started Jesse, it's like she's been waiting for the other shoe to drop, and when she saw he was violent, she thought that was it. However, he assures her that there is no "other shoe", and she proceeds into the shower and asks him to join. Once she's gone, he takes a gun out a gun he's been toting around and hides it first.

Ernesto 308
Ernesto sees "Violeta".

Later, Taylor is in front of the mirror when she notices someone sneaking around outside; she alerts Michael who discovers it to be none other than Rosie's husband, Ernesto, who claims he was worried about his wife's safety since she thinks that Blanca was murdered. Taylor snaps that this isn't true - that Blanca killed herself - and later Michael asks her who she thought the man outside was. As this is going on, Ernesto sees Katy and refers to her as "Violeta", apparently recognizing her. He then has no qualms about Rosie working for the Stappords, wanting her in that house. Michael continues to pump Taylor for information which finally makes her snap and exclaim that she wants to tell him things, but that would make him an accessory to her crimes and then they would both go to jail were these crimes to be exposed, leaving Katy parentless. She tells Michael that he will have to make her peace with her secrecy, but he can't, and the next morning Taylor cries in Rosie's arms as she reveals that her husband left her. Meanwhile, Ernesto meets with Hector and tells him to tell El Jefe that he found the little girl he's been looking for - Katy.



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