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I told you she was good at her job.
Rosie Falta, "Proof"

Esperanza is a forensic accountant hired by the Miller's to find proof that Reggie has been stealing Kenneth's money. She appears in "Proof".


Season 2

After finding out that Reggie tore apart the Miller's family and has been stealing Kenneth's money, Rosie quits working in the Miller's home and calls the agency to send in a new maid, Esperanza. Reggie finds her mopping the floors in his home, and is confused. He asks who she is, but sees she only speaks Spanish. Rosie enters the room, bringing with her a suitcase, and reveals that she is the new maid. Esperanza leaves Rosie and Reggie to talk alone. Reggie tells Rosie that so long as she keeps quiet about what she's seen in the Miller's home then he will not mess with her immigration. After Rosie leaves the house, she gets into a car with Didi and Lucinda, and comments that Reggie is so dumb. The three women laugh as they drive away. Later on, Rosie, Didi, and Lucinda have taken Kenneth back and they confront Reggie about his misdeeds. He tries to deny it, but Esperanza joins in, saying that she has had time to go through his computer and find all the proof they need. Rosie reveals that Esperanza was never a maid, but a forensic accountant. Reggie continues to deny stealing any money from his uncle, but Esperanza assures him that she has statements from all of his accounts, even those in the Cayman Islands. "I told you she was good at her job," Rosie exclaims. An angered and defeated Reggie tells Rosie that he will see to it that she is sent back to Mexico, and with that, he storms out of the Miller's home. ("Proof")

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