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But wait a second, there's no chance it can be a brain tumor?
Spence Westmore, "A Time to Spill"

Dr. Brooks shares Spence's test results after he collapsed in the prison visiting room, revealing that he is suffering from drug withdrawal. He appears in "A Time to Spill".


Season 3

Carmen, Marisol and Zoila watch over Rosie in the hospital. Zoila is observant that Rosie is still comatose and Carmen suggests pinching her in order to wake her up. Rosie slowly wakes up not wanting to be pinched, while the girls smile and cry in relief that their friend is alive. Rosie oblivious to what's going hopes she can still go on her honey moon while Dr. Brooks is paged to an emergency room. ("Awakenings")

Season 4

Dr. Brooks 405
Dr. Brooks reveals that Spence is suffering from withdrawal. ("A Time to Spill")

After collapsing in prison, Spence Westmore is brought to a hospital to await test results. There, Dr. Brooks joins him and his ex-wife Rosie, the latter of which wonders if the test results are back. Spence, hoping to be able to stay at the hospital instead of returning to prison asks if it's a brain tumor. Looking at his papers, Dr. Brooks reveals that Spence is suffering from some sort of withdrawal, but he swears he hasn't been taking any drugs. Dr. Brooks then wonders, if that's the case, then how did it get in his system. Rosie realizes that it must be Ben; he must have been drugging Spence, which is how he got him to confess to murdering Peri. Dr. Brooks interrupts though, stating that the point is he's okay and can go back to prison in a couple of days. This, however, is not exactly good news for Spence, who still questions if there's a chance it could be a brain tumor. ("A Time to Spill")

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