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Dr. Gold
Dr. Gold
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Dr. Gold is one of the minor characters on Devious Maids.


Season 2

Valentina video chats with Remi, and tries to tell him about her parents splitting up. Remi tells her he can’t talk. Later, Valentina tries to video call Remi, but a girl named Heather answers. She slams her computer shut. The next day, Valentina asks Ethan to hang out with her this weekend. She says Remi made a new friends, so she thinks it is time for her to make a new friends too. Meanwhile in the Congo, Heather is sitting by Remi’s bed, and he is unconscious and running a fever. She reveals to Gold that the antibiotics aren’t working. ("Dangerous Liaisons")

Genevieve receives a phone call from the Congo. Thanks to doctor Gold, she learns that Remi has come down with a virus and isn’t responding to treatment-they are sending him home on a plane. ("Crimes of the Heart")

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