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Dr. Lang is the headmistress of Miguel's school, appearing in "Night, Mother".


Early Life

When graduating from college, it is assumed she has a PhD because when becoming a headmistress, she is titled as a doctor. ("Night, Mother")

Season 2

One day, Rosie is called down to Miguel's school to have a talk with the headmistress, Dr. Lang. Once entering the office, Dr. Lang greets Rosie and tells her that it is great she was able to stop by and asks her to have a seat. Rosie says that the headmistress said it was important and asks if Miguel has fallen behind. She says she knows that Miguel's English is not the best. However, when talking, Rosie says "good" instead of "well". Dr. Lang corrects her, and Rosie repeats the sentence and uses the word "well" instead of "good". Dr. Lang then moves on and tells Rosie that Miguel is a good boy and typically polite. Rosie asks why the headmistress said "typically", and Dr. Lang reveals that there was an incidence that day. The headmistress goes on to explain that one of Miguel's classmates asked for one of his cookies, and his response to that was calling her a gold digging whore. Rosie is shocked, but realizes that her son must have heard it come out of Lucinda's mouth. Rosie then comments that "On the bright side, he is still learning English." Dr. Lang is not amused. ("Night, Mother")

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