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The detective is an officer that investigates after three robbers break into Spence's house. He appears in "The Visit".


Season 2

After three robbers - Ethan, Carter, and Jason - break into Spence's house, Carmen manages to save the day by stabbing Ethan with a cake knife. The three robbers get away and the police are called. A detective talks with Spence. He asks if the robbers took anything, and the actor confirms they didn't have time after the maid stabbed one of them. The detective comments that Carmen is a good maid. He then tells Spence that he should get himself a gun. Spence reveals that he has one in his bedroom but he was unable to get it. The doorbell rings, so Spence excuses himself to answer the door - it's Rosie. She says she heard what happened and wondered if Spence and Carmen were alright. Spence confirms that they are. Rosie and Carmen chat for a while, and Spence reveals that the detective is confident they are going to catch the robbers. They are watching all of the hospitals and the one that was stabbed has to go somewhere. This leaves Ty nervous. ("The Visit")

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