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The bible says that service to others is the fastest road to happiness. Help his family and you will no longer be a shadow.
Father Acosta, "Making Your Bed"

Father Acosta is a priest who works at Rosie's church, and questions her feelings for Spence Westmore.


Season 1

Rosie goes into the confessional where she tells Father Acosta that she has nothing to confess. The priest tells her that he knows she's a good Catholic, surely she has sinned. Rosie asks how she could have. She goes on about how all she does during the day is cook, clean, and wait for her son to be able to come to the United States. She compares herself to a shadow and says that shadows cannot sin. Father Acosta asks why Rosie came if she has nothing to confess, so she reveals that she is worried about her boss, Spence. She tells Father Acosta that he is such a good man, but his wife, Peri, is such an awful woman. Father Acosta tells her that service to others is the fastest way to happiness, meaning that if Rosie helps Spence's family then she will no longer be a "shadow". Rosie promises to try, and says that she just wants Spence to be happy. Father Acosta picks up on the fact that Rosie has a small crush on her boss, and asks if the maid is having impure thoughts about him. Rosie is left speechless, but finally manages to stay "I told you I have nothing to confess," and then she leaves the confessional. Later on, however, Rosie returns to the confessional to see Father Acosta a few days later. She now has something to confess -- she and Spence kissed. ("Making Your Bed")

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