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The detective is a woman that Marisol talks to about Nick murdering Barrett Powell. She appears in "Look Back in Anger".


Season 2

After searching through Opal's safe deposit box and finding a newspaper article about the seven year old Barrett Powell being hit by a car, Marisol goes to the police, knowing that Nick ran the child over. Marisol tells her story to Rick and a female detective. She shows them the envelope with the newspaper article and a blood-stained cloth. Rick comments that this incident took place in 1999. The female detective says "I don't get it, if Mr. Deering was responsible then why would he keep all of this?" Marisol tells her about how she got the evidence from Opal's safe deposit box and that the maid must have gotten the cloth off of Nick's car. "But she can't confirm that because she committed suicide," the female detective responds. "Uh, yeah," Marisol says. She then asks what is next - if they're going to bring Nick in for questioning or what. Rick interrupts Marisol, asking if Nick has confessed to any of this. Marisol says that he hasn't. The female detective points out that Marisol doesn't have any solid evidence that Nick ran over Barrett. Marisol replies that Nick has been acting suspicious for months and that she knows in heart he did this and it would be wise if they would arrest him. The female detective replies, "Mrs. Deering, I'm curious, how is your marriage?" Marisol is clearly offended. ("Look Back in Anger")

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