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Dolores is the landlady of the apartment Opal was living in up until her suicide. She appears in "Proof".


Season 2

Following Opal's suicide, Marisol goes to her apartment to search for any clues about what Nick is hiding from her. While she snoops around, Opal's former landlady, Dolores walks in, startling her. Marisol says that the landlady scared her. "Good," Dolores exclaims. She comments that this is not Marisol's apartment so she shouldn't be in there. Marisol says she is a friend of Opal's and that she recently committed suicide. Dolores says that she knows and that she's glad she didn't do it in the apartment because it'd be hard to rent it out after something like that. Marisol awkwardly states that Dolores makes an interesting point. The landlady nods and asks how Marisol got in there; the latter says she used the keys that were in Opal's purse. Dolores nods and tells Marisol that she should return those because it's hard to get copies made. Marisol assures her that she will return the keys once she's done. Dolores makes sure Marisol isn't just there to take what she can get; the latter makes it clear that she isn't. Dolores hints that she is interested in a vase Opal owns, and admits that she collects vases. Marisol nods and hurries Dolores out of the apartment, wanting to avoid anymore awkwardness. Later on, Marisol arrives at Dolores' apartment to return Opal's keys, revealing that she forgot to give them back the day before. Dolores tells her not to worry about it and tells her to come in. Marisol does so, and Dolores asks if she found what she was looking for. Marisol says she didn't, but asks if there was any extra storage space in the building. Dolores says there isn't, and then comments that one of the keys on the key-ring isn't her's - but for Opal's bank. Dolores tells her she shouldn't be snooping through someone's safe deposit box, but Marisol notices that Dolores took Opal's vase. When calling her out for it, Dolores says it was nice to meet her and closes the door. ("Proof")

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