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Zoila, please settle a bet. Is the house a Phineas Putnam case study?
Frances, "War and Grease"

Ellen is a Beverly Hills socialite, and a friend of Frances. She appears in "War and Grease".


Season 4

Ellen 403
Zoila bonds with the Beverly Hills elite. ("War and Grease")

When Zoila Diaz pretends to be the owner of her new employer's house, she befriends a socialite by the name of Frances. With Zoila being welcomed into Frances' friend group, she is forced to host a cocktail party at the home in order to not come across as rude, having accepted others' invitations but not extended her own. Attending the party is Ellen, who Zoila claims she uses the same architect as. When being invited to see something of Ellen's, Zoila lies in turn that she has a chateau in Switzerland she'd like for Ellen to visit, but that it's currently being remodeled, so maybe the next year. Ellen is pleased with this, and from there she walks away. Some time later in the evening Frances is seen talking with Zoila, Ellen and another woman, discussing how she and Zoila were out and Zoila told Mario Vitale that, while his meatballs were good, hers were better. The women laugh about this, but as Daniela Mercado arrives to serve drinks, she accidentally spills them on Frances, to her shock. Ellen witnesses Frances go off of Danni, who is then defended by Carmen Luna. Frances turns to Zoila about this, who "fires" both Carmen and Danni for how they treated Frances. ("War and Grease")

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