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Goodness, Diane, learn to read a room. No one here wants to talk about the boring book.
Genevieve Delatour, "Much Ado About Buffing"

Diane is the newest member of Genevieve Delatour's bookclub, unaware of the fact that their meetings are really just an excuse for the members to drink in the middle of the day. She appears in "Much Ado About Buffing".


Season 4

Diane 409
Genevieve is rather blunt to Diane about the bookclub. ("Much Ado About Buffing")

As the newest member of Genevieve's bookclub, Diane attempts to initiate a discussion about this week's story, only to be quickly informed that bookclub isn't really about reading the book, but instead just an excuse for the members of it to drink during the day. Gail Fleming speaks up, admitting to have not even read the book as she was busy redecoration the Powell mansion... and trying to seduce Adrian. Genevieve suggests that Gail design an S&M room, as there is a rumor he likes to be tied up. As Gail wishes to learn more, Diane insists they finally start talking about the book. Genevieve tries to do away with this as best she can, telling Diane to read the room, as no one is interested in the boring book. Things start to get juicier though, as Marisol Suarez arrives to confront Genevieve for damaging her relationship with Peter Hudson. While Diane suggests the two ladies carry out their conversation outside, Gail ushers her to keep quiet as things are getting good. ("Much Ado About Buffing")

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