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Dr. Kimball is a minor character on Devious Maids.


Season 2

Zoila confronts Genevieve and asks her why she has been flirting with her boyfriend Javier. Genevieve fumes that Zoila is just jealous of her “ageless beauty.” When Zoila storms off Genevieve receives a phone call from Doctor Kimball telling her that her test results are in and she needs to come in to his office. Later, Zoila goes to see Genevieve. She asks her where she went this morning. The woman tells her Dr. Kimball needed to see her because there is a problem with her kidneys. She adds it seems the little buggers are starting to shut down, so she has to start dialysis. Zoila is really sorry for Genevieve, especially because it could be life-threatening for people of her age. Genevieve is a bit anxious, but Zoila comforts her. ("Night, Mother")

After searching non-stop for a new kidney, Genevieve starts giving up, but not all hope is lost when Remi answers the phone to Dr. Kimball, who has some good news. Remi hurries into the other room to wake up his sleeping mother to let her know. He hands her the phone, and Dr. Kimball apologizes for interrupting her, but he wanted to let her know that they found a donor. Genevieve is thrilled and asks who is this "angel". Dr. Kimball replies that he thinks she knows him, it's the husband of her maid - Pablo. ("Proof")

At the wedding of Rosie and Spence Westmore, Zoila receives a phone call from Dr. Kimball. Zoila says that a nurse already called and said she wasn't a match to give Genevieve a kidney. Dr. Kimball says that he knows this, but when they ran tests for a kidney, they also ran a test for the blood panel. "Okay, is something wrong?" Zoila asks nervously. Dr. Kimball says that there isn't, but he just wanted to let her know that she is pregnant. Zoila is stunned. ("Look Back in Anger")

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