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Dr. Joseph is Kenneth's doctor. He, unlike the previous one, reveals that Kenneth can get better with therapy. He appears in "Dangerous Liaisons".


Season 2

Kenneth’s doctor stops by and Rosie thinks he is a fraud. Rosie is sure Ken is making progress and just needs some therapy but the doctor informs her that Ken is showing no change. The doctor leaves and Rosie tells Didi she thinks they need a second opinion. However, the young wife informs her she needs to drop it and do her job-which is clean the house. The next day, Rosie sneaks Kenneth to a different doctor - Dr. Joseph - when Didi isn’t home. The new doctor does not understand why Kenneth's first doctor has not insisted on physical therapy. Rosie agrees with him. Then, Joseph insists they need to work on Kenneth's mobility; three times a week to begin with. He also adds that his office can refer a rehab facility. Then, he gives a rubber ball in order to have him practice squeezing. Like that, when Kenneth will have mobility in his hand, he could try to type on a keyboard and communicate with the others. Then, an enthusiastic Rosie leaves with Kenneth. ("Dangerous Liaisons")


This is a gallery of photographic stills released to promote the character.

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