From Here to Eternity
Devious Maids 3x02
June 8, 2015
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Flash sideways
1.42 million[1]
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"From Here to Eternity" is the 28th episode of Devious Maids.


Zoila and Valentina are each faced with a serious decision about their future. Meanwhile, when Marisol begins a new business venture, Carmen insists on being her first client. Blanca struggles with her new employer and discovers a disturbing secret. An unexpected visitor arrives in Beverly Hills.


Adrian 302
Adrian tries getting his wife involved in his new hobby.

Adrian has some fun getting insatiably abused all night at The Velvet Whip before arriving home to discover that his front lawn has been turned into a crime scene, with Evelyn having discovered a human leg that morning. She asks where Adrian was and he tells she and Detective Figueroa that he was at the chiropractor, having left early in the morning because Evelyn had him sleeping on the couch that night; however, when Figueroa makes clear that they're going to need to corroborate his alibi, he reveals that he was actually at the club... the sex club. Evelyn is shocked to learn that her husband has been indulging in S&M and, when the detective has everything he needs, she tells him not to leave because there's about to be another murder. Later, Evelyn is ranting about the fact that she and Adrian are now "social pariahs" thanks to the leg, having been uninvited from three events already, but Adrian assures that soon enough everybody will be gossiping about something else. She fears that this next piece of gossip might be his romps down at the "sex club", which he refuses to apologize for because he's not sorry, instead inviting his wife to come there with him and try dominating him. She refuses, and so he buys her an obscenely large diamond to sweeten the deal, and when she finally rocks up at The Velvet Whip with him she feels mortified. He tells her not to be because everyone else who is there has come for the exact same purpose, and he even gets her to start to partake in some of the activities when she discovers a riding crop she'd quite like to use. However, she then meets a woman she knows, Mitzy, who is a submatrix like Adrian. Adrian reminds her not to be embarrassed, but then Mitzy starts asking about the leg and what on Earth the Powells are doing in that house of theirs, and Evelyn promptly storms out.

Marisol 302
Marisol admits that she thinks Carmen is a bad maid.

Marisol meets with the others in Rosie's hospital room and announces, or rather, tries to announce while Carmen buts in, that she's starting her own placement agency for maids. This is right before Zoila announces that she's pregnant, which the girls have all made bets on, but that she's nervous about telling Valentina due to the recent loss of her father. Marisol is sure that everything will be fine because Zoila is such a great mom, and later Carmen wakes up to find a random woman named Alma in Marisol's house, where she's staying. Marisol explains that it's a woman for whom she's securing a job as a maid, and Carmen requests that her friend get her a job too, though Marisol appears very reluctant to do so, especially when Carmen tacks on a bunch of conditions. Later, Carmen wonders if Marisol has found her a job yet but Marisol claims it to be really hard; Alma then shows up and calls Marisol a miracle worker because, if she can get her a job, she can get anyone a job, and so Carmen tells her friend to forget the conditions she mentioned and just get her work anywhere. Carmen goes to the hospital to help Rosie pack her bags and learns that Marisol is already lining Rosie up with a job. She has the nurse, Jerry, come in to pretend to be a very rich billionaire who wants a Puerto Rican maid who can start today, and Marisol attempts to set him up with Ruth Rodriguez instead of Carmen. Carmen storms over to Marisol's office to confront her about this and finally Marisol reveals that the reason she hasn't found Carmen a job is because she's a bad maid and she doesn't want her representing her business. Carmen, knowing this already, sees her friend's point and assures her that she will find work on her own, proud of Marisol for what she's accomplishing on this business endeavor.

Blanca 302
Another maid descends into deviousness.

Blanca cleans the bloody room while Taylor tends to Katy, having been told by her employer that a burglar broke in who she then stabbed prior to him running away, hence the blood. While Blanca thinks that Taylor should call the police, Taylor orders her not to because she fears that Katy will be taken away if the cops peer too closely at their lives, for her adoption wasn't totally legal. She begs Blanca not to tell anyone because she knows how people gossip, and Blanca eventually assures that Taylor can count on her to keep her secrets. Marisol visits later to ask for Michael's help with legal stuff regarding her new business, but Taylor says that he's still on his business trip in Boston, which she suspects will be running along. Marisol likes having her old friends back because it's like things never changed, but by Taylor's expression we can determine that they certainly have. Figueroa soon arrives at the Stappord house and asks Taylor questions about the chopped-off leg on the Powells' lawn. Taylor claims not to know anything, but Blanca overhears everything and is furious that Taylor lied to her about the burglar, proceeding to quit as she's not able to keep this caliber of secret. Taylor then starts to panic while Blanca goes to Marisol in need of a new job, for Mrs. Stappord was asking too much of her. Marisol tells the maid that when an employer asks a lot of you then you're allowed to ask a lot in return and so, with this in mind, Blanca returns to Taylor and subtly blackmails her into paying her college tuition in exchange for her keeping her mouth shut. Taylor, giving the maid her job back, is more than happy to oblige. Later though, Taylor takes Katy for her bath and Blanca discovers disturbing paintings in the little girl's room: blood, her with a knife, a man bleeding to death...

Zoila 302
Zoila is proposed to, and wonders what to tell her daughter.

Valentina tells Remi about the leg on the front lawn and comments how weird things like that are always happening where she works. He points out that it would be best for her to get away from it all, and when she turns around he is down on one knee with an engagement ring. As it turns out, he has been accepted into medical school in New York and starts next week, wanting to marry Valentina before then so that she can join him in the internship with Bruno de Luca that she turned down after her dad died. She eventually says yes and the two of them proceed to tell their mothers; Genevieve is ecstatic over the phone from her cruise while Zoila is less than thrilled, though she does express happy surprise over learning that Valentina has remained a virgin all this time. Still, she forbids her from getting married so young, and she is still raging over it on her romantic date with Javier later. As it turns out, he too is trying to propose, and as Zoila confirms that she does want to marry him she wonders what she's going to tell her daughter. As such, she meets with Val and gives her blessing for the wedding to Remi to take place, before announcing that she too is getting married and that she's pregnant. Valentina is very angry with this, pointing out that Pablo just died, and refuses to give her support before storming out.

Valentina 302
Valentina gives herself a proper goodbye.

Zoila is understandably very upset. Remi is confused because he thought Valentina liked Javier, and she does, and so he wonders what the real issue is, forcing Val to reflect deeply on her answer. She later returns to her mother and gives her a pendant that Pablo gave to her, wanting to baby to have it. She explains that the reason she got so upset is because she felt as though her mother was starting a new life without her, and Zoila felt the exact same way. They proceed to make up, and later Valentina suggests that she and Remi hold off the wedding, perhaps waiting a year and having a big ceremony. He likes the sound of that, though there is one thing he was really looking forward to. She then suggests that they don't have to wait for... everything, and then the two of them make love for the first time. Val then goes to Adrian to say she's quitting, and Adrian calls Marisol in a panic, needing a new maid. Marisol isn't sure if she has anyone who's up to Evelyn's high standards, but Adrian assures her that Evelyn loves yelling at bad maids, for she finds it soothing. As such, Marisol sets him up with the perfect candidate to fill Valentina's shoes: Carmen.

Ernesto 302
Ernesto arrives in America.

Rosie video chats with Spence and Miguel before the former has to leave and she requests that the latter show her around the apartment she's going to be going home to soon. However, she is shocked to discover that the place is an absolute mess, with trash and dirty laundry accumulating everywhere, and she insists when Spence comes to visit her that he has to clean up. He suggests that she do it, being a maid, but she refuses, pointing out that she's his wife now and going as far as to recall her marriage to Ernesto again, with whom she always shared the housework. He promises to clean the apartment, but then Zoila and Carmen show up and he decides to use his skills as an actor to manipulate them, pretending to burst into tears about how rough things have been since Rosie entered into hospital, and she wants him to clean this whole place and he simply cannot cope. Feeling sorry for him, the two maids take care of all the work and promise not to tell their friend, meaning that when Rosie finally arrives home she is very impressed with how clean everything is. However, Miguel lets slip that Zoila was there earlier, and then Spence's whole story falls apart as he admits the truth. He points out that he didn't waste any money by hiring anyone, just like she wanted, but she says that what she wanted was for him to grow up and take some responsibility. She raves about how she could always trust Ernesto when he was alive but, getting annoyed now, Spence assures his wife that she can trust him too, but she should remember that he's not Ernesto, and it's unfair that she keeps comparing him to a dead man. However, Ernesto may not be so dead after all; a bus from Mexico arrives in the States and an immigration officer asks a certain someone what he's doing in America. Ernesto Falta replies that he's there to see his wife, and he stares down at a picture of Rosie.



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