Cristina Figarola
Cristina Figarola
Character Delmi
Season(s) S1 - S2 - S3 - S4
Date of Birth Unknown
Origin New York, USA
IMDb profile

Cristina Figarola is one of the episodic actors of Devious Maids, portraying the role of Delmi.


Life and Career

Cristina Figarola was born in New York raised by Cuban American parents. She is a SAG AFTRA bilingual actress, spokesperson, freelance reporter for NBC/Telemundo, commercial, and voice-over talent. She has over 15 years of experience in films, television shows, theater, voice overs, commercials, and industrial jobs. Her voice has been featured in numerous television and radio campaigns and has been the lead in over 40 commercials in the last few years. She earned a Bachelors Degree in Finance, a Masters Degree in Business Administration, and a Masters Degree in Journalism from Florida International University. She has taken various intensive acting workshops and is continuously training to further develop her craft.

Cristina resides in Miami with her family where she continues the diligent pursuit of her many artistic endeavors. Her latest projects include: Ms. Clayton in Assumed Killer; Megan in Scar; Margaret James in Santa Diabla; and Attorney Beatriz in Maridos en Alquiler. She is currently in development of the feature film The Mariposas with her production company Beaumont Films where she will share the lead female role as Angela. She has been the lead in various award-winning independent films. She also just wrapped her lead role Obsidiana in the famed Venezuelan theater play Noches de Saten Rigido, where she won another award as best actress in an international theater play competition. In 2014, she has been cast on Devious Maids.

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