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Take it up with the head of the studio. I got bigger fish.
Elliott, "Once More Unto the Bleach"

Elliott is the director for the upcoming film, Coming Clean, where he is forced to deal with the onset bickering of actresses Peri Westmore and Eva Longoria. He appears in "Once More Unto the Bleach".


Season 4

Elliott 401
Elliott has more to deal with than Marisol's complaints. ("Once More Unto the Bleach")

Filming for the upcoming movie, Coming Clean, takes place, but actresses Peri Westmore and Eva Longoria continue to create onset problems. Marisol Suarez, author of the book in which the film is based off of pays a visit to the set to watch as filming takes place. Director, Elliott, asks if she's having fun watching her book be turned into a big studio movie, but Marisol admits it's not quite what she expected. She states that in the book Flora was stabbed and fell into the pool; she wants to know why that was changed. Elliott explains that Peri thought the audience was paying to see her, so she thought that she should be the one to find the body. Marisol argues that that's not what happens though, but Elliott tells her to take it up with the head of the studio. It's then that Eva calls for Elliott's attention, exclaiming she cannot work with Peri, who then retaliates that all she did was ask that Eva not perform the scene like the "brain dead, no talent pageant queen" that she is. Elliott asks the two ladies to get along for just one more scene, but Peri and Eva soon divert their attention from Marisol. After a bit more discussing (and arguing), Eva winds up taking off her costume apron and throwing it at Elliott, promptly quitting. Elliott later attends Peri's party to celebrate the win of her America's Choice Award. There, he questions her ex-husband, Spence, for drinking at the bar. He thought Spence was sober, but Spence states that tonight he is not. ("Once More Unto the Bleach")

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