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This detective investigates the murder of Flora Hernandez. He appears in "Pilot".


Season 1

Detective 101
The detective investigates Flora's murder. ("Pilot")

After Flora's murder, the room that her untimely death happened in is filled with police officers, and Evelyn and Adrian, as the detective tells the two of them that he thinks they're just about done and will be out of her way in a few minutes, but Evelyn tells him that she doesn't understand, asking what he means when he says they're "done". As the detective receives a clipboard from an officer, he explains to Mrs. Powell that they've collected all of the evidence and have a suspect in custody, but Evelyn, who appears near distraught, begins pointing out the masses of blood covering the furniture and carpet. The detective tells her not to worry, assuring her that they've already taken pictures of everything, before telling his colleages to pack everything up so that they can get going. In tears, Evelyn exclaims, "I don't care about photos! I don't care about evidence! My maid was murdered!" everyone within the crime scene turns to look at her, believing her to be showing genuine sorrow, until she selfishly adds, mixed with genuine worry, "Who is gonna clean all this up?" ("Pilot")

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