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Flora Hernandez
Flora Hernandez
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Flora Hernandez
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Beverly Hills
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Flora was many things to me. She was my confidante, my confessor, my muse... and my partner in crime.
Adrian Powell, "Setting the Table"

Flora Hernandez is a supporting character on Devious Maids. The former maid for Adrian and Evelyn Powell, she's truly a 'devious' one. After taking part in Adrian's little 'hobby', she became romantically involved with Remi Delatour and Eddie Suarez. Once night she was with a man who turned out to be Remi's father, Philippe. After finding out who he was, she tried to get away, but the man raped her. It wasn't long until she was murdered on the night of one of the Powell's parties. Eddie ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time and was arrested for the crime, thus leading to Marisol's arrival as a Beverly Hills maid.


Early LifeEdit

If you don't stop screwing my husband, I'm going to have you deported. Comprende?
Evelyn Powell, "Pilot"

Before her death it is discovered that Flora had a relationship with Marisol's son, Eddie. One night, after Flora and Eddie had sex, Flora left the room to take a call from work. Eddie overheard Flora talking to someone about having "a chance to make some real money" and somone will pay because "it is on video". This could be related to Flora being a prostitue however that information is not known at this point in time. Sometime before Flora was murdered, Eddie proposed to her via e-mail, however she rejected him. She slept with Remi and got pregnant. Later, she slept with her boss Adrian Powell

Season 1Edit

101 03
Flora Hernandez is murdered. ("Pilot")

In June 2013, Flora is seen in the study of the Powell's mansion. As she stands there, she is being threatened by her lover's wife, Evelyn, to never again sleep with her husband. Flora is annoyed that Adrian, who stands beside his wife, is not sticking up for her. Evelyn tells Flora that if she ever has sex with Adrian again then she will have the maid deported. The conversation soon comes to an end and the Powell's leave to re-join their party downstairs. A furious Flora grabs a pen and paper and begins writing a note to Adrian. In it she tells him how Evelyn doesn't know the entire story and that she had been raped. After finishing the letter, she hides it in a book and puts it back on the shelf. However, unbeknownst to her, Philippe Delatour, the man who had raped her, enters the room wearing a ski mask and attacks her. He stabs her in the stomach, but she gets away. Philippe hurries out of the room and sees Eddie Suarez walking by. He proceeds to knock him out and plant the knife in his hand. Flora exits the Powell home and collapses into the pool, dead. ("Pilot")


Season 1Edit

Eddie Suarez is arrested for her murder, despite being innocent. His mother, Marisol decides to become a Beverly Hills maid so she can get close to Flora's friends, the Powells, and anyone else who may know anything that can help her crack the case. ("Pilot")

Season 2Edit

TBA. ("Look Back in Anger")

Season 3Edit

TBA. ("Bad Girl")


  • In an early script for the series' premiere, Flora's name was "Florencia Sanchez", but she still preferred to be called "Flora" for short.[1]


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