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This detective is one of the officers who investigate the burglary that took place in the Powell's home. He appears in "An Ideal Husband".


Season 2

After the Powell's are robbed, Evelyn has two detectives come over so she can explain what happened and what was stolen. She tells them that the rubies in her necklace were blood red, but doesn't expect civil servants to know how valuable that is, but does expect them to get it back. One of the detectives asks if there is any other detail they can remember. He then asks for Adrian's attention, who is currently attempting to change all of the locks. He tells them that there isn't, and Evelyn explains to the detectives what he is doing. One of the detectives asks if he does in fact know how to change locks. With that, Adrian hurts his hand and yelps. Evelyn tells the policemen that he husband does not know how. She also explains how the night before was very upsetting, so it is expected that her husband is quite vulnerable. The detectives accept this and say that it is a big house. He then asks if it is just the two of them living there. Evelyn tells them that their maid, Fatima quit. The detectives suggest they hire a bodyguard. Evelyn doesn't like the idea due to the fact that it seems like a lot of money just for someone to babysit them. The detective reminds her that it may keep Adrian from freaking out. Evelyn tries to defend her husband by stating he is not freaking out, but having a normal reaction to a deadly situation. Adrian then runs into the room, terrified that there is someone in the back yard. The detectives head over and look out the window and see that it's just the wind blowing the trees. Evelyn then asks for the bodyguard's card. ("An Ideal Husband")

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