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So, you're a hooker? I kissed a hooker?
Zoila Diaz, "Crimes of the Heart"

Dave Grant is an episodic character on Devious Maids. An escort hired by Genevieve, he goes as Zoila's date to her godson's graduation party. All appears well at first, that is, until Zoila finds out the truth.


Season 2

204 01
Zoila kisses a gigolo. ("Crimes of the Heart")

Zoila gets all dolled up by Genevieve for a meeting with Pablo, only to learn when the meeting takes place that, instead of him wanting to invite her to go with him to their godson Tito's graduation party like she though, he wants to ask her permission to bring a date, Helen, whom he was saying prior to moving out. Naturally, Zoila is furious and ends up taking off all her fake body parts before throwing him out of the house, and later, to Genevieve's surprised, she announces her intention to not go to her godson's party. Genevieve points out that it could be her chance to show everybody that she doesn't need Pablo to be happy, but Zoila says that that the problem is that that's not true. Fortunately, she later meets a florist by the name of Dave Grant, and Genevieve convinces her to ask him out to make Pablo jealous. When Zoila rocks up at Tito's party with the handsome Dave on her arm, she is successful in her mission and Pablo is sufficiently jealous. Dave is very charming, even giving Zoila his jacket when she says she's cold, and she kisses him in lieu of his sweetness. However, she goes on to discover a check in his pocket from Genevieve, and he is forced to explain to her that he's in fact a male escort hired by her employer. Zoila is shocked and disgusted and demands to be taken home. ("Crimes of the Heart")

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