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Dr. Peterson is a doctor who tells Marisol about Nicholas' condition following his accident. She appears in "Night, Mother".


Season 2

Following Nicholas Deering's accident, having been hit by a car, he is taken to the hospital and his fiancee, Marisol is called. She has Opal drive her to the hospital immediately. After waiting for a while, Marisol is finally approached by Dr. Peterson who alerts her that Nick has woken up. Marisol asks if she can see him, and the doctor says that she can for a few minutes, but just because he's conscious doesn't mean he's out of danger. Marisol asks if he will still be alright after the surgery. Dr. Peterson reveals that the accident shattered several bones. One of the fragments is very close to the aorta, so the surgery will be difficult. Marisol nods, and Dr. Peterson takes her to see Nick. ("Night, Mother")

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