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Delmi is a woman that applies for a job working as Spence's maid in "Crimes of the Heart".


Early Life

At an unknown moment of her life, Delmi came to the USA, and began to work for the Peruvian ambassador. Some years later, she lost her job. ("Crimes of the Heart")

Season 2

Spence ends up moving out of his shared home with Peri, and rents Taylor and Michael Stappord's former house. There, he interviews maids, hoping to find a new one to clean his home. With Carmen jobless and homeless due to Alejandro's sudden death, she applies for the job. It is down to her and another maid, Delmi, who only speaks Spanish. Spence is becoming desperate and interviews Delmi first. He asks if there are any questions before they start, but Delmi does not understand what he is saying. Carmen then offers to translate, but instead, she has other intentions. Spence thanks Carmen for doing this. Later, the interview begins. Spence tells Delmi that her resume is very impressive. Carmen translates by telling her that Spence said Delmi is very beautiful. The maid awkwardly thanks Spence. The actor then asks if Delmi knows how to cook. Carmen translates, but adds on that Spence is very attracted to women who can clean and cook. Delmi is now a bit uncomfortable. Carmen tells Spence that Delmi hates cooking. He's a bit let down, but asks if she can work on weekends. Carmen then asks Delmi if she can walk around naked on the weekends. The Spanish speaking maid is horrified. Carmen tells Spence that she refuses to work weekends. After several more wrongly translated questions, Delmi leaves, thus letting Carmen take the job. ("Crimes of the Heart")

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