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Pardon me, but while I'm explaining my situation could you please refrain from playing with your balls?
Evelyn Powell, "War and Grease"

David Milner is a local divorce attorney in Beverly Hills, who Evelyn Powell seeks out when she wishes to terminate her marriage to Adrian. When he was about to take her case, however, he receives word that Adrian has already bought out the firm, as well as all the others in the area. He appears in "War and Grease".


Season 4

David 403
David is forced to turn down Evelyn's case. ("War and Grease")

When Evelyn Powell decides to divorce Adrian, she goes to David Milner, a divorce attorney. She expresses how Adrian has shut her out of their bank accounts denying her access to all their money, most of which is hers passed down through the family. However, while doing so, David is playing with a pair of toy balls, something that irritates Mrs. Powell; she asks him to stop. David does so, apologizing, and Evelyn cuts to the chase that she needs David to put her husband in his place. David agrees that what Adrian is doing is ridiculous and illegal, and that Evelyn is his wife, so she deserves everything he's got. Evelyn is liking the sound of this, and David continues that if she hires him then they will request for orders that her husband pay her support; however, he then receives a phone call. As Evelyn waits, David starts and finishes the phone call, and winds up turning down Evelyn's case. As it turns out, there's a conflict of interest; Adrian has just retained the firm to represent him in their divorce... along with all the other divorce attorneys in Beverly Hills. Evelyn is outraged, wondering what she's supposed to do now; David points out that she can always go back to him. This only upsets her more though, and she takes his toy balls, ending that he's lucky those are the only balls she's taking. With that, she storms out. ("War and Grease")

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