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I'm sorry, Peter doesn't date people who cheat on him.
Derek, "Much Ado About Buffing"

Derek is a minor character on Devious Maids. He is Peter Hudson's personal assistant, who is able to confirm Marisol had an affair and later prevent her from getting through to his bitter boss.


Season 4

Derek 408
Derek alerts Peter of Marisol's affair with her ex. ("I Saw the Shine")

Needing to speak with her ex-husband, Genevieve Delatour slips past his assistant Derek and makes it to his office. Derek arrives shortly after, apologizing for not being able to stop her. As Genevieve claims that it's not his fault, since she's so thin she's practically invisible, Derek offers to call security. Peter assures that it's alright, however, sending the assistant on his way as he speaks with his former wife. During this meeting, Genevieve lets Peter know that it appears his girlfriend Marisol has gotten back with her former boyfriend, Jesse. While Peter refuses to believe this at first, he finally gives in and sends Derek out to watch Marisol's home, and sure enough Jesse is seen exiting. While this is really because Marisol was turning Jesse away, Derek is only left with the knowledge that Jesse was there, which he then reports back to Peter, sending him into a fit of rage. ("I Saw the Shine")

Derek 409
Derek sends Marisol away, alerting her that she's been found out. ("Much Ado About Buffing")

Marisol shows up at PHT Studios and greets Derek as she proceeds to explain that she's been trying to get ahold of Peter after having left a stalker-level of messages. Derek, who appears to be quite as bitter with Marisol as Peter is, simply comments that his boss is a busy man. While this seems to bring Marisol some relief at first, she is soon told that Peter is actually out of town, in Hawaii. This comes as a surprise to her since the two of them had planned a trip to Hawaii not too long prior, and so she requests that Derek get a hold of him for her. Still bitter, Derek lies, claiming that his boss' cell is broken, only to then immediately receive a call from Peter in regards to an event taking place at 4pm. Marisol then starts to become frustrated, wishing to know why Derek is blocking her from seeing her boyfriend. Derek finally replies that Peter doesn't date people who cheat on him, thus letting Marisol know he has found out about her affair. ("Much Ado About Buffing")

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