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You are the meanest person I have ever met, and I worked on Desperate Housewives!
Eva Longoria, "Once More Unto the Bleach"

Eva Longoria is an actress who was originally portraying the character based off of Flora Hernandez in the film, Coming Clean. However, she quits after finding herself unable to work alongside her costar, Peri Westmore. She appears in "Once More Unto the Bleach".


Real-Life Biography

For more information about her life, see Eva Longoria.

Fictional Biography

Early Life

Eva is an actress who goes on to star in the television series, Desperate Housewives. Some time after the wrapping up of this project, she lands the role of the character based off of Flora Hernandez in the film, Coming Clean. ("Once More Unto the Bleach")

Season 4

Eva 401
Eva storms off of set, thanks to Peri. ("Once More Unto the Bleach")

Eva films the scene in which her character dies in the film she is currently shooting, but this is interrupted when Peri Westmore, the actress portraying "Mrs. P", accidentally steps on her. As the scene cuts, the two women bicker back and forth; Peri claims that Eva's character died where her character is meant to stand, but Eva denies this. After some more bickering, Eva calls for Elliott's attention, exclaiming she cannot work with Peri, who then retaliates that all she did was ask that Eva not perform the scene like the "brain dead, no talent pageant queen" that she is. Elliott asks the two ladies to get along for just one more scene, but Peri diverts her attention to Marisol, who approaches, asking if she's there to take the dinner orders. Eva laughs, asking Peri if she's still hungry after all the scenery she just chewed, but Marisol tries to clarify that she's the author of Coming Clean... which neither actress knows of. Marisol bitterly explains that it's the book the film is based off of. While Eva still wonders if she can take the dinner orders, Peri suggests that it may be better if her character is the one to go undercover as a maid, but Marisol disagrees. She explains the stories is about maids and Latina empowerment, but when asking Eva to back her up, the actress points out that all the maids being Latina does seem kind of racist. Marisol denies this, though; not all maids are Latina, but these in particular are. Peri then suggests that if they change the race of the murdered maid then they could find someone better to play her than Eva. That's the last straw for her though, for she takes off her costume apron and throws it at Elliott, promptly quitting. However, before storming off, she doesn't hesitate to point out that Peri is the meanest person she has ever met... and she worked on Desperate Housewives. ("Once More Unto the Bleach")


  • Eva Longoria described her role as "a heightened version" of herself.[1]


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